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  1. Starting to draw character (resurrection thread)

    That introduction of Cashmere Sky was wonderful!
  2. My first actually decent piece of music.

    If you have a keyboard that you can connect to your PC, then you can get some humanization, despite it being created on your computer. Even then, you can manually create the notes to come just a hairline before or after each notes. The main thing I'd work on is creating something with less repetition. This sounds like it could be good for a NES game.
  3. This just gets straight to the point. I've got Symphony of the Night nostalgia flooding over me right now. How cool it would to be hear something like this in an actual Castlevania game.
  4. I don't think I'll ever see Calamity Ganon the same way anymore after listening to this. It's almost like he's welcoming guests after 100 years. xD
  5. I agree with CoolBeets on preferring this one over the original. It's not too mellow, but despite it being a prog rock remix, it's still relaxing, which I like.
  6. This certainly took the original in a different direction. It painted a picture in my mind of a cozy old cottage that had a sense of safety.
  7. Starting to draw character (resurrection thread)

    I like the slapstick comic. xD Your drawing impress me.
  8. OCR03623 - Animal Crossing: A New Leaf "Morning Jazz"

    If Animal Crossing was a genre, it'd definitely would be jazz, despite the game pouring out all sorts of genres on the record player. I love this remix. It's very relaxing, and sadly, it's short. I wish it could be extended. But there's always that replay button.
  9. Lovely remix. Hearing Bubbly Cloud really works on the piano.
  10. Underwater Ambience

    It sort of reminds me of Angels Breathing by Brian Kelly. This is really well done. Very relaxing.
  11. Does anyone even really read this subforum any more?

    I've done two remixes of Magicant waaay back then. They're not really all that great, though. Requests usually ask for specific genres that are not my forte. I'll see what I can do.
  12. OCRA-0064 - Smash The Record: The Record

    Alucard's Blood Donation? xD I'm sorry, but that just sounds funny. The remix is very serious, though. Great to hear that even after Konami's choice for Pachinko machines, we can still appreciate Castlevania tunes. I remember first playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and hearing that awesome theme getting you ready for an exciting game. Loving the chips. Oh my god! The beeping lights in this F-Zero remix. So nostalgic! Mute City can never get old. I wish Nintendo would just give us a new F-Zero game already. 1:30 gave me chills. So glad to see there are some people who still love F-Zero enough to remix it. I had almost not recognized this Kirby them. I normally hear people play it on the guitar, so having a dreamy synth sound was a new approach to me. At 1:29 of this remix, it reminds me of StarTropics. 2:27 sounds really interesting with the bass being different. It could have easily been turned into some electro house tune. I like how this went from the Menu and into Final Destination. They are probably the most popular themes in the Smash series. I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again, it's always a joy to hear Smash Bros. remixes.
  13. 1. work-in-progress Zelda BotW: Vah Naboris Dungeon Remix

    I thought I commented on this. Not really sure what the scale is. At 4:17, in the original track, I hear three chords play. It's sort of a subtle glissando. That may not be the correct musical term. I guess you can say the notes are a tad more humanized rather than three notes pressing down at the same time. So I wrote out what I hear, and maybe you'd like to throw it into your remix. Someone with a better ear could probably tell you the correct notes. I'm not saying yours are wrong. In your remix, you only have the final note being played, which I believe are A, E, and then D. Overall, I like the direction you took from the original. It still has that qualm feeling. This Divine Beast was one of my favorites, as well as the boss, but I felt unsure of what I was supposed to be doing.