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  1. I wonder if there is a possibility of modding F-Zero and throwing this remix in there on one of the track levels? Because if that's possible, that'd be great, just like your remix you've got going here.
  2. Really nice sound to it. I got lost into the track, in a good way, of course.
  3. This is really heavy stuff, man! Really pumping sounding and upbeat. 1:56, the melody isn't accurate, but hey, your own twist on it, so whatever, right? But I really like this. I'm sure there are some issues in terms of equalization, but I'm no expert on that. Really cool, though.
  4. 1. work-in-progress

    I'm really liking what you did with the samples. And my goodness, loving that percussion and dark vibe.
  5. 3. completed

    A huge difference from the original for sure. I'm not sure if you're just titling it "I Give Up" as in you're giving up on a race in F-Zero or what, but if you mean you're giving up on finishing this, then why? You've put effort into it so far. It sounds good.
  6. I'm not a fan of Fi, but the original song was moving and you did a wonderful job making me tear up a bit with your remix just as the original did.
  7. 3. completed

    It sounds cool, and maybe it's just me, but I think there might be a lot of reverb on the flute lead. Perhaps even on your original melody playing around it. And I don't hear any bass. I suppose that's not necessary, but from my perspective, this is meant to be dance music, so the absence of a bassline doesn't sound right. Aside from that, it does sound nice and I would say that it even captures a "lost woods" feeling. Or a place that's magical.
  8. It sounds classy to the point all I could really think of was Samus walking through town at night and then heading over to the bar to get a drink. This rendition is certainly unique, because when I think Metroid, I think chiptune, rock, or some style of electronic dance music.
  9. I don't know which program you use, but if you use FL Studio, there are some things that can't easily be automated from a simple right click on a knob. This is usually with some 3rd party VSTs. So you'd grab the knob and move it wherever, then go up to Tools > Last tweaked > Create automation clip. There are some VSTs that don't even allow that. If you don't have FL Studio, then this info might be useful for someone who does and doesn't know.
  10. I do like the sound. It's very relaxing and sounds like some type of house music. The Minish Cap had some pretty good music.
  11. I agree with the sitcom sounding intro. That sort of thing makes me laugh. I'm not familiar with the original theme, but some of this kind of reminded me of EarthBound.
  12. Nice story about how this remix came to be. It's very fitting for the word "lullaby" and it really is relaxing.
  13. 3. completed

    Sounds pretty nice! I'm liking the reversed notes. I was thinking of doing something similar, but I'm not sure I should.
  14. Did you ever try to submit your "Only Link Can Do the Duck Walk" remix? It's still one of my favorites and really deserves recognition. :)

    1. Hylian Lemon

      Hylian Lemon

      I submitted it when it looked like people were done commenting on it!

    2. Uffe von Lauterbach

      Uffe von Lauterbach

      Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I had been so busy with the holidays. Anyway, I hope it gets accepted. It sounds pretty clean on my end, and I only have monitor speakers and a pair of headphones. :)

  15. 0:58, oh my gosh! I really liked how the guitar and drums played there.