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  1. I played FF8 when I just was just 11 years old (11 years ago now!) and it was the first video game I couldn't stop playing and even to this day there aren't many of those =D I loved every aspect of FF8 and the music especially, I went and bought the OST a few years later and found out that Nobuo was the genius behind it! I've been listening to his music ever since and I've definitely not regretted it, I even learned a few of the FF8 tracks on keyboard! By the time I learned of the Distant Worlds Tour coming to London in November it was already too late for me to buy a ticket to go there and see the performance! I hope I win! I reeeeally reeeeally want that swaaaag! Cheers OC remix and most of all, thank you for directing my attention to the official Uematsu fan page on Facebook, never could find it myself. Nice one guys'n'gals =) EDIT: You can go to London with the two VIP tickets right? =O I hope so!
  2. Well, I was just browsing through this site listenin' to all the cool remixes you guys'n'gals have done and I saw the forum so I thought.. why not join?. I'm Tom A.K.A RV I'm 15 and from Warrington, England.