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  1. Hey @ad.mixx, not an admin here but it seems like I completely missed this project. I would be interested in doing a track for this, if it's decided that the project should go forward.
  2. I really like the idea here but the execution is lacking. First, this track's volume is too low... again. Recurring issue here, not gonna dwell much on it but I hope future subs don't have this. Your vocals are pretty good! unfortunately there are indeed a lot of moments where the pitch drifts off and takes me out of the zen state that this track gives me. Other than the voice, there's not a lot to find here, some windchimes glissandos and pads/drones without much change in tone. I like the textures a lot though. I feel like if the vocals were less pitchy and the rest of the arrangement more substantial I would pass this as the concept is something I really enjoyed. There's not much rearrangement to speak of as the main melody is sung with no modifications. I would have liked to hear some subtle doubling on the vocals to accentuate some phrases and also change things up. In addition, the issue of the track being too quiet is going to push me for a rejection sadly. NO
  3. Sort of a cinematic/trailer take on the original. Seems like you have some good samples in there but they're not used to their full extent. It's pretty robotic all the way, specially in the last section before the organ/piano part. Regarding the source, it's there and easily identifiable for me, but I feel like much more could've been done with it. This arrangement is too short to showcase any arrangement ideas, and a lot of the parts from the original were left behind and they could've been used to expand onto this. Overall this feels like a trailer for the real arrangement. The sequencing of the parts need more subtlety and the arrangement needs expansion to be considered for the site. NO
  4. An improvement for sure, and I'm happy that you took the advice and tried to act on it. But there are still some issues left (and new issues) here. First, the balance is off. The hi-hats and snare are too bright and lack punch and the whole track feels like it has all the mids carved out. This makes the atmosphere feel empty even when it's not the case as there are more than a couple of layers going on at the same time. I think your bass suffers a lot from this lack of low-mids as it just sounds like it's overlapping itself in a ball of low frequency mud. I think you could probably replace the current bassline with just legato notes for the majority of the track and there won't be much difference because the bass is just melting into itself and the notes can't punch through. You need your bass to punch through in electronic music. I know the bass previously had this ugly tone and you tried changing that, but now it's just lost. Your snare also needs help to punch through. Don't make the mistake of removing lows from a snare, you need them! the lows carry the punch of the snare, and yeah you can cut or attenuate frequencies that will interfere with the bass and kick (Usually below 150 hz or so) but stuff around 200hz and above, you need it. It's different for each sample and pitch so I can't get into specifics but try finding the low peak of your snare, and give it a small boost. It doesn't need to BOOM like a synthwave or dubstep track but you need its presence to be felt, not necessarily heard. Alternatively, reducing the highs (which there are plenty here) and then slightly bumping up the volume can have a similar and less texture-changing effect. The track however has a cleaner sound to it and the sound quality overall has improved. I still think the interpretative parts are leaning towards being noodly rather than expressive, and I still think the lead synth could be slightly quieter. Anyways, you definitely have less issues to deal with this time around, but they are still significant. My advice here would be that if you're really feeling this one, give it another go but don't get stuck with this one, as trying new things will help you grow more. NO
  5. wow I really like the groove here, classic house-y vibe, reminds me of summer parties in the 90s. Sadly, the groove stays too static for way too long. By the time I reached the second half of the song it was already getting very old. The hi-hats feel too high-frequency heavy and a bit too loud as well, they dominate the mix too much. The sections get really busy as well, between the sampled effects, the beat, and several layers of instruments, it gets really chaotic at points (i.e. last section with the soloing ep and panning clavinet plus everything else). The arrangement is ok, just a bit basic. I think it could be expanded more, maybe using some of the sections that were left unused from the original. Overall this feels too loopy, the sampled FX are overused and the mix needs polishing and cleanup, production wise. This would sound like something you would hear in a modern sonic game if it was cleaner (reminds me of the sonic advance soundtracks) . NO
  6. Oof, I'm torn on this one. The arrangement is sweet, it's conservative but the adaptation and small changes in structure and sequencing did help distance it from the original. It's debatable whether it's enough tho. The production has some issues. I didn't think they were deal-breaking until I heard the harpsichord. When it started playing a leading role, it immediately caught my attention, it's so stiff it really separates itself from the rest of the instruments which are well sequenced IMO. I don't want to sound mean but I felt like I had switched to listening to a midi arrangement when the harpsichord came into play. It doesn't help when the other elements in the track are subdued in this section, exposing the harpsichord even more. There's also a bit too much low end and reverb applied to that low end in this track. Like I said, I'm torn. I think the rest of the track is passable but the harpsichord section (and to a lesser degree, the frequency balance of the entire mix in regards to the low end) really brings the whole thing down for me. I'm not sure this is over the bar and I feel I would really question the decision if I saw this on the frontpage as a listener. It's a very tough decision, but I think it's a NO (resubmit)
  7. I'm hearing distortion on this one, the track might be clipping. I found it to be a bit static throughout and with some vanilla sounds that could use some spicing up (mostly the supersaw chords sound a bit dry). The drums are a bit loopy as well. Some sections sound pretty barren and I feel like the transitions could use some work... for example towards the end the drums just kinda start and stop, giving this feeling that the section is unfinished or unpolished. The arrangement is ok albeit the grooves can get repetitive. overall I don't think this is ready for the front page, it needs another mastering pass to keep the peaks under control, and the palette needs some love so it doesn't sound as vanilla. Ditto with the arrangement which needs to be less static IMO. NO
  8. I liked this track, specially when it tried to do stuff that's not quoting the original. Sadly, that didn't happen a whole lot, and this arrangement is pretty close to the original. I'm not sure if it's too close as to reject it for that, but it's certainly a point of contention. The mastering here is not ideal either, it seems a touch too loud, the drums sounding pretty dry and lifeless too, and overall the mix feels very low-heavy. I don't think I'm a fan of the bass synth too much either, as it's very static, and it doesn't seem like it has any filtering or envelopes, which causes it to buzz constantly throughout the track. I like the idea, but the execution is not quite there. Expanding the track's arrangement and fine-tuning the production might bring it over the bar but there's work to do for sure. NO
  9. I enjoyed the aesthetics がぁち here. It didn't sound much like vaporwave at first but after the bass and beat were introduced at 0:41 it started sounding like something from Floral Shoppe. It does have that feeling of being retro while sounding somewhat wrong. I think the atmosphere was thin at times, and I personally think this would be better if it had a smashed mastering (or at least, more truthful to the genre), but I think this works, and the adaptation of the original is clear. Overall, it was pretty creative of you to listen to the original and hear how it would lend well to a vaporwave remix. YES
  10. Very beautiful, warm synth work here. The dnb beat is really cool, tho I wished it evolved a bit more throughout the track. I don't really have any gripes with the production that would hold it back from posting, but the issue here is arrangement, which is really too close to the original. I don't think there were any substantial additions or transformations to be found here, so what I would like to hear is this beautiful and mesmerizing production used in an arrangement that has more of your own ideas into it. As it stands this is too close to a cover for posting. NO
  11. Contact Information ReMixer name : Backer Ruth Real Name : Backer Ruth Website : Userid : 34757 Submission Information Name of game arranged : Kingdom Hearts II Name of arrangement : Dark Tension Name of individual song arranged : Tension Rising Link to the original soundtrack : Comments : This is an epic trailer version of the battle theme Tension Rising from Kingdom Hearts II. I hope you will enjoy it.
  12. Cutting right to the chase: I've done a chill-out style remix of Quiet Forest from Kirby 64, one of my all-time favorite OSTs. I've done music production for over 10 years, and figured I'd submit this current song to your website, just to see how you like it. Thank you for your time! MP3 (16-bit, 192kbps, 44.1kHz) Download Link: Contact information: Remixer Name: Pichuscute Real Name: Benjamin Busche Website: User ID: 35858 Submission information: Game Arranged: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Name of Arrangement: Relax Name of Song Arranged: Quiet Forest
  13. Hi all, Please find below my submission to OC ReMix and requested details. Contact info: ReMixer name: Ka0sph3re Real name: Fredrik Rojas userid: 35822 Submission Info Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 Arrangement: Hammer Bros. Hour Song: Hammer Bros. Battle Theme Composer: Koji Kondo Sound archives have album but not the song listed so link provided just in case. My comments. This is my first remix attempt so I went with a classic tune that I’ve know all my life, as a guitarist I decided to play to my strengths. Despite being a guitarist I really don’t think we need another guitar cover of a Mario tune. In light of this I tried to make more of a ´band´ sound with punchy dynamic drums and a fat bass guitar as the driving force. I wanted a live feel as well so I went for unpolished and playful live guitars and dynamic drums breaks. While not my initial intent I got the feel of a late night talk show band playing so I just went with the vibe and that’s the reason behind the title. I programmed the drums and bass in FL Studios and then exported to Reaper to record guitars and mix. I used the following: MT Power Drumkit 2 VST FL studios Boo bass through a guitar amp simulator. Famisynth II VST to double the bass. A Fender Strat through a Neural DPS amp simulator. Regards Fredrik