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    Hi there! My name's Nick. I'm still a super n00b when it comes to music but I'm working to build up my skills one step at a time. I'm trying to be more active in the competitions here so go check those out. Alternatively, go chat with me on Twitter about all sorts of random stuff.
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  1. First time attending & first time volunteering. I'll be helping out with MIVS, Chipspace, & the arcade. Just figured out a room! Hoping to smash some arrows if anyone brings a Dance Dance Revolution / In The Groove cab! ^____________^
  2. I think I might be out of this round. I just remembered this like yesterday and I'm going to be out of town this weekend (which is when my procrastinating motivation to finish stuff super fast usually kicks in).
  3. Subbed! FYI, I managed to find a MIDI for the Breath of Fire track on VGMusic. It's listed as Drogan. There's no way I would have had anything close to what I submitted without it!
  4. I keep forgetting about this competition. I'm sitting down to start my entry right now. We'll see how far I get but I will definitely have something submitted. Probably gonna be super abstract.
  5. Thanks for the extension! Some pretty big life stuff took me by surprise last week but I'm in a good spot now. Same as before, I'll notate what I can and see what I can get in.
  6. Is there an alternate title for Dying Village? I'm not finding that particular track listed under Breath of Fire. I can notate just the lead again if need be.
  7. I am so overdue for ear training. I did manage to use the parametric EQ in FL as a crutch to partially notate Wings of Hope but I don't think I have time to finish this notation job with my current skill set and time constraints. That being said, I'll do the best I can on my entry with what I've got.
  8. You were perfectly clear enough. In my case, I had an overly-broad definition of RPG. Just because something has a few RPG elements doesn't mean it is an RPG and I did not really realize that before. Thanks for your patience. Here's my new list. I'm going Hero now. [“Chrono Trigger” - “Ayla” and “Ayla's Theme” - “Hero”] [“Chrono Trigger” - “Robo” and “Robo's Theme” - “Hero”] [“Chrono Trigger” - “Lucca” and “Lucca's Theme” - “Hero”]
  9. *throws hat into the ring / arena / whatever the hell you want to call it* It's been a while since my last competition. I still feel like I have a long way to go with my music skills and I honestly won't be surprised if I get eliminated in the first round BUT I still want to give it a shot. EDIT : Apparently I have a tendency to lump any game with even a few RPG elements into the RPG genre. I appreciate FenixDown's patience. My current first choice is Ayla's theme but I'm planning on making a new list of just hero characters. [“Chrono Trigger” - “Ayla” and “Ayla's Theme” - “Hero”] -
  10. My username used to be chroxic. I changed it sometime after my last PRC entry clear back in 2012 (222). This week is the first time I've been on OCR in a while.
  11. As promised, my remix is up. Super rough with only four hours of work, but it's something.
  12. The last PRC I participated in was back in 2012. It may be a freakishly rough remix, but I'll get something in!
  13. Slowly working on a Twitch streaming schedule. Hoping to have something stable going sometime in May!

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