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  1. Hmmm... Do we really only have five or six people so far? That's going to make guessing who you got a bit easy.
  2. Ooh, this is one I'm going to be checking in on. GameBoy stuff is my jam. Do the kids still say that? "That's my jam"?
  3. I'm up. I recall a few years prior where someone got a tabletop-full of sci-fi books and another year with some Power Rangers/Super Sentai mecha figures. Other years, it was 3DSs and games. I don't remember who, exactly, but they were good exchanges those years. I'm kinda surprised we didn't do it the last couple years. Oh, people, if you have Steam or PSN or whatever, don't forget to include your IDs in case you happen to have stuff on your wishlists. And your amazon as well. Some years, it gets hard to figure out what to get. I had to ask the guy running it one year because I
  4. Yeah, so I'm a huge sucker for National Park remxies. Awesome source song incredible for a GameBoy Color game. This is the style and kind of remix that really brings a melody out and fills it out from the 8-bit source.
  5. Maybe you should have titled this topic "Happy 25th Birthday (In the US), Chrono Trigger"? It would be more accurate.
  6. Yeah, but it was first released March 11. That's like if you were born on, say... March 11, 1995, and then moved to another country on August 22, 1995. The change of location doesn't change your birthday. Or maybe the first time you played it was on the PS1, which was released in North America June 29th, 2001. But it was still released March 11, 1995. The first release date, regardless of location, is the date you count the anniversary of it.
  7. Well, if you want to be even more correct, March 11th is the proper release date. March 11, 1995 was the release date in Japan, which predates its release in any other region by months.
  8. wait... are you sure it's from a game? Could be an anime show or movie. It fits with some of the styles used in the late 90s to mid 2000s.
  9. Lunar Eternal Blue? edit:, not Lunar. Also not Grandia or Lost Oddessey. Fuck. THis is annoying. Parts of it make me think Pokemon Mystery Dungeon while other parts make me thing something like... maybe Chrono Cross? But then it goes back to something that sounds like it was some of the Pokemon DS games. But then it sounds like i might have been from a movie. Did you make that just to see how long it would piss off someone trying to narrow it down? Because if you did, mission accomplished.
  10. Back to work. The site is taking steps to reduce possible contamination, but it's still a concern. Luckily, this part of Canada has been pretty good with social distancing and masks, so we don't have lots of cases and haven't had a death in probably over a month, of not longer. But the chance is still there. So the client is providing more space for everyone to use for the lunchroom and we have a separate trailer for ourselves to help minimize interaction, and masks will be used regardless. We got a box of 1000 N95 masks and we're expecting it to last for at least two weeks. Fun
  11. That seems like a tagging issue with the files. The "song title" field is being ignored and some sort of "source material" field is being read by the app instead. I've seen this with MP3 files that had their tags set wrong. I think newer apps read the embedded info differently than older ones, like Winamp. You might have to either redo the tags, or live with any OCR albums doing this, or see if there is a setting in the app that determines what it looks up and displays as titles and such.
  12. Hmmm... the 35th anniversary is coming up in 2024. Just enough time for a second album.
  13. ... OK, that's pretty much the most bad-ass hobby I have heard of on here to date. So unless someone else has, like... I dunno, lion wrangling or something, I don't think anything going to top that.
  14. And it only took twenty years!
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