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Nuts' Free Multiband Exciter Patch

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Hello there guys. It's been a while since I shared anything but I've been very active with music making lately so I thought I'd start sharing some of my new patches.

You can grab the patch by clicking HERE

What I have for you guys now is a couple of multiband exciters. If you want to know what an exciter is or does, follow this link.

One of the great things about reason is that you can emulate almost any vst or plugin out there if you know what you're doing, and this is something I tried to do here.

In these patches you have 4 bands to manipulate separately, 2 levels of saturation and an option to mix the original signal in (which creates a cool phased effect, useful for some synth and drum effects). There are two different patches in the zip file, one using the TAPE algorithm and the other uses the TUBE algorithm. I wanted to include more customization options (like being able to widen or shorten the bands and stuff) but sadly the combi only allows for four knobs.

Some ways I use these:

1-On the soft saturation mode it can give a lot of character to drums and some synths.

2-If you mix the original signal in you can heighten specific bands to add more character to the sound, but try to keep the band levels very very low to give the sound a subtle oomph.

3-Use it as a send effect on a complete track to give it a bit more character. Again, use it very carefully as it can change the sound quite a lot.

4-Turn off soft saturation for massive drums!

Anyways hope this patches are useful, I might share more in the future.

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Thanks a lot, this might be very useful.

Putting this on the top of the mix is a bit drastic, but i'm curious to try this on some synths alone.

Very well made patches, thank you again!

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