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  1. i actually saw Uematsu san once b4 at Sydney. Face to face~ but too bad the show starting so I can't get to take a picture with him hope i got the tix here
  2. McVaffe. Return. Interview. Okami ReMix.

    wow... this remix is just AMAZING. I listen to it at least 15 times a day for a week already. McVaffe you're my idol on OCR now
  3. I am stunned for a whole quarter of the hour reading and reading again the thread on the front page. This is not happening.... but it did. I have visited OCR since 3 years ago and Reuben is one, if not the best, of the most inspiring artist I've came across. His works on OCR is quite limited, but ALL of them are god's gifts to game music lovers, including me. Never had I felt such a lost of words in grief for someone I never met in real life of. I am sincerely saddened and sorry for this... my deepest condolescences to Kee's family.