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  1. AngelCityOutlaw

    3. completed Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambience HD Remake

    Not that he has a personal attachment to SAC or anything But nah, it is easily the best instrument on the market for this kinda stuff. Anyway, nice job on the remake.
  2. AngelCityOutlaw

    FL Studio 20 now released

    It's only taken 20 years to add proper time signatures
  3. AngelCityOutlaw

    SoundCloud or YouTube?

    Maybe? I'm not sure. Probably. I mean, "Soundcloud Rapper" has become a meme at this point. But I do know a number who got famous via YouTube: Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, that "Karmin" duo. But they did all do covers... You may be on to something.
  4. AngelCityOutlaw

    SoundCloud or YouTube?

    IMO promoting original music is way more difficult just in general.
  5. AngelCityOutlaw

    Ant-Man / Avengers / Mission: Impossible ReMix

    Thanks a lot, Chernabogue!
  6. Stoked for Ant-Man & The Wasp, and I liked Infinity War Here's a Remix of the themes!
  7. AngelCityOutlaw

    Chrono Trigger Epic Medley Live Performance on July 6 in Florida!

    Well, July 6th is Ant-Man & The Wasp day, and it's about a 4,000 KM drive to the venue, so I'm gonna have to pass on this one. But all the same, that's completely rad that you're doing this and I hope it goes ridiculously awesome! Knock 'em dead, red!
  8. M-Audio, KRK, and Yamaha are pretty popular for near-field monitors, should meet all your specifications, and they're pretty much all "flat-frequency-response" as they can get it. However, you have to be sure that your room isn't going to undo that.
  9. AngelCityOutlaw

    mixing Piano having frequency clash with Violins

    Just as I suspected. The reason you are getting a clash between the strings and the piano is because they both are playing exactly the same notes in most of the places — creating a unison. However, the rhythmic difference (drone vs movement) results in a unison that is the same in pitch only. For example, what looks to be an arpeggio in the piano is occurring on exactly the same frequencies (notes) as the strings, which are constantly droning on those same pitches. Those bottom notes on the piano will stand out in particular since nothing else seems to be happening at the same time that instrument enters those frequencies. Whenever you have two or more instruments playing in unison, they create a doubling and will either sound more like one cohesive unit, or one will have some sort of affect upon the other. In this case, your violins soften the piano's timbre, which is why it always seems like the piano is dominant over the strings no matter how you fiddle with the volume. The only real solution to this problem, is to fix the part writing so that the piano and strings are not playing the same notes on the upper registers. That will allow the ear to hear them as two distinctly separate parts. If you want to maintain that doubling, I would recommend you have the string section double the piano's upper notes in the same rhythm as well as pitch. Perhaps with a shorter articulation like pizzicatos, staccato, or have the violins double that arpeggio played legato and at a quieter dynamic. You can mangle it with audio plugins like equalizers and volume faders all you want, but at best you'll get a slightly-less-worse result. With EQ, you'll not improve its actual clarity but rather make particular overtones and such stand out in one sound vs the other. With volume and dynamics alone, you'll be forced to make one sound to be excessively dominant (piano most likely here). So I'd either double the piano with the strings exactly, or adjust the part-writing to include more contrary or oblique motion among the voices so as to keep everything harmonious, but residing in its own pitch range. Hope that helps!
  10. AngelCityOutlaw

    mixing Piano having frequency clash with Violins

    Can you post a screenshot of the MIDI of your Violins and Piano? Or sheet music if it's live instruments?
  11. AngelCityOutlaw

    Tips on writing a bass line

    IMO, Moseph's advice is best. It's just another line in part-writing. Keep movement to the next chord tone as smooth as possible, and maybe you have to do that with some passing tones and such. But for the bassline specifically, have it play/accent specific beats to create a sense of pulsation. Like, (real simple example) maybe you have the bass play every quarter note. Just make sure every quarter note is a chord tone to the harmony at that moment. If the other voices are resting; have it move, etc.
  12. AngelCityOutlaw

    Fl studio

    21 years to get to this moment
  13. AngelCityOutlaw

    Excelsior! Superhero Action

    The new Avenger's, which I've not yet seen, inspired this classic-hollywood style action tune.
  14. AngelCityOutlaw

    Small Heroes...Big Adventures