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  1. finished Mellowmana A down tempo, chilled out track I cooked up not too long ago. Has a minimal beat, very airy, and very relaxing. Any feedback is welcome; positive or negative. I'm willing to respond with honest feedback on any tracks you may have posted that need attention. Just drop a link to your thread in your post here and I'll check it out.
  2. finished Metroid Inspired Ambient Track

    Not a whole lot to it, but it does a great job of evoking that same eerie and treacherous feeling that the older Metroid games had. I would try and cook up some more creepy effects to add some depth.
  3. Hey there folks. I registered here a while back; even posted a few tracks as well. But that was at least a year ago. I've made some new stuff since then and figured I would post them here to get some feedback from you guys. Flowing, progressive track. Sort of trancey, but more down-tempo with acoustic percussion. Ideal for headphones and translates very well at higher volumes. Progressive trance here. Nothing huge and epic like melodic trance and stuff though. I wanted to try my hand at something a little more clubby. Maybe it's more akin to house? I'm not sure. I also focused a lot on the production so that it was super high quality. I'm 95% sure there's no noticeable distortion or clipping, and all the synths and samples I used stay within their own spectrum and shouldn't bleed in to or muddy up anything else. I hope so, at least. This track is also ideal for headphones and sounds great at high volumes. You can view my profile here: Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave positive or negative feedback; any ideas you might have that would help me improve. Follow me on SC if you so wish. It makes no difference to me (but I'll be super happy if you do). Even if I just get three plays and maybe one follower, I'll be satisfied.
  4. wip FL 10 - What Am I Doing? (title)

    I like it when people don't compress everything. Raw sound is much more pleasing to listen to in my opinion. I pretty much never use compression in my songs. Ever. In my opinion, you did a fantastic job of avoiding distortion while making the song sound good without compression. Feel proud. I actually REALLY like this song a lot. The one and only thing I think you should expand on is the percussion so it varies a bit more. Not the beat, but the actual sound. Throughout the entirety of the song it's low and distorted. Perhaps in the latter half, you could do an automation clip that gradually fades from that grungy sound to a more tight, "real" sound. Just something to keep the percussion from becoming stale. Or you could try and do a nice juxtaposition of genres. Start with that slow, down-tempo beat you already have, then change to a more drum and bass style afterward. PS: At first I thought the name you chose for the song was more of a joke, but it suits it.
  5. This here is my first attempt ever at liquid DnB. I think it turned out decent so I figured I'd share it here. Enjoy. Feel free to download it and use it how you wish, if you like it.
  6. finished Dem Disjointed Chemicals *Chemical Plant*

    I've been listening to this and your Ice Cap Deep remix a lot of lately. Got them both on my iPod even. Keep making awesome remixes. If you come across any other opportunities to remix another Sonic song then go for it. I'm definitely looking forward to more stuff from you.
  7. finished Triage at Dawn - Solemn Mix (Half-Life 2)

    Thanks, I appreciate the compliment. I was definitely going for a sad yet upbeat mood when doing this remix. I think a lot of it comes from the source itself, though. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  8. After scrapping my recent remix project, I decided I'd post a remix I did a while back for Half-Life 2, just for fun. There was a remix of this song years ago called Path of Borealis, done by Viktor Antonov. It pretty much inspired me to do a remix of my own, though I don't think I came close to his remix in terms of quality. My remix might be too deliberate, which isn't exactly a good thing. I struggled to get this remix sounding right, but hopefully it paid off. I'm not really sure if it's worth mod review or anything, so I figured I'd just share it with the community. The original song is very short in length so it was tough to create a lengthy track without making it repetitive. I don't know if I succeeded. Viktor Antonov did a ton of work with the piano in his remix, which made it sound very cool and dynamic. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of skill. Original: Remix: I have another mix with a different intro in case anyone's interested or doesn't like how this version starts. I'll upload it to Soundcloud if there's any demand. Enjoy. All feedback is more than welcome.
  9. I usually hate dubstep with a passion since it all usually sounds the same, but this was very well done. It wasn't over the top or obnoxious and really felt atmospheric like the original song. Good work. Now all we need is a well made Reaper dubstep since Mass Effect 3 came out. The Reaper cannons sound like they could be easily adapted in to a dub step song.
  10. finished Air3s - Sunset (Preview)

    I have to say I really dig your style. I love your songs Dem Disjointed Chemicals and Ice Cap Deep especially. This song is pretty sweet too. You've got a really consistent theme and it's got a lot of power to it. I hope you post the full version at some point. Good job man.
  11. finished Return to Eden

    Yeah, I never had ambitions with music. I started messing around in FL Studio like 7 years ago, and since then that's all I've really done with music. I'll look over this track some more and try to add some nice sweeps and rises and other cool effects to give it more life. I think a gong hit is in order for the down tempo section.
  12. Thanks for the honest, in-depth review. I figured I had a very long way to go with this but I thought I'd give mod review a shot to see if it even had a remote chance. I switched it back to Work in Progress, though I might scrap it since it's starting to bore me quite a bit. You were right about the source material.
  13. finished Return to Eden

    Yeah...I used Nexus for a lot of things, though there are a few things that aren't from Nexus. I'm not exactly knowledgeable when it comes to using synthesizers, so I tend to use stock presets and whatnot to compensate. I can easily imagine a specific sound for a synth, but I lack the knowledge to really create it in any kind of VST plugin since I never really educated myself in that department. I'm not exactly proud of it to be quite honest. The reality is, all I do is mess around in FL Studio. I don't use any other hardware aside from my computer to make music. I never learned any instruments, though I wish I had (mainly the piano).
  14. Ah, thank you for the reply. That helps a lot. Looks like I've got some work to do. If you don't mind, could you elaborate on the "production elements" that I should improve?
  15. I'd personally consider this down tempo, but I'm not a genre expert. Anyway, I really liked it. Very moody with good flow. I also like the length of the song since you kept it interesting throughout.