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    Atop Mount Lalkila, waiting for the next challenge...
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    Let's see... Pokémon. Borderlands 2. LEGO (the actual bricks, not the games). Occasionally movies. Maybe sometime music?

    Wow, I'm really not impressing anyone with this, am I?

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  1. Spam account. betflick168.com is a gambling site.

  2. can the judges DS Wait, is that too old and obscure now?
  3. It's not historically accurate. They took a lot of liberties with the spycraft angle and some serious character embellishments. But it's not really meant to be completely accurate. It's a docu-drama. Pretty good, overall. ALTHOUGH... I do hate the scene where they reveal the GameBoy to Henk Rogers, and the screen is easily viewable. And then he slightly re-programs a Soviet PC version on a floppy, on a much more modern PC, using C... to convert it into a GameBoy game without doing any sprites or anything else. I know, I know... movie bullshit to make the story go down easier.
  4. Wegototo.com is a South Korean online gambling site.

    Please nuke spam account. From orbit.

    It's the only way to be sure.

  5. You know what? Screw you guys, I'm getting one of these now.
  6. How can so many people be so wrong...
  7. I'm currently in an argument with several friends over how I hold my mouse. They all say they use only two fingers on top of the mouse, and hold their ring finger on the side along with their pinky. I put my index on mouse left, middle over the wheel, and ring over mouse right button. I am now being called a monster and have been "doing it wrong" since I was about 8 years old. (For reference, I'm over 40 now). So, what the fuck? How do you other people hold your mouse?
  8. Why are Wii and Wii U combined? They offer different experiences and have different hardware. And yeah, the GameBoy, source of series like Kirby, Pokemon, and Wario, being left out seems odd.
  9. One school of thought is that is you have to ask, you have your answer. Another school is that you already answered yourself by joining. But it's summer, and school is out. Yeah, sure. Lots of talent pooled here, it's mostly just finding people that are free to collab and willing to invest the time. Just make sure anything you want to do is interesting and original.
  10. I hope all is well my friend.

    1. The Damned

      The Damned

      Long time no... read.

      I bought a house a few years after the last time I heard from you. It's been that long.

  11. Spam account. I mean.. come on, the profile's link is literally a site for selling spare vehicle parts.

  12. Spam account.


    Same name, same profile picture, and it's just spam for investing.

  13. All the worry about exclusives to XBox, like that wasn't already a thing. Meanwhile, any Nintendo fan has been dealing with that for about 40 years now (Famicom in 1983). And I agree with the idea of "buy the system that has the games you want" because... that's how it's always been. There was never any reason for buying a console because it was made by a certain manufacturer. You bought that system because it had the games you wanted on it.
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