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    I'm in The Burning Awesome, and we released the album Crunchy Beats and Techno Treats on 3/14 (Pi Day) 2011. I'm a huge music fan, and I make a bit here and there in my free time, with a legitimate copy of FL Studios. I am studying Computer Science, and enjoy programming games.
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  1. Ridiculous that an unofficial page can get more likes than the real one, especially from such a popular composer. Even if I don't win the contest (Yes, this is my official entrance post ), I'm very happy to have found his official page.
  2. I've been registered forever, just never actually posted all that much. I have too much fun talking to you guys in-game.
  3. I've been working on a remix of one of my favorite vg songs, Donkey Kong Country's King K Rool theme. I'm still a newbie at making music, so anything to help would be great! It's incomplete, so I looped the last 4 measures 4x, so you could hear how it loops. Thanks for listening: http://darthfett.hopto.org/music/DKCKrool_2.mp3 Here's the source song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O_53rg1o9A
  4. Mega Man X Chill Penguin WIP

    Considering I'm a huge Mega Man X fan, I have a little bias myself. The SO soundtrack seemed to be a bit random in its nature, and all seemed to be centered around the same slow-moving and peaceful type sound. It was really good, but I felt it could use a little more variation, like the ES soundtrack had. The ES soundtrack was awesome! In the very beginning, the guitar intro kept me interested, and the transitions were great. A lot of memorable places in this one, while the SO just seemed a bit static. Although they are different interpretations, I really liked the ES one better. The SO wasn't bad, but it didn't move around much. Great job on both of them, they are spectacular!
  5. Artifact - Almost finished, feedback?

    The bass also has some clicking in it that we can't get rid of. I've tried all kinds of compression, but I can't seem to get rid of it without losing the quality. Can anyone off any advice?
  6. Artifact - Almost finished, feedback?

    How often are bumps allowed? Bump!
  7. This is my first time on these forums, but I know just from seeing how the site works that it's a very good community. (I come from Newgrounds, so I KNOW it'll be better than what I'm used to. ) Well anyways, superjoe30 and I have been working on a song for a long time now, and it's our best by far. It's also a lot longer than most of our other songs (this one is about 4:30). I made most of the base of the song, while superjoe30 added almost the entire solo, as well as doing a lot of mastering, and some of the background channels that helped to polish it up. We would really like to get some feedback, as well as find some areas that need work. There are a few parts we agree we don't like, but we would like to get some outside opinions and advice, first. Here's a link to the mp3 file: http://darthfett.hopto.org/Artifact.mp3 EDIT: Sorry, I'm new, and didn't see the Non-Remixes section. This is not a remix of anything at all, it is completely original, and belongs in that forum. Sorry about that. = /