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  1. The theme is challenging, which is why I figured there haven't been many remixes made of it yet (most people are doing the simpler battle themes, I've noticed, cuz even the main legendary theme is getting ignored ). If you think those instruments work better I say go for it! Mine were all just suggestions to give an example, but you're free to use whatever you think works better. If you do end up doing this I'd love to hear it! =D
  2. I arise from the grave because I have a neat idea for a remix of this song that, so far as I've seen, hasn't been done yet. Since I don't have the talent to do it myself, I figured I'd share the idea in the hopes that someone more proficient than me might do it. So if you've played the new Pokemon games yet, you know that each island has its own guardian deity Pokemon called a Tapu. They have their own battle theme which is literally, at least in my opinion, the best legendary beast battle theme the series has had. Here's the original Now for the idea: There are four of these Tapus: Tapu Koko, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini and Tapu Lele. While similar to each other in certain aspects of their appearance, each one is unique even though together they form a cohesive whole (because they're known as the Guardians of Alola). Because of that, I think it would be kind of awesome if there was a remix made of this song made with only 4 primary instruments--one for each Tapu that encompasses that Tapu. So for example, this is what I was thinking (though if someone decides to run with this idea they can obviously pick whatever instruments they think fit better): --Tapu Koko-- According to its dex entries, it's known for its sense of curiosity, its ability to confuse opponents due to its fast movement speed, and its quick tempered nature even though it instantly forgets whatever made it angry. Of the quartet, it's the Electric type one. Given these qualities, the best instrument in this hypothetical remix that would represent Koko would be an electric guitar, most likely holding the melody. --Tapu Lele-- Lele is the Psychic type of the quartet. Her dex entries aren't too enlightening. In one she's said to be guilelessly cruel while in another it's said her scales restore good health when touched. She's based on a butterfly, so this nature and life-giving property to her gives off a sense of naivety. Perhaps a little airy, since her scales are said to scatter as she flutters about. So for her, an instrument with a similar airy nature would probably fit. My candidate would be wind chimes, but I'm sure there's many other instruments that would give off the same effect. She'd be like the ambiance of the remix, fluttering in and out of the song as she pleases. --Tapu Bulu-- His nature is lazy, according to his dex entries. Yet, amongst the quartet, he's also the most physically strong, both in terms of stats as well as implied in his dex entries with how he can uproot whole trees and swing them around easily. A strong Pokemon who prefers to not have to work much when battling. The obvious choice of instrument for him would be drums and he'd most likely hold the bass in contrast to Koko who'd have the melody. Probably a similar drum to what's in the original song, I imagine. One you'd strike with powerful impacts that would only occur every few beats. Type-wise, he's Grass. --Tapu Fini-- And finally, we have the mysterious Water type in the quartet. Unlike the other three who take active roles in anything, Fini is a much more passive pokemon. Although she wields great control over water, according to her dex entries she creates fog so dense that her enemies become confused and destroy THEMSELVES without her ever lifting a finger. This is reflected in her stats as well, as both of her defense stats are the highest while her attack stats are average at best. I don't know any specific instrument that would properly reflect her, but given her passive nature and her associations with water, whatever instrument would be hers in the remix would need to be one that flows like the water she controls, but is similarly passive throughout the remix. These individual elements combined would then be what makes up the entirety of the remix. What do you think? Does this sound interesting and challenging to you? I'd love to see many people try this out!
  3. I got busy with work, but I'm added new check-in dates now. Next check-in is January 29th.
  4. I'd also like to see this project come to fruition. I love the Golden Sun series, so having an album for it....would be amazing. I can't really help with directing since I have my own project to direct nor can I remix, but I offer my art skills when this project needs it.
  5. Could someone please edit Jigsaw Memories' area to say our next check-in is November 27th, 2013? We're still recruiting, btw.
  6. It's been a while, but it's time for another check-in. Sending out PMs to everyone. We still have open/unclaimed songs, so if you see this and are interested, pleeeaaaaaaase claim one? Since we're still not done, next check-in isn't the final one. I'll post more check-in dates when that one gets closer.
  7. Spiral Mountain is claimed again. I'm sorry I've been slow with things, real life decided to roundhouse kick me in the face.
  8. If anyone tried to PM me before, my inbox was full (Can OCR staff please make the limit not be 300 collectively and instead be 300 for inbox and sent individually? That'd be great). You're able to PM me now, I emptied out a few of the messages so I have room now for new PMs.
  9. Sure! You're allowed to use any extra music from a level at your discretion. IIRC, that song is basically a remix itself of the main GI level song, right? So it'd still count as a remix of that level's theme if you started from that one. I agree with your impression on the song and level as well (A+ thinking in terms of the album's theme), so you may have it! Aah sorry =(. I usually give songs to whoever claims them in the order I see. But the other two you mention are open, so you can have either or both of them. Collabs are also allowed! Just let me know if you find someone to collab with (we actually have one collab piece right now in the works).
  10. Hehe, BK and BT were the only parts of my childhood ; v ;. I never got to play Grunty's Revenge. Alright~! Just let me know U vU.
  11. YOU KNOW..... I was honestly considering including that game because yes this is a series tribute, but after a bit of research it seemed like that game was non-canon? Or was too far removed to be considered a main BK game. Either way it made me determine to not include it. However, I'm not opposed to letting songs from it be used =Oa. They can be bonus songs. Though since I'm not familiar with that game's music, the person is free to choose whatever songs from that game they'd want to make a track out of.
  12. No, it's Banjo-Kazooie....*points to signature image*. Sorry =(.
  13. I'm late with the check-in so sending messages out now. I really need a Co-Director, the molasses-paced movement is starting to get to my confidence.........
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