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  1. Xbox 360

    Oh, I know everything. I know where you sleep, I know where you work. I know the roads you take to get there. I know where you spend your free time, where you go to drink, to smoke, to enjoy yourself. I quite possibly know almost exactly your day-to-day activities, from now until your PRD.
  2. Xbox 360

    I call BS. What are you making in COLA now? Take your ass to the BX and buy one.
  3. Xbox 360

    My reactions on World at War are mixed. For the campaign, some missions really make you feel like you're playing the first three Call of Dutys. Specifically the Eastern Front missions (Ah great, I'm a Russian sniper in Stalingrad, oh, now I'm driving a tank). On the flip side though, some missions are fresh, thanks to the inclusion of the Pacific Campaign. Running around the tall grass of Okinawa with a flame thrower fending off Bonzai attacks is pretty fun. Also, there's one mission called "Black Cats" where you're a Navy guy on a PBY Catalina, raiding a convoy and defending a fleet against Japanese Zeros...which is by far one of my favorite missions of any COD game. I love the music in the game, it can go from fairly low key orchestra (what you'd expect in a WWII game), to this fusion of rock and more tense orchestra with vocals. Sounds weird but it's awesome, especially in the last couple missions when you're storming the Reichstag (if anyone remembers the first COD, you storm it as well, but I'd have to say this one is ten times better). Multiplayer is exactly like COD4, but WWII. I would even say it feels like a WWII mod for COD4. Co-op campaign is pretty cool, and I'm sure you've heard of Nazi Zombie mode, unlocked after complete the campaign. It's basically like horde mode in GOW2, with a few slight differences. Pretty fun to play IMO. Overall I'd say it's a good game, with some fairly repetitive COD1-3 missions, but also a few jewels thrown in there as well. If you're REALLY sick of the WWII period, it might now be for you, but it's still worth a play.
  4. Xbox 360

    Since not too long ago we were on the topic of the illusion of freedom, let me bitch and moan about the COD games, especially anything on Veteran difficulty. Now, I don't mind the fact that a couple quick shots and I'm dead, or if I pop my head up I'll get hit and have to sit back for a second while my health regenerates. No, that's fine. What I hate is how when you play it on Veteran (it applies to every difficulty, but Veteran is obviously the most frustrating), it makes the game extremely linear. We all know the concept is that you have to move to an objective, and the enemy AI will re-spawn forever unless YOU the super war hero moves to a certain point and trigger your AI allies to move up, thus helping eliminate the bad guys and secure a checkpoint. That's great and all, since the essence of the battle is to clear an area/building, or take a defense line, and nobody wins wars by sitting around, but how about giving us more than a single way of getting to that objective. Discover an effective way to flank the enemy? Better hope the game is programmed to allow you to go that way. If not, be prepared to see roughly 50 grenades magically appear at your feet, thus putting indicators at every conceivable angle, or better yet get hit from absolutely nowhere. This happens a lot when you stay back and not move up after a while too. COD4 was tough, but World at War is even more ridiculous with this MO. I don't mind realistic health and damage, and cunning AI, but don't get cheap if I happen to find a way to win the battle other than the one you wanted me to do.
  5. MAGFest 7: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2009

    Paying an extra $25 for DCA is a really good idea. It's so close you can probably jump out of the plane onto the roof of the hotel (remember, tuck and roll). From what I understand, the hotel runs a shuttle to and from DCA, though if you're getting in late you might want to double-check to make sure it's running. Also, the said shuttle supposedly also makes a stop at two blue line metro stations, which you can get on from DCA. Worse comes to worse, even if you get here in the middle of the night and can't get the shuttle, take the blue line from the airport to the King Street metro, and you'll only be a couple miles from the hotel, and maybe can hop a cab the rest of the way. I've flown into/out of all three Washington metropolitan area airports, and IMO Dulles is more of a straight shot to Alexandria than BWI.
  6. Xbox 360

    Wtf No Free Play For Yaris
  7. STFU DJ I offered you a place to stay AND free transportation to said event. AND I EVEN SAID WE'LL PLAY YOUR DAMN MUSIC IN MY CAR WHILE WE DRIVE. You think my friend and cousin love trancesu as much as we do? WRONG MY COUSIN LISTENS TO LIL WAYNE AND MY FRIEND LIKES CRAPPY INDIE MUSIC. Ok fine, I'll sweeten the pot: I'll pick up Club Remix DJ Style so we can have a bright flashing blue LED to go along with your trancesu while we drive around looking for sruts. JAPAN
  9. MAGFest 7: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2009

    True, and I know that it happens everywhere. The biggest issue is not so much the growth as it is the local/state governments achieving the right balance between selling land for commercial/residential use (which of course puts more money in their coffers) and doing the never-popular task of paying for infrastructure expansion. Sure, nobody likes construction, and nobody likes higher taxes, but you can't dig yourself deeper into a hole, then when it hits the fan, most improvements seem to be nothing more than a band-aid over a gunshot wound, i.e. toll lanes for the Beltway. I forgot where the purple line is supposed to run, but I do remember hearing about the...silver line, which is supposed to run from Dulles to Tysons? Either way, I stand by my assertion that the metro, at least in VA, is extremely sub-par. Even if they weren't going to lay track out in Warrenton 20 or 30 years ago, they could have at least set aside land for it. Ending the Orange line out in Fairfax right now is the equivalent of Metro North in NY stopping in Yonkers, it's insane. I also remember hearing somewhere about how the Metro is unique in the sense that it doesn't have a dedicated source of income, that basically the authority of it, every year, has to go around and ASK local/county governments for money. That's ridiculous! The DC metro area is filled with rich history, that I would never be crazy enough to argue. I've spent time in several different places, and this area to me has made an impression with cookie-cutter developments the most. That's not to say it doesn't exist anywhere else, just that with the rapid growth that occurred here, and of course no incentives whatsoever for builders to vary their designs, it seems more prevalent. Hell, I live in one of the cookie-cutter developments I'm putting down. Yeah, I never said NoVA is a bad place to live. In fact, it's grown on me somewhat. Instead of staying in my apartment, getting some experience, and making a b-line out of here, I bought a place, and am now running on the five year plan. I do enjoy the huge selection of stores, restaurants, etc., and being only 30min from the nation's capitol is always a cool thing. I'm still only a few hours from family in NJ, and a cheap bus ride up to NY if I want to go back home. It's definitely better than when I was in the military, having to fly home, and only being able to do it a couple times a year. Life is good, but being a transplant, you tend to have those sentimental strings tugging at your heart from time to time.
  10. MAGFest 7: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2009

    The public transportation system in NoVa is a joke. Evidently whoever planned the metro in VA thought the suburbs will never extend past Fairfax. It's a giant collection of traffic lights and similar-looking condo/townhouse developments. But on the bright side, this place does have a better job environment for me than NY, and it does have just about everything you'll ever need.
  11. Xbox 360

    I've been wanting to play through the campaign on insane, and definitely need to do that co-op. My cousin and I started on it, but stopped at like Act 1 Chapter 4. Since I know we planned on doing it at one point let me mention it to him. First impressions on the new interface people? In my opinion, it certainly LOOKS nicer, but it seems a little more complex. Party mode is definitely nice, and the one button invite feature. I was really hoping for a one button chat/party acceptance capability, like having the option to set it up so if you hit the center button while the invite notification is still on the screen, automatically putting you in the chat/party. It really is key if you're in the middle of a multiplayer match and somebody invites you to chat. As for the avatars, I could care less. I was tad bit excited since I don't own a Wii and it IS new to me, but the clothing options are weak. I like how there are 50 pages of hair styles but like 2 or 3 of shirts I can wear. Hopefully they'll add more without charging us. One thing that I would really like would be themed outfits, i.e. dressing up your guy in a game character's outfit (I'd love a R6 Vegas one or something). I also like how the center button now brings up a mini version of the old dashboard, and it actually runs smooth! My biggest complain with the old in-game "dashboard" was how it would run painfully slow sometimes, which got really annoying when you were getting messages and such. Hopefully its performance stays consistent. Another neat feature is the new images/backgrounds for games that you have. Go to your arcade and select your different games. Each time you do it, it essentially 'themes' the interface while you're viewing that game's respective add-ons/achievements/etc. Oh, and for anyone that has a new theme that's been optimized for the new interface (the people who pre-ordered GOW2 should have a code for one), it's pretty nice how the diorama backgrounds for your friends turn into scenes that relate to the theme.
  12. Xbox 360

    I've been playing games like mad recently. Picked up GOW2, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and COD: World at War. Been borrowing some oldies from friends and family, like Fight Night Round 3, Viva Pinata, Oblivion, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Biggest surprise for me is Oblivion, I usually can't stand RPGs but I'm effectively addicted to it. After I'm done with it I might be inclined to borrow Fallout 3 from the same friend. Midnight Club is a blast, if anybody enjoyed MC3 for PS2, you should definitely buy/rent/steal a copy. World at War is basically a COD4 WWII mod. I'm not complaining, especially when it comes time for some multiplayer, and the campaign manages to stay mostly fresh despite the ten gazillionth time a WWII game has been done, but if you're really sick of the time period, you may want to just borrow it. GOW2 is good, and mostly feels like the first one with new levels/enemies/weapons. Multiplayer for some reason tends to take FOREVER to match teams up, I'm not sure if anybody else is having the same problem.
  13. MAGFest 7: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2009

    As somebody who grew up in the area, I can attest to Bahamut more than likely not being at all out of your way if you're stopping in Pleasantville. I haven't posted here in a couple years now, but I figure going to MAGFest would warrant dropping a line. I wouldn't mind meeting up with some of the more 'seasoned' peeps from here, you know who you are.
  14. MAGFest 7: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2009

  15. Great remix, I'm actually suprised this was still being worked on. And anything with input from the great Sir Nuts is always awesome. And not to brag or anything, but yeah, I figure I mention that it was myself who made the multiple threads requesting this song to be remixed, and Sadorf was nice enough to make a WIP for me. Thanks man.