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    Atop Mount Lalkila, waiting for the next challenge...
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    Let's see... Pokémon. Borderlands 2. LEGO (the actual bricks, not the games). Occasionally movies. Maybe sometime music?

    Wow, I'm really not impressing anyone with this, am I?


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    Once, a long time ago, someone had the idea of giving me access to a computer connected to the internet.

    Short version: it's went less than ideally.
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    Gerry Wheatley
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances

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  1. I hope all is well my friend.

    1. The Damned

      The Damned

      Long time no... read.

      I bought a house a few years after the last time I heard from you. It's been that long.

  2. Literally a spam account advertising his real estate business.

  3. Spam account. Links to a legal advice site that... charges money for access.

  4. Spam account. I mean.. come on, the profile's link is literally a site for selling spare vehicle parts.

  5. Why hello there, spam account.

    Check the post history. All messages have a "hidden" link to a fake Five Nights At Freddy's site, formatted to be white, smallest text.

  6. Spam account.


    Same name, same profile picture, and it's just spam for investing.

  7. All the worry about exclusives to XBox, like that wasn't already a thing. Meanwhile, any Nintendo fan has been dealing with that for about 40 years now (Famicom in 1983). And I agree with the idea of "buy the system that has the games you want" because... that's how it's always been. There was never any reason for buying a console because it was made by a certain manufacturer. You bought that system because it had the games you wanted on it.
  8. https://www.ign.com/articles/xbox-activision-blizzard-buy-acquisition-acquired And Bobby Kotick gets to stay in charge! Win-Win for everyone! Except for all the staff that will be laid off for "financial stability". And the fans that will now se their favorite games become X-Box exclusive, after how many years of being multi-platform. And all the people that Kotick accuse of all the nasty stuff he allowed and personally did, as he now gets a cut of that buyout, making him even richer. But still! WIN-WIN!
  9. Sometimes... sometimes, a crime agaisnt life itself is created. Not this time. But just barely.
  10. Spam account.

    The website listed goes to a private Vietnamese armed security company.

    This account also appears on several other forums and sites with the same website and Vietnamese "interests" that is jsut a sales pitch for the security company.




    Please nuke spambot. From orbit.

    It's the only way to be sure.

  11. Spam account. Website is goes to a flash game.

  12. SPAM BOT! Please nuke.

  13. ... so, my plan for a 3DS/Wii eShop remix album isn't likely to be accepted then. Dang, we had an entire Mongolian throat singing crew lined up for the Summer 2013 theme.
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