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  1. AngelCityOutlaw

    Form Up!

    Season 7 of Voltron dropped yesterday, and so I spent the night before making an opening-theme tune inspired by the show's music, and I think it turned out well. You may disagree.
  2. AngelCityOutlaw

    Castlevania in SSB Ultimate!!

    RIP Luigi Also reaaaaallly weird seeing the original, Conan-style designs in 3D instead of the pretty boys of the last 20 years.
  3. Oh yeah, that's actually like, the most obvious option no one here thought of lol. I tried out composer cloud for a while, but wound up canceling after a month and just bought stuff outright. East West's instruments are good, but most of them are very outdated in terms of programming, and Hollywood Strings, while amazing, is HUGE in file size and pretty demanding on your system. I'd say give it a shot
  4. Double post, but I see they're now coming out with Berlin Inspire 2! Which also seems great, and is aimed a more "emotional" stuff and is a bit cheaper than Inspire 1 (currently).
  5. I would also recommend looking into Berlin Orchestra: Inspire. I'd argue it's the best "all-in-wonder" library out there and is about 400 and some USD. It was designed to be a "sketching tool" or for getting ideas down quickly, but honestly (and as the demos show) it's pretty damn great if that's all you have and I'd easily take it over Miroslav or Symphonic Orchestra.
  6. Yeah, Meteo is right. Also, I'm not sure what string vst you're looking at that would cost 750, probably some over-priced garbage from 8Dio. You're in the USA and all prices are either Euro or USD. You can get CSS for like 399. I saved up over a year and bought nearly 2000 (that exchange rate to Canadian is brutal!) in all the things I wanted to the point I don't see myself upgrading any time soon, while suffering the same expenses normal people do. I just think you're very unlikely to find anyone sympathetic to your cause and you could also lower the amount required for a MIDI controller and string library easily
  7. AngelCityOutlaw

    Castlevania Season 2 Cometh

    I'm not banking on the quality suffering given the talent behind it, and the fact that Warren Ellis clearly has the story planned (as he has for ten years); I doubt this is going to be a show that goes on and meanders for years. Most of the complaints center around it being too short and gamers not understanding that certain things from the game (soundtrack mostly) do not translate well to an animated series or film. They also complain that Grant isn't in it, but Warren Ellis said 10 years he has no plans to include Grant because "Grant DaNasty" is a stupid name, and a pirate in a landlocked country makes no sense. It makes even less sense since the Ottomans cut off Wallachia from the black sea in the early 15th century.
  8. AngelCityOutlaw

    Castlevania Season 2 Cometh

    Can't find the old thread about it for some reason, but anyway. They dropped the trailer for season 2 yesterday and daaaaamn does it look good
  9. AngelCityOutlaw

    WHOA News For PSP Owners/Fans

    I mean, that's a neat find and all, but I don't see why anyone is really all that thrilled. Just unfinished versions of games that eventually were released commercially. Probably a lot of bugs, probably not much fun to play, probably not worth anything (if you even could legally sell them), etc.
  10. AngelCityOutlaw

    If you ever wanted to know how the THX logo theme is played

    I always imagined the dynamics would be "nuclear bomb" not "FFF"
  11. AngelCityOutlaw

    Gaming Internship Help

    I would say it's bullshit that it's bullshit that you don't need connections to be successful, BUT It's not about "who you know", as they say — it's about who knows you. Anyway, while posting on forums isn't inherently bad and doesn't hurt to do it, just don't become one of these people who just spam those forums over and over — it's the laziest way that people take to make themselves feel like they're chasing their dreams. Try to find a IGDA or other indie game dev community that has meetups near you as well. In the one near me, they used to host the meetups at Bioware and a lot of people from that company still attend the meetups. You never know who you might meet at these things.
  12. Avatar: The Last Airbender happens to be my favourite TV show (and only the greatest animated series of all time =P) but I also really love East-Asian instruments, and so this seemed like a perfect excuse to use both those instruments — koto, bansuri, dizi, shamisen, shakuhachi, sarangi — and some elemental sounds.
  13. AngelCityOutlaw

    Advice on Channeling Creativity from Anxiety

    I've seen a number of posts from you over the last couple years where you're stressing over this stuff and IMO, I really think you're just taking it all waaay to seriously, man. One thing that might help you with the "half-finished" thing is realize that there is no objective definition of "finished". Who cares if it's 30 minutes or 30 seconds? If you've run out of ideas on it. Maybe just call it finished there and move on to the next piece?
  14. AngelCityOutlaw

    We're Going Home — Space Fantasy

    Why would I take offense to that? Those a great soundtracks to be compared to. I fought with that and and the synth pad for a very long time. I knew I wanted that particular synth pad, which was broken up into three different segments, but it sounded too narrow. Tried panning, reverbing, delaying, etc. but for whatever reason, I guess that's as wide as I could make it. The duduk is basically my homage to the Battlestar: Galactica score.