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  1. 1. work-in-progress

    That's pretty funny that I wasn't the only one who heard the Super Mario Bros. Castle Theme. If you do decide to try that out, I hope to hear it to see how it turned out. If it works, though. Otherwise it might not be a good idea. But I guess we'll see.
  2. I really like this. I think Meta Knight's Revenge could have transitioned better from Cocoa Cave. I probably would have kept the drums going through that transition like a DJ mixing one track to the next. Overall, this is rather enjoyable. I'm glad to hear some stuff remixed and put up on OCRemix.org.
  3. 1. work-in-progress

    Two things occurred to me while listening to your remix, if it's OK to call it that at its current state. 1. I want to say taking the Castle Theme from the original Super Mario Bros. and layering it on top of your Boss Theme sounds like it could work. I don't know for sure, though. So give that a shot if you want to. 2. Using the ending jingle, but not as the ending. Before doing your transition into Wart's Theme, if you're going to put that in your remix, do the Boss Theme > Ending Jingle > Wart's Theme. Not like a medley, either. Try to make it flow into one another naturally.
  4. Agreed with Gario. Unfortunately, Act 3-2 is the only remixes done for Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos. There are so many themes in NGII that I'm surprised we haven't gotten anything new. I understand that the game is pretty dated, but still, the classics is where it's at. I really love your version of Act 2, the train level.
  5. Nice remix you have going. I really enjoy hearing stuff from the 80s and 90s being remixed with a particular genre style such as this. I'm more into synthpop and synthrock, but I'm loving this, too.
  6. This is beautiful. :3 I really love how each note was played. And when I first heard the deep bass, I was in love. But the most meaningful section in this to me was at 2:04. Darn onions making me cry again. Lol. Great job.
  7. I'm getting sort of an 80s, early 90s vibe, which I'm really enjoying. The lyrics are amazing, which is saying something, because I'm not really a fan of lyrics thrown into video game music that didn't originally have any. I also feel like if you took this to a club or wherever, it wouldn't immediately come off as sounding like a video game remix. Great job!
  8. This is like Castlevania wall meat for the ears. It's not what I expected and it's delicious.
  9. 4. submitted

    I really like this. As for titles, why not call it Frozen Mourning?
  10. I'm liking the sound. I hope to hear the complete version.
  11. I can see a lot of remixes flooding in from this game. The music in it is really nice. I like your take on the music. Nice little placements of some other Zelda themes in it, too.
  12. Really cool track. I have to agree with Ridiculously Garrett on the high wub sounds. But overall, this sounds pretty good.
  13. 4. submitted

    I wonder if there is a possibility of modding F-Zero and throwing this remix in there on one of the track levels? Because if that's possible, that'd be great, just like your remix you've got going here.
  14. Really nice sound to it. I got lost into the track, in a good way, of course.
  15. This is really heavy stuff, man! Really pumping sounding and upbeat. 1:56, the melody isn't accurate, but hey, your own twist on it, so whatever, right? But I really like this. I'm sure there are some issues in terms of equalization, but I'm no expert on that. Really cool, though.