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  1. I find that I've sorta "grown out of" (ultimate sin of metal to say) this sort of music, it's just way too much cheese and plastic nerd music for me. Pure escapism; it's like turning music into a video game. Which would be fine if so many bands didn't take it so seriously. Cringe. Anyway, I still like some bands though. Firewind's latest was great. I also like Beast In Black's new stuff, even though it's maximum cheese.
  2. Ha! I didn't know I was invited. Though I do have some orchestral ideas that would probably work for your Paragon side. I was actually messing around with a game hero's theme in Reaper the other day. Maybe I can send it your way once I develop it some more. See what you think
  3. Very interesting concept this time around!
  4. and if you do wanna do authentic retro, a lot of the old Roland sound modules and stuff are now sold as VSTs fairly cheap and Super Audio Cart
  5. His Star Wars mockups with it are also fantastic. IMO, at least where orchestral mockups are concerned, Noteperformer is the way forward. It's just way easier to compose with than dealing with massive templates of samples. The big problem, as I see it, that still plagues "traditional" sample libraries that you load in a DAW is a lack of homogeneity between different articulations. For example, Cinebrass records 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 notes. But I find that going from 1/8 to 1/2, or 1/4 to 1/2 results in a "wrong" sound most of the time. Because most of the half-note samples were recorded with a softer attack than the other two. This kinda thing makes it harder to sequence a truly-musical line. Don't even get me started on switching between totally different articulations and repeated notes even with RR. But something that was more "keyboard" sounding did precisely because it had too much homogeneity between the samples. Like, a "staccato" was often just a cut-off version of the sustain. It was only one sample. The upside to this is that sequencing rhythmically-active lines and still sounding cohesive is a lot easier and thus, I argue a lot of these composers write better music because they're not being limited by "what the samples are good at". Example with older Noteperformer: New Noteperformer It's not perfect, but sequencing something like that with a DAW with most of the sample libraries available is a nightmare, and very time-consuming. I personally think that this kind of tech will soon make it so that you can just compose in a notation program and it will sound just as good as labor-intensive mockups with with the best sample libraries, but in a lot less time.
  6. Inspired by the opening titles to the new-old Resident Evil 2 I wanted to make my own "zombie apocalypse" title sequence music. Not really a fan of the whole "ambient" and sound designy music, but it's what works here. Let me know what you think.
  7. I want to sell my first-gen PS4, but I can't tell if the people I see online, in my area, are low or high-balling it. The local EBGames sells used first-gens for 299 (in Canadian pesos), but they specialize in screwing the consumer so I can't really trust that. I also don't own any PS4 games, and only have one controller. What's the most you think you could reasonably sell a first-gen PS4 with only one controller for?
  8. Wow, holy hell, that's low of them. Yeah, I was under the understanding everyone was paid. I did, the voice guys did...like again, not much, but still. It was a promising-looking game back when, all hand-drawn animation and stuff. Though now that I learn this, it may have just been karma that it failed to sell.
  9. That was the one! Thanks. I never got a free copy either. It didn't do well...I was told they barely made enough sales on it to cover what they paid for music, voice actors, etc. Which wasn't much. After that, Ben left the video game industry as far as I know.
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