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  1. I think there's some in-fighting between the different parts' grooves in this song. Some are shuffled and funky, while others like the main synth lead and guitars seem fairly straight and robotic. As for the source material, which I see some of the other J's having an issue with, I found it to be fairly noticeable even in such a genre-switch. The ending is just not good, makes it sound like it's an unfinished track. I also found that there's not much difference between the first and second half except for some flairs thrown here and there. I liked the mix of chiptune elements with the funky arrangements too. I didn't find too many production issues of note. Seems solid to me. Overall I'm pretty borderline on this one but I'll lean towards a pass. There are some issues to be found for sure but I think as a whole, the track delivers. YES (borderline)
  2. A Bloodborne remix from someone who's not RoeTaKa? well I'll be. Pretty good too, a very different style and honestly a breath of fresh air, this has a bit of an Elfman vibe: Gothic, dark but playful, a contrast to the super dark tones of the other bloodborne remixes we have published. The original is a very simplistic tune, with barely any instruments, so that you took this and built an entire arrangement to go with it is pretty impressive. The production is good as well, with the artificial nature of the instruments only becoming more apparent for me during the brass sections. Honestly a no-brainer for our front page, and one of the orchestral remixes I've enjoyed the most here due to the arrangement style. YES
  3. Rotten Eggplant contacted me with a Wav, I'll be taking this out of conditional posting. @Liontamer @Gario
  4. People don't seem to get enough of this soundtrack eh?. I like that most of the remixes of this game that I've evaluated are pretty unique. The combination of both themes is done flawlessly and the performance is on point, with a broad dynamic range, used properly to set the pace and mood. Even when the main hooks from the undertale theme are highlighted, which are a bit brighter in feel, it manages to make prevalent the dark tone the track started with. YES
  5. Definitely a throwback to some years ago when a lot of people around here were doing this kind of remixes (including me), proof that trends go in a cycle of cool > not cool >retro cool. And yes I do think this remix is pretty cool. Production is ok, the blind influence is is evident but it falls a bit short of reaching the clarity and quality of something like white skies, a bit crazy to think of since that song must be like 10 years old now. Comparisons aside each remix must stand scrutiny on its own and this is just referential as the artist said it was an inspiration, and on its own the production here makes the cut. The arrangement is super tropey, but the adaptation is where this shines as the translation from something sparse and on a different time signature to this genre was done very well. The artist has a good grasp on how to build a good song structure, and really, a lot was built from scratch in order to fill the soundscape of this remix of a source that's pretty much a simple melody played on chimes. YES
  6. Super nice. I can always appreciate a song built up from a story idea, I've done that before and it changes the creative process but oftentimes for the best. The use of organic and synthezised elements mesh very well here, the ambiance is very immersive and the arrangement flows very well. The timing when it reached the solo climax was perfect, as well as the resolution of the ending. YES
  7. The production quality here needs a step up, the percussion is very exposed and dry, not to mention very repetitive, specially the hats sequence which sounds overly artificial. The pads seem to sit in the background just to muddy the mix in the mid/low-mids. The overall sound palette sounds too basic and vanilla. However, I believe you can make a great mix with not-so-great sounds, but the biggest failing here is that there was little regard for harmonization. There's a lot of clashing of all the parts and it sounds very dissonant. Parts like 0:57, sounds like all the parts are playing without a care of what the others are doing. You need to bring the bass, pads and arpeggios to complement each other, to harmonize. Also in this section, the right-panned cymbals are sequenced too fast together where they just end p sounding almost like noise. There's a lot of work to do here, but don't get discouraged, listen to music critically and find how the different parts work together to form a unified whole, a chord, a harmony. Find how this differs from your own and try to bring it closer to that, reading up/watching videos on music theory basics/harmonization also helps a ton. For now though, we can't pass this. NO
  8. Sir_NutS

    OCR03704 - *YES* Lunar Pool "Looser Tool"

    I really loved the filtered layers overlapping the real instruments, and the addition of chiptune effects throughout the song to set up the mood. There's a lot of modulation throughout the song that keeps a collection of short sources like the ones here very interesting, but also there's the absolutely gorgeous arrangement below all the filtered goodies that's just amazing to listen to. The different expressions used for the bass are awesome, as well as the guitar which goes from clean to filtered to downright weird. The jazzy undertones mixed with the electronica elements work amazingly well here, with the tempo changes, and complete mood swings that, were not handled with the care they were handled here would've made the track sound aimless, but thankfully, that was not the case and instead we get a plethora of ideas that flow very well from one to the next. This is one of my favorite remixes I've evaluated this year. There's just so much to discover in this remix that's going to take me too long to describe here so just have my YES
  9. The production here is very atmospheric and subtle. There are strings and pads making the rounds in the background but there's a bit more detailing than that if one listens closely, some atmospheric drones and textures complement the mood and set up the stage for the super minimalistic arrangement. I gotta say, by the 4 minute mark the constant piano hook was really starting to distract me from the enjoyment of the string melodies and textures. Thankfully it goes into a breakdown shortly after, with a slightly different voicing that leads to the ending. This is not for everyone, it's repetitive and minimal but it does not lack complexity. It's a good addition to our repertoire of ambient/moody remixes. YES
  10. What Gario & Deia said. Humanization needs work, but also, the frequency balance of the mix feels off to me, a lot of mid-high content, some of it bordering on piercing. The arrangement would work with better production for sure. The mix also gets super busy around 1:20 and on. Loved that ending though. Clean and balance things up, and this could work, but right now I feel this needs another pass. NO
  11. Oh hell yeah we need more Dracula X remixes. Drums are bouncy and so are the synths. I don't like the bass much though, it seems a bit dull and hollow, though it has a strong attack that helps it drive the song. The arrangement is solid, it doesn't deviate much from the original but the embellishments and added harmonies make it feel new. I think there could've been less repetition overall, but this is pretty good. Just noticed this is Gario after I was done listening, which surprised me a bit because what I've heard from gario is usually way more transformative. Not that this track needs more of that, just a different approach that also works. YES
  12. Ah, this is a genre I know a little bit about. The sound design on this one is pretty good in some of the parts, and the production is clean, however for me it's missing the dark atmosphere that characterizes Psytrance (and to a lesser extent, Goa). It's something I find hard to convey myself with a lot of videogame tunes, specially those from the NES era, which are meant to be more upbeat/adventurous in nature. However, having that dark atmosphere isn't obligatory to make an enjoyable mix. The squelches are well designed, tho I found the stacked saws to feel a bit plain, specially for Goa where we often hear much more movement in them like in some classics such as Dancing Galaxy. Overall, I think a switch to a darker key and more movement/structural breaks in the arrangement would've made this track much better, but it's solid enough as is to be over the bar. YES
  13. Sir_NutS

    OCR03750 - *YES* Final Fantasy 7 "Cosmo"

    I'm very happy MkVaff decided to return, OCR needs more oldschool goodness. Though this has that certain oldschool vibe to it, it doesn't feel dated at all. It's catchy and the original is easily recognizable. No crazy melody transformations here, and that's 100% fine with me. Losts of style, glitchy loops, and love for the original. YES
  14. Yeah... the ending isn't a super improvement, but it is an improvement. The vocals are a bit too dry now, but my main beef was with the ending. This feels less like a WIP now, but to be honest I would've preferred just a longer fadeout instead of just a cymbal crash (Can't believe I'm saying I'd prefer a fadeout). I think I can let it pass like this, I still think the arrangement is awesome and just needed tweaking in the ending and vocals, which we got, just not to the degree I would've preferred. YES
  15. This is super good, I didn't have as much of an issue with the mixing as the other js, I can hear the instruments fairly clearly throughout. Very powerful arrangement, awesome breakdown, and really I don't have much else to say that the others haven't. Let's get this up there. YES