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  1. I got busy with work, but I'm added new check-in dates now. Next check-in is January 29th.
  2. I'd also like to see this project come to fruition. I love the Golden Sun series, so having an album for it....would be amazing. I can't really help with directing since I have my own project to direct nor can I remix, but I offer my art skills when this project needs it.
  3. Could someone please edit Jigsaw Memories' area to say our next check-in is November 27th, 2013? We're still recruiting, btw.
  4. It's been a while, but it's time for another check-in. Sending out PMs to everyone. We still have open/unclaimed songs, so if you see this and are interested, pleeeaaaaaaase claim one? Since we're still not done, next check-in isn't the final one. I'll post more check-in dates when that one gets closer.
  5. Spiral Mountain is claimed again. I'm sorry I've been slow with things, real life decided to roundhouse kick me in the face.
  6. If anyone tried to PM me before, my inbox was full (Can OCR staff please make the limit not be 300 collectively and instead be 300 for inbox and sent individually? That'd be great). You're able to PM me now, I emptied out a few of the messages so I have room now for new PMs.
  7. Sweet! We'd love to have you! Could you PM me the demo, please?
  8. Sure! You're allowed to use any extra music from a level at your discretion. IIRC, that song is basically a remix itself of the main GI level song, right? So it'd still count as a remix of that level's theme if you started from that one. I agree with your impression on the song and level as well (A+ thinking in terms of the album's theme), so you may have it! Aah sorry =(. I usually give songs to whoever claims them in the order I see. But the other two you mention are open, so you can have either or both of them. Collabs are also allowed! Just let me know if you find someone to collab with (we actually have one collab piece right now in the works).
  9. Hehe, BK and BT were the only parts of my childhood ; v ;. I never got to play Grunty's Revenge. Alright~! Just let me know U vU.
  10. YOU KNOW..... I was honestly considering including that game because yes this is a series tribute, but after a bit of research it seemed like that game was non-canon? Or was too far removed to be considered a main BK game. Either way it made me determine to not include it. However, I'm not opposed to letting songs from it be used =Oa. They can be bonus songs. Though since I'm not familiar with that game's music, the person is free to choose whatever songs from that game they'd want to make a track out of.
  11. No, it's Banjo-Kazooie....*points to signature image*. Sorry =(.
  12. If you need a project to work on, mine has 12 open songs?
  13. I'm late with the check-in so sending messages out now. I really need a Co-Director, the molasses-paced movement is starting to get to my confidence.........
  14. @DullSharpie: Sweet =DDD. Yeah, the ones on Youtube really.....depress me OTL. Youtube more like Always Techno. @The Damned: Hehe ^__^.