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  1. Wasn't sure quite where to put this but this seems the best place! As all of you do, I love chiptunes, and I'm hoping to show people just how amazingly they're constructed so I've been stripping them apart and showing how it builds in YouTube vids, just two so far but working on more. What do you think?
  2. Thanks! I'll have a look at more layering and effects to tell more of a "story", appreciate the feedback
  3. Getting into making music and I thought I'd start with this piece that's inspired by Metroid's atmosphere. Any thoughts? https://soundcloud.com/augmented-vision/the-old-halls
  4. I knew it! I just got this remix and thought "Wait, was that Head Like a Hole?" and popped onto here to take a look! That's the price I pay for being a big NIN fan Love your remixes btw, good stuff.
  5. Great fun in the simplicity of the tune, a fantastically nostalgic style tune. Great to dance to! It's got stuck in my head a fair bit, which is always a good sign.
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