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  1. Well, nothing like a little incentive to get a strong start to my career. Is there any downside to trying? Doesn't seem like it so I'm in. Har, I misread the 1st place prize, thought it said "or $10 iTunes gift certificate." I was sitting here thinking, "I'd rather get 2nd in case I get the cheapie gift card." Makes more sense having read over it.
  2. Though I'm almost into an XL, I'll stick with XXL. That way if I throw 'er in the dryer, it won't shrink to unwearable proportions. Woo for shirts. I have to get my hands on a hoodie as well, should the return.
  3. Most excellent! Now all I need is to get my frickin' printer working again and I can get playing on some of these pieces. Nice call, Dhsu! On a side note, while it's not officially on this site, Dhsu, you should really get your Earthbound piece "Nirvana" up here. I would love to see the sheets for that!
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