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  1. It's not that bad. Not yet.
  2. Dude, you have every reason to be proud of this one. It's great. It always puts a smile on my face when I hear it.
  3. Sounds like a blast. One of the ways to tell that you've improved is being able to tell that your old work was worse. There's always more to learn. But it's easy to forget how far you've come already. Enjoy your music making, dude.
  4. Long-time necro post! I have no memory of this thread, but now I want to hear your old song. Do you still have it saved somewhere? It'd be fun to compare.
  5. Same as Jorito on point 1, although I won't just take the lead melody, but other elements in isolation. A cool bassline can be a lead melody. Or vice versa. I'll then iterate on whatever elements I want to use, over original backing, or in isolation. It helps to be able to play an instrument here, even if you're not very good at it, as it's much faster to iterate on the parts you're using that way. Just improvise, jam, mess around, and you'll come up with a lot of cool ideas that you'll want to incorporate into an arrangement. This is why my arrangements end up a bit loooong. Then it's just a matter of tying them together in a way that makes sense. Sometimes I do that well. Sometimes... not. Making "originals with stolen melodies" (great phrase) is a good way to break away from the structure of the sources. You can start from a rhythm not found in the original and add elements from the original to it, and adapt them as needed, or write new material to support them. A new rhythm goes a long way to preventing a remix form being too much like the original, even if chords and melodies are the same.
  6. Frederic's delay trick works great if what you want is a pan effect (the Haas effect), since that's what it'll do in stereo. If summed into mono after that, it might have phase issues, something of a robotic sound. Not always a bad thing, but not how to get a good guitar sound. Playing and recording twice would make sure the waveforms don't line up, and means chorus and delay effects aren't necessary for separation.
  7. This new plugin might have broken the tags on the wip board. At least on firefox, mac. They're gone, save for work-in-progress, which is now only "work-". Tag numbers and colors still show.
  8. I'm noticing a great variety of games being remixed and posted here. This is great. But there aren't that many replies to them. Quick reminder, things you can do to get replies on your mix: Comment on other people's mixes. They might return the favor. Do unto others, lead by example, that stuff. Ask a forum regular or staff member to have a listen. So long as we're not swamped, we can often make the time for a quick listen and catch something you've missed. Title your thread informatively. I like Seth Skoda's inclusion of "SEGA Genesis" in his threads. It immediately tells me something about the sound. Don't clickbait, but sometimes genre or style, specific song, console, or other relevant information gets people interested. If anyone's posts "Octopath Traveler reggae", I'm on it. -- Then some things you can do while waiting: Find a good reference mix. Compare it to your own. Never mind that you might not be good enough to make everything as good, but strive to have the mix, the levels, the frequency balance, the dynamics roughly the same. If that mix has a lot more clarity than yours, see what you can do to create that clarity. Work on another track. Rest your ears. Listen to different music. Then come back to your mix and see what stands out. Review posted mixes, read judges' decisions for them and for rejections. This helps you figure out what ocr considers suitable for the site. Do experiments. Make a track that's only your own synth patches, or only using one instrument (multiple instances is fine). Make your own samples. Write and mix muted, just to see what you can do without your ears. Don't use any plugin effects, only use what's in the instruments themselves. No sequencing, only recording. Never use the same chord twice. Chromatic bassline. Sequence it, then humanize it manually. Use a bass sound for lead and vice versa. Experiment. Sort your presets. Make some new ones. Sort them too. Listen to your older work and realize you've improved. Even if you haven't (which is unlikely), figure out what your next step towards improvement is.
  9. Oh look, the forum notifies you when someone replies to the thread you're replying to. Neat. From what I can tell, everything Julien just said is true. The good and the bad. My quick listen suggests you could work on the mix and its sound a bit. Frequency balance. Levels. Find a good reference track, same style, same sound as what you're going for, and mix accordingly. The crashes sound especially dull, and things are panned so much that there's little energy in the center. I'm not an evaluator anymore, and I'm not sure what's public information and what isn't, but I think I can share that there weren't enough active evaluators for the workload, so there's probably a lot of tracks that have been waiting for an evaluation for months. Nothing's stopping you from asking evaluators or forum regulars directly, submitting directly to the site to get judges' feedback (if it's good enough to make it to the panel, which I think it is, but not yet good enough to get posted, which I also think is the case). Also, commenting on other people's mixes here can make them return the favor.
  10. To diagnose the issue, try filtering out its low frequencies. It might be that there are excessive lows screwing with a compressor along the way. I don't know if hardware itself would do this, but there might be a software compressor in the system output that's doing it, and responding to inaudible sub frequencies. Subs doing it would explain why it does it with the kick but not a piano sound. Check system sound settings for any kind of signal enhancement or something turned on. As for why it's not showing up on the headset, they might use a different port. USB headset? Via USB rather than system audio output would be a different output and thus different settings. Also, what kind of studio monitors? And how are they connected to the computer?
  11. I just noticed real name and location aren't visible either. Dunno when that changed. It was cool to see that we're an international community. And when people randomly change their username, the real name remained useful in identifying whatever rando that posted before you. I think the forum experience has gone downhill (for a lot of reasons, and I think we discussed this in staff chat at some point), and I think the de-personalized forum appearance (avatars going from pixel art game characters to people's logos or default letters, sigs removal, location and real name removal) are part of that. It's a related question, not exactly sigs removal, but worth taking into account. De-personalizing things in a community makes a crucial part of the community go away, and then the people in the community do too.
  12. Great choice of source of inspiration, and you've managed to stay very close in both sound and feel. How inspired is this, as opposed to remixed? Because there were a few places in the trailer that really felt remixed, and others I couldn't place at all despite having listened a lot to the soundtrack over the years.