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  1. The Damned

    Detective Pikachu: The Movie?

    Potentially unpopular opinion. I find it... cringey. It doesn't look that good, and I don't think Ryan Renolds is the right actor. I'm also not entirely happy with the super-gritty dirty city thing. That's not what pokemon is about. The games, even the spin-offs, and the various other media (cartoon, manga, etc) are all about how living with pokemon makes the world more nature-friendly. Even Unova, which is based upon New York City, isn't dirty and grimey. It's clean. Hell, even the desert area north of Castelia City, which is literally just Manhatten, is spotless. But the city needs to be gloomy and dirty for... what, realism? About pokemon? Also, pokemon are inherently good natured, with the bad ones only being so because of their trainers. So seeing a Mr. Mime telling them to shove it doesn't really fit. Yeah, it's kind of funny, but it doesn't work for me. It comes off as something written by a committee, not a writer. I'm sure everyone else in the world will love it, and it will do really well in ticket sales, but I'm not going to see it. It feels like a checklist of everything the shitty fan movies did, but with more money behind it.
  2. The Damned

    The Best Video Games of This Decade

    Hmmm, I liked Borderlands 2 a lot. Still play it even though it came out in late 2012. It's still highly replayable, even after trying all the characters out. And the amount of good, purchase-worthy DLC alone is a point in it's favor. You had four full campaigns, each with new characters, weapons, monsters, enemies and locations. Then you had two totally different playable characters, each one worth the price. Toss in six really well pulled off holiday-themed mini-campaigns with even more stuff to do... you get about 100 hours of stuff to do.
  3. The Damned

    Castlevania in SSB Ultimate!!

    Might need to zoom in a bit.
  4. The Damned

    Castlevania in SSB Ultimate!!

    I like the whole "over 900 songs from every game in SSB history" thing. That's about 22 CDs, so I wonder how much the official soundtrack will cost.
  5. The Damned

    4. submitted Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    I can listen to this. This is good.
  6. 2016 was an interesting year for older video games. It was the anniversary of: The Legend of Zelda (25th, 1986) Metroid (1986) Kid Icarus (1986) Dragon Quest (1986) Bubble Bobble (1986) Sonic The Hedgehog (20th, 1991) Super Mario World (1991) Street Fighter II arcade (1991) Lemmings (1991) Final Fantasy 4 (1991) F-Zero (1991) Neverwinter Nights (1991) Another World (1991) LoZ: Link To The Past (1991) Pokémon Red and Green (1996) Kirby Super Star (1996) Super Mario RPG (1996) Metal Slug (1996) Quake (1996) Super Mario 64 (1996) Crash Bandicoot (1996) Pilotwings 64 (1996) Command and Conquer II: Red Alert (1996) Dead or Alive (1996) Terranigma (1996) Diablo (1996) Runescape (2001) Paper Mario (2001) Final Fantasy 9 (2001) Conker's Bad Fur Day (2001) LoZ: Oracle of Seasons / Ages (2001) Unreal Tournament (2001) Daytona USA (2001) Zone of The Enders (2001) Crazy Taxi (2001) Red Faction (2001) Final Fantasy 10 (2001) Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (2001) Burnout (2001) Golden Sun (2001) Pikmin (2001) Pokémon Crystal (2001) man, this list is getting pretty long That list is only a fraction of all the games and series, and I stopped at 2001 because of the size of the list. There's still 2006 and 2011, which means even more games. I bring this up for one reason. Way back in early 2016, when I first noticed this, I brought it up and wondered if it would be possible to quickly put out a small remix album to celebrate this. but remembering how much work it took to do even a small album of only a half dozen remixes, I realized that there wouldn't be enough time to put out a good enough album within a year. It would either be quite rushed, and the overall quality of the album would suffer for it, or it would be smaller, and that seemed like it wasn't enough to really celebrate all these games and series. But if you look at the year of 2021, we see that it will be the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th and 35th anniversaries of all those games and more. I'm looking at the list of those years, and a lot of new games and series came out for each one. There are easily 30+ games and series you could so, and it would still have more to pick and choose from. I wouldn't be free to lead any project for at least a year, but considering we have dozens of other directors and hundreds of remixers, I think it would be doable. Any one interested?
  7. Both. They sound pretty fake (I know there are limitations depending upon what software you use), and the beat doesn't match up with the style of what you're going with. One option is to ditch the drum entirely. Don't forget that drums aren't the only instrument that can be used to set a beat. You have those other instruments and can use those to set your tempo. I would have to hear it such an adjustment to decide. I'm not a musician or a composer, I just conned a bunch of people to make remixes for me for free a couple of times.
  8. I think the drums are a bit too artificial. They sound really obviously synthetic. I know it's an early version, but I am going to suggest better ones, and maaaaaybe not that beat. It doesn't quiet fit with the pace you're playing at. From start to 0:29, it doesn't really feel that different from the source, but from 0:30 to 0:47, you get some nice variations that make it stand out a it more. It's not a lot of obvious changes, but it gives it a tiny bit more life to the melody. There are some pitch changes from 0:53 to 1:05 that I don't like; I know I said that the earlier subtle changes were nice, but during this part, it's such a noticeable shift that it slightly pulls me out of the melody. It's a lower tone that makes me feel like something bad is happening, even though I know it's not. The source is fairly happy and peaceful. 1:05 and on is a good example of the kind of style changes that work for this melody. A bit improv, while still following the source. It's a subtle thing, and sometimes it's hard to find the right mix, but this is close. The end with the orchestral swell is a bit overpowering. The background instruments should support the flute, not overwhelm it. If you push them back a bit more, then the flute can stand out more. Because the flute is the main piece here: it's the element that will carry both the melody and the personal touches you're putting into it. You got a solid start here. Minor changes to composition, moderate adjustments to the synth percussion, careful polishing here and there of the background instruments. You're about 75% of the way there, and I don't doubt you can make it the rest of the way.
  9. Pretty good. I like the little sound effects in the background. Sounds like some water in a creek or river, maybe some birds chirping (?), and that distinctive "heh!" from OoT. This stuff, even faintly in the background, really adds to the environment of a remix. And while you're right that the original source doesn't have that much to it, it's still a really good theme, so you can be forgiven for using it that many times. The variation in the middle works great. Also, "A Forgotten Lullaby" and "Take Flight" kick ass.
  10. 0:20 to 0:49 is light and bouncy and makes me want to watch a movie where everyone in Pallet Town is dancing to it, ala a big musical production. But at 0:50, it turns moody and gets kind of creepy. This tonal shift is really weird to me, as it's such a huge change from the first part. I think that from 1:08 and on, you're going for a more traditional orchestral feeling, with a big, sweeping buildup... and then it doesn't happen. by 2:07, it's back to being light and bouncy again. The big swell at 2:31 feels kind of weak. Those kettle drums could be a bit stronger. Make them heavier, like you're really building into it. I don't hate it, I think you got some good stuff here. And I do like the fact that someone is actually using this source (hardly anyone ever does the Oak theme... in fact, this might be the first one I have come across in years), so you got that going for you. It's just a couple of minor tonal issues that don't seem to connect with each other quiet right. Version 3 soon?
  11. It's kind of like how, when I was a little kid, my mom taught me how to use a hot glue gun. I used old show boxes and popsicle sticks to make forts and shit for my toys. but, you know, without a Switch and for about $US 70 more than I ever did. Though, that robot suit one is pretty cool. It's a super cheap VR solution for wanting to punch things with a giant robot. EDIT: It seems to be pronounced Lab-oh. Labo.
  12. The violins at the start are a bit sharp and harsh. maybe tone those a bit. The style of flaminco/tango is really good. It just works. Looking forward to a more polished and refined version later!
  13. It's pretty ruff (ohnohedidn'tyeshedid) but it's an interesting combo of sources. Version 2 any time soon?
  14. I'm a massive Link's Awakening fan. Have been since I got the original back in 1993 for christmas. I love this remix. The in-game sound effects are a good inclusion, to really cement the original 8-bit sound. That works. I hear cuucos, the seagulls, picking up hearts, falling down a hole, even the dash sound from using the Pegesus Boots. Lots of detail to the game sounds in there.This really works great. There is a minor issue with the name, though. You see, you have the Ghost House theme as the source. But it's really just the Mabe Village theme, slowed down and sadder. This remix is upbeat, bouncy and happy, like the Mabe theme. I like the surf sound effect you used to tie it to the beach that the Ghost House sits upon, but again, this is too upbeat and happy to be the place where you take a wandering spirit for one last look at it's old home. From 0:00 to 0:30, it's a perfect start that long-time players can identify as the Ghost House. But from 0:31 to 1:02, it starts to sound more like the everyday life stuff you can connect with Mabe Village more than the Ghost House. After 1:32 is so much more fitting with Mabe, that it stops being even remotely connected to the shore. But then it softens and slows down at 2:03 to 2:28, it's back up to being closer to the Ghost House again. 2:43 to 3:53, it full-on small-town life again. 3:54 to the end, it's sadder, slower, more peaceful, reflecting the Ghost House theme again. I suggest putting both sources in for the title. I know it's entirely a pedantic thing, and it has nothing to do with the actual quality o the remix (which is pretty damn good), but it makes a bit more sense. You get two really good sources for one, it connects better, etc. Again, awesome remix. Love it.
  15. I vaguely recall a super-early version of this from the old project forums. God, was it that long ago? It's been a long time time since the album came out, and I always wished we could have had even more music on it. But it's nice to have a really good pokémon remix every so often. And this one will do nicely.