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  1. Nice to see the trance genre hasn't completely died. The beginning of 1:47 actually made me tear up. Overall, this remix is pretty emotional sounding, and honestly, it's hard for just any EDM track to just move me the way this one did. The melody and bass compliment each other very well. You did really good here, sir.
  2. Uffe von Lauterbach

    OCR03780 - EarthBound "Wishing on a Snowman"

    I like the style. At first I wasn't sure, because it sounded a bit too fast with the tempo. Then I remembered that bLiNd did a remix that was probably had a faster BPM. I like the opening ambiance in the beginning. It reminds me of when you first begin your EarthBound adventure. The direction they took with the rhythm is interesting, and Snowman no longer sounds snowy here. I don't think there is a more fitting genre for EarthBound than a rock genre that is also relaxing. I always look forward to hearing EarthBound remixes.
  3. Psh. You can never have enough Zelda 2 Temple covers or remixes. It's probably one of the best themes in that game. Of course I'm probably being bias here. Blame Super Smash Bros. Melee. I like the variation section and that cool bit of arpeggios. 2:39 and there on is pretty badass.
  4. A bit upbeat from the original source. It still retained its mellow feel, though. The only thing missing here is a cold glass of tea and a nice breeze.
  5. Uffe von Lauterbach

    OCR03746 - Chrono Trigger "Elements of Time"

    I love the rick bass sound, and the piano sounds gorgeous. When the Ocean Palace part came in, I was like, "Here we go!" xD I like how all of these blended so well. This sounds beautiful.
  6. The first minute reminds me of an old track by BT. Most of it reminds me of something out of a Miyazaki film, and some of it reminds me of Chrono Trigger. Very nice soundscape, very relaxing, and subtly sad. Good job.
  7. I like this more mellow sound. I'm not really a fan of remixes of the Ocarina of Time Lost Woods, but I actually like this.
  8. Uffe von Lauterbach

    OCR03743 - Super Smash Bros. Melee "Choose Your Destiny"

    It's always nice to hear a Super Smash Bros. remix. I love Final Destination remixes, especially like the section at 2:27. I get chills every time. :D
  9. Uffe von Lauterbach

    OCR03742 - Super Castlevania IV "Tema de Simón"

    Simón Belmondo is sounds classy. Very cool remix, and the style definitely works here.
  10. Uffe von Lauterbach

    OCR03736 - DuckTales "Dark Side of the Moon"

    I'm late here, but I'm glad your remix was considered. Very nice sound.
  11. Uffe von Lauterbach

    4. submitted Kirby Air Ride - Machine Passage Remix

    I thought a remix of this would never be made. Pretty cool.
  12. Very inspiring and emotional. What a great composition.
  13. Finally! I remember when I first heard this. This remix does justice to the game it came from. That being said, I really love the retro sound. Nice job.
  14. Uffe von Lauterbach

    4. submitted Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    I like the altered squelches, where they used to be the same sounding, and I also love the main melody being arpeggiated. The breakdown was pretty nice. I love how it stopped playing with the drums and just built up back into the 4 on the floor beat. Your remix evolved nicely.
  15. Uffe von Lauterbach

    4. submitted Breath of the Wild: Tarrey Town [Remix]

    I wish more people with a better ear would comment on this. To me, the quality of the track sounds good, but I'm no professional when it comes to that. As for the Majora's Mask section, I'm not too familiar with it for some reason. But 3:09 doesn't seem to sound intrusive to me.