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wip Angry German Girls

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So, here'a little preview of a tune which will be on my Instrumental rock/metal EP. It was formerly called "pick your poison." However, I wanted a more original title for it and I had been watching the Evangelion series. The character Asuka is my favorite as she is always pissed and speaks in German. I couldn't remember the character's name so I just referred to her as the "Angry German girl". Also, since I come from a German family, it seemed like a fitting, original title.

Here is the sample of the main riff/chorus section.

The final version will have real drums, bass and I will be recording guitars at a studio in Calgary. I'm still trying to see if there is ANY possible way I can get an Engl amp to use for the EP, but it looks like I will be stuck with the Mesa Triple rectifier.

Any feedback much appreciated.

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