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  1. AngelCityOutlaw

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    This is not a difficult concept to understand. You're all focused on the term "originality" and whatever imaginary threshold one has to cross to be truly "original". It's irrelevant. Nobody outside of the OCR bubble is going to consider your remixes yours: They'll see it as composer's X's song and you just arranged it — because that's the truth. Green Hill Zone isn't partly your song just because you remixed it; it doesn't make you a co-composer, but perhaps a good arranger. If that's all you wanna do, that's fine, but I see it as a poor foundation for the legacy of anyone who'd want to call themselves a composer. I'll let WillRock rexplain one last time.
  2. AngelCityOutlaw

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    This is a statement to which *hits blunt* would usually follow. I've no more interest in this pedantry. By the logic being touted in this thread, studying a score to discover what composition techniques they used so that you might incorporate those techniques into your own work is on equal footing to just ripping that tune and changing some chords or phrasing and basically, you're entitled to that person's work because "nothing's reaaaally original anyway!" *insert Carl Sagan apple-pie quote here* — because that's the end result of this mentality. It did't hold up for Vanilla Ice, 90s Big Beat artists eventually stopped sampling so excessively or entirely, and their defenders too made the same arguments you make today.
  3. AngelCityOutlaw

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    This isn't an argument against the point and you know it isn't. You're literally expecting me to believe you don't see, however immaterial, a difference between copy and pasting a completed idea from someone else as the basis for your own work, from one that you just sat down a created yourself via long-standing techniques and musical devices. The fact that resulting pieces can still sound derivative, is really irrelevant to the philosophy here. You know the difference, you just feel threatened by any standpoint that would deem covers "inferior" on some level. Like I said, if someone prefers remixing or doing straight covers, power to them. I've come to prefer coming up with my own tunes, and I explained why.
  4. AngelCityOutlaw

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    I don't really give a shit. What point do you hope I concede to, exactly? That because some original works are highly-cliche and plenty of fan art or arrangements are of high quality, possibly even better than the original work, that deliberately piggybacking on existing works therefore has just as much artistic merit as making your own creations? Because it's not going to happen. Marvel and DC have made all the good superheroes and anyone I could come up with would likely be similar to one that already exists: Guess I better just say to hell with it and just draw Spiderman then, right? Drawing someone else stuff is just as worth my time as drawing from imagination! The fact is: No matter how much you spin it, you cannot claim creative ownership over a remix and that is precisely because it only exists thanks to a work before it. If you want to be a composer, artist, writer, etc. It makes no sense to place equal value on fan works — it really isn't any more nuanced than that.
  5. AngelCityOutlaw

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    I think we've exhausted the topic of people disputing the ownership tbh
  6. AngelCityOutlaw

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    With the whole "Music As A Profession Killed My Passion For It" thing, it's been my observation over the last ~5 years that it ostensibly has to in order to be successful at it. Hear me out: I've met a lot of professional artists of various trades over the last half-decade or so. Musicians, writers, animators, painters, etc. and most recently I took some courses for film crew work where my teacher was an award-winning make up artist and the most noticeable thing I can say about all of these people is they were stone-cold stoics. I recall during the classes that at one point, she rolled her eyes saying in a mocking tone "We're making art!...Nope, it's a business". What all of these people have in common is that they've shed any romantic notions about their craft and business and have come to see it as just that: a craft and business. They know and have developed the skills of their trade to the point that it's no different than waking up and working 9-5 anywhere else. You know how if you take your car to a good detailer and you get it back and it's like "Holy shit, this car is stupid clean, shiny and smells like it's brand new!"? Yeah, the detailers aren't especially proud of it or anything, they see it as just doing their job. That's how most of these composers, animators, make-up artists, etc. see it too. Nepotism runs high in basically every line of work. It's just a lot more prevalent in the entertainment industry because it's a whole lot smaller.
  7. AngelCityOutlaw

    I Scored an RPG

    It's fitting that MazeDude scored MazeQuest.
  8. I'll do one better. I can't stand JRPGS I like the album, though
  9. AngelCityOutlaw

    Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony

    Following in the footsteps of Nathan McCree's "Tomb Raider Suite" I see. You know, I love the Tomb Raider franchise but — main themes and Troels Folmann's scores aside — the games never had very memorable music. If Troels were to ever create a concert tour or something for the soundtrack from "Legend", I'd be down for that.
  10. No. But you can export the audio from Sibelius, load the stems into a DAW, and then apply the effects from Kontakt.
  11. AngelCityOutlaw

    Tall Drinks...Taller Tales

    Ha! Thanks! Funny story, I began working on a Witcher cover last week that I should have done in time for Halloween. Never thought I'd make a "remix" again.
  12. Hollywood Strings and Eduardo Tarilonte's Era libraries use CC11 to control dynamics.
  13. CC1 is what you want to use on the long sustained and legato articulation. It controls the actual dynamics of the instrument. CC7 and 11 behave as if they were master and channel volumes on an amplifier, respectively.
  14. The Duke Nukem Forever of OCR. Also, congrats
  15. AngelCityOutlaw

    A sad Telltale...

    When people hear of a video game involving big superheroes and Game of Thrones, they imagine things like Witcher, Arkham City or that Spider-Man game that's busted more records for Sony than one of their turntables: Games that put you in the role of these characters. Not "it's basically a movie that you can push buttons to" like Until Yawn