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  1. Final Fantasy 7 ReMix Compo [Results]

    Well, nothing like a little incentive to get a strong start to my career. Is there any downside to trying? Doesn't seem like it so I'm in. Har, I misread the 1st place prize, thought it said "or $10 iTunes gift certificate." I was sitting here thinking, "I'd rather get 2nd in case I get the cheapie gift card." Makes more sense having read over it.
  2. What shirt size are you?

    Though I'm almost into an XL, I'll stick with XXL. That way if I throw 'er in the dryer, it won't shrink to unwearable proportions. Woo for shirts. I have to get my hands on a hoodie as well, should the return.
  3. SITE HELP: OCR Sheet Music/Tabs/MIDIs

    Most excellent! Now all I need is to get my frickin' printer working again and I can get playing on some of these pieces. Nice call, Dhsu! On a side note, while it's not officially on this site, Dhsu, you should really get your Earthbound piece "Nirvana" up here. I would love to see the sheets for that!