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    Video games are art.

    This is why I am as passionate about video games as I am. The combination of visual, audio, and interaction create a media form unlike any other out there.

    One of the key elements of video games is their music. That is why I become apart of the Overclocked ReMix community many years ago.

    Although I a have a great amount of experience in playing music with seven years of piano and four years of tenor saxaphone practice, I have decided to lend my primary talent towards Overclocked ReMix projects. Art and design.

    Graduating from University with a degree in Fine Arts I am professionally trained to be critical of design and polish. The goal being that I can aid in adding that visual flair to various Overclocked ReMix projects so that the finally product looks as visually engaging as it sounds.

    If you are interested in my work, or would like my help with a project feel free to contact me.

    Thanks for visiting my profile,
    Hope to see you around the site.


    Essence of Lime - Artist
    Lime of the Season - Artist
    DKC2: Serious Monkey Business - Artist
    DKC3: Double the Trouble! - Artist

    Bad Dudes: A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda - Artist
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    Adam Aubin
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    FL Studio
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    Photoshop, Illustrator
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    Saxophone: Tenor
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    Graphic Designer

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  1. I've been on OCR for over a decade now          - _ -

  2. Hey you know what's awesome. They upgraded the OCR forums, which means that we can have cool avatars now. So yeah, sup!

    1. Lemonectric


      Oh, I hadn't realized cover photos were a thing too! Nice.

    2. TheMaverickk


      Interests: TheMaverickk's artwork. 

      You are too kind. After I finish my paintings I will get back into digital art for OCR. If you ever want like a profile pic one day shoot me a message I think it's fun to draw up people for kicks. 

  3. I see everything, and it both makes me so happy to see this finished, and simultaneously sad because I couldn't bring this project to fruition. ; _ ; There are a lot of feelings inside of me as I listen. It is a beautiful remix of that happy village theme.
  4. TheMaverickk

    An OverClocked Christmas v.9 recruiting now!

    Haven't seen any word on this being up yet. It's a bummer cause I'll be with out internet access starting tomorrow. So I'll have to give it a listen after Christmas has come and gone. I'm sure it will be good as usual though.
  5. TheMaverickk

    OCR Mascots: Class of Winter 2015 - Voting Closed

    Dear god Shulk. He deserves to be in there now as a full fledged Smash Bros. representative. My full list though; 1. Shulk 2. Pit 3. Quote ALTHOUGH.... one character that should've been on this list is Shovel Knight. I would've voted Shovel Knight as my third choice had he been on there. So next time don't forget him.
  6. TheMaverickk

    An OverClocked Christmas v.8 -- RELEASED!!

    Just found out it was released. Can't seem to see Volume 8 up... no tab for it, and the album cover icon doesn't link either. So right now all I can do is admire the cover art.
  7. I just hope someone does a Christmas take on Winter's White from Earthbound eventually for one of the the releases.... A guy can dream. That said I disappear again....
  8. Yes, you do need to push Emunator out of the way. He always ruins everything.

    I'll be looking forward to the art whenever you have it! Make sure you're putting "Lime of the Season" on it and not "Season of Lime".

  9. Hey Hylian,

    I'm sending a message cause I wanted an update to the Season of Lime project. I'm just finishing up Double Trouble right now, tonight finally. It's sucked up most of my free art time over the year. I've got sketches for the Season of Lime up and I'm going to put them into photoshop soon.

    I still plan on doing Season of Lime, I just need to push and get these few things out of the way. Hopefully you will hold out for me though. Just send me a reply on OCR, or send me an e-mail.

    Cheers for now!


  10. I hope you got my message about address details. Everyone else has been bragging about their physical copies, it's leaving me feel left out *tear*

  11. Golden Sun is on hiatus for the time being. Or at least until I can get a few things in order. Unless of course you have more free time now from the FF project. At which point it would be great if you want to rally the troops a little and everything.

    I can discuss details of everything if you'd like. Needless to say that it's just had to take back burner for the time being which is a major shame of course. Yet not forgotten or not abandoned.

    Needless to say I can't do it alone, if you want to chat though add me on Skype or something ;

  12. What's up with Golden Sun?! *shrug*!

  13. TheMaverickk

    Unleash the Alchemy - A Golden Sun ReMix Project

    We would love to have you on board, since this project is just beginning, you can also choose to join a little later and everything.
  14. TheMaverickk

    Unleash the Alchemy - A Golden Sun ReMix Project

    Go for it, during the process of preparing this game I played through both over again just to get a good feel for the songs and atmosphere. I would enjoy some sort of example of work you've done. It really helps to see where your musical style lies. If you have nothing posted anywhere already whipping up a quick demo is great. Bonus points if you got instrument training as well. I'd like to expand the amount of variety we have in sound.
  15. TheMaverickk

    Unleash the Alchemy - A Golden Sun ReMix Project

    Done and done.