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    I've always loved music. I took piano from 6-13; I still play, but no lessons. I sang in HS. I'd like to use music IRL and not just a hobby. I just need more education on digital audio.
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  1. Sorry about the delay! I The end of spring semester was NUTS.

    I am not related to them as far as I know.

    What's the best way to contact you? I'd like to to chat with you more about audio stuff, preferably on Facebook. If you search for alfredofreak on Facebook or Twitter, you'll find me pretty easily!

  2. Hey! Yeah, I'm in Utah. I'm planning on going to UVU for Digital Media, so the fact that you're at U of U doing games and audio interests me. I would love to do the same thing you mention in your About Me. Do you happen to be related to the Day family who owns Day Murray Music?

  3. I hate to do this guys, I really do. I'm going to have to back out of this round. I have medical things that have come up suddenly that are going to keep me from any remixing. If Anorax wants to take my place with wildfire, by all means, let him take it, if MindWanderer is acquiescing. Again, I'm really sorry. Crap happens.
  4. I haven't done this in a while. I do believe I'd like to be a novice again, por favor. I participated last season, so I don't need to link anything, right?
  5. Hey man! I know you're still out serving the Lord. I'm home now; I got to serve for just under 8 months. I had to come home for medical stuff, but I hope the work goes well in California!

  6. Dude, I know you won't see this for almost two years, but I got my mission call tonight! I'm going to the Texas Houston mission on May 22. The Church rocks!

  7. So I also imitated a posted ReMixer:
  8. I forgot to post here. Submitted!
  9. Man, I feel like I'm copping out by doing the piece I'm doing, since it's just piano. And because I will likely not be able to record it being performed live before the submission date. =/
  10. Anyone know an amazing pianist here at OCR that could learn my piece in less than two weeks and record it? It's all arranged, just needs a player. EDIT: Looking at the rules, that would probably be against them. However, what if I played it or found someone I know personally to play it and the recorded it?
  11. Forgot to post my sources. Here ya'll go.
  12. Dang it. I'm too late to say goodbye. Good luck anyway! God speed!

  13. I'm guessing 3DS is okay then, since it released in 2011?
  14. Do it anyway. Maybe it will force some stars to give in and help.