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  1. Jesus christ with a flamethrower, please burn that trailer, and that movie, with fire. Also, using Gangster's Paradise is... at least three kinds of wrong.
  2. Maaaaaaaybe slightly cautiously hopeful that it won't be as bad as I originally thought it might be. Maybe.
  3. $130 US is like, $170 CAN these days. That's a bit above my budget for games. But any way. GameBoy. 30 years.
  4. Goes from $130 to $190, so... not quite multiple hundreds, but pretty damn close.
  5. I've been looking into one of those, but holy fuck, the good carts are really expensive, and the cheaper carts are not recommended.
  6. God damn Mega Man... who uses a calendar with with variable years?
  7. Since it is now April 21st in Japan (see, proof the Earth isn't flat. fight me!), that means the GameBoy is now 30 years old. It's been a long, fun ride for those of us that kept our GameBoys and games. Speaking of... Here's hoping Nintendo gets around to releasing a GameBoy Classic console, in the vein of the NES and SNES Classics.
  8. In case anyone wasn't really sure about Galar being upside-down UK... Ice area is based upon the town of Snowdon. Classic!
  9. Yeah, it's UK. Someone showed that an upside-down UK is pretty much spot on. The big city at the North of Galar is London. The starting town is likely Glasgow. Personally, I'm optimistic about the new games. Gen 7 was... not my favorite. I could go on at detail about it, but basically, I found it frustrating to play. Over and over again, the game would just stop and force me into some stupid cut-scene or have a character who is blocking a path seize the camera and scroll over to tell me what I already knew from the first time I talked to them. It was so bad I still haven't completed one of the Ultra versions. But seeing what they have of SW/SH (no accepted shorthand for the games yet, that I know of) so far, I see more of what makes the games something I like to play. They have excluded the boring Let's Go style catching, it's back to random encounters (Let's Go was sooooo fucking boring and easy. Just walk right up to something. No planning your route, no trying to sneak through, nothing even remotely challenging), and they are back to proper battling. Personal thought: if they wanted to include Let's Go style mechanics, they should include a difficulty system. Easy Mode is Let's Go style, where you can see pokémon walking around, catch them without battling, etc... and then have Normal Mode/Hard Difficulty and make it the regular style. People that only play/have only played the Go games can still get in it, and veteran players can use the style they are used to and prefer.
  10. Sent. And that's it, folks. Thanks for playin- uh... reading.
  11. The gif I use right now is based upon an older, crappier gif I had made years before, which in turn is based upon an old image I got from a classmate who made it in, of all programs, AutoCAD. There is a Perter's Drive-in in Red Deer now. That's halfway between Edmonton and Calgary! The code gives you a "mythical" (read, standard legendary) pokémon named Zeraora. He is cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything! But it only works for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon versions, not the slightly older, regular Sun and Moon versions. You simply go to the "Mystery Gift" option in your game's menu, choose "Receive", then select "Get With Code/Password". Enter the code, and it will download the pokémon straight to your game. All you do then is go visit a pokémon center in-game and talk to the delivery guy next to the counter. He just gives it to you. One code left, then they're all gone.
  12. Last year, GameStop/EB Games ran several month-long special events for Pokémon Ultras Sun and Ultra Moon. I have two leftover cards from the Zeraora event. They expire on the 24th on January, so I figured I might as well offer them up. Just post here for them and I'll PM you the code. Remember, there are only two left, so once two people claim them, that's it.
  13. Potentially unpopular opinion. I find it... cringey. It doesn't look that good, and I don't think Ryan Renolds is the right actor. I'm also not entirely happy with the super-gritty dirty city thing. That's not what pokemon is about. The games, even the spin-offs, and the various other media (cartoon, manga, etc) are all about how living with pokemon makes the world more nature-friendly. Even Unova, which is based upon New York City, isn't dirty and grimey. It's clean. Hell, even the desert area north of Castelia City, which is literally just Manhatten, is spotless. But the city needs to be gloomy and dirty for... what, realism? About pokemon? Also, pokemon are inherently good natured, with the bad ones only being so because of their trainers. So seeing a Mr. Mime telling them to shove it doesn't really fit. Yeah, it's kind of funny, but it doesn't work for me. It comes off as something written by a committee, not a writer. I'm sure everyone else in the world will love it, and it will do really well in ticket sales, but I'm not going to see it. It feels like a checklist of everything the shitty fan movies did, but with more money behind it.
  14. Hmmm, I liked Borderlands 2 a lot. Still play it even though it came out in late 2012. It's still highly replayable, even after trying all the characters out. And the amount of good, purchase-worthy DLC alone is a point in it's favor. You had four full campaigns, each with new characters, weapons, monsters, enemies and locations. Then you had two totally different playable characters, each one worth the price. Toss in six really well pulled off holiday-themed mini-campaigns with even more stuff to do... you get about 100 hours of stuff to do.