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  1. The production quality here needs a step up, the percussion is very exposed and dry, not to mention very repetitive, specially the hats sequence which sounds overly artificial. The pads seem to sit in the background just to muddy the mix in the mid/low-mids. The overall sound palette sounds too basic and vanilla. However, I believe you can make a great mix with not-so-great sounds, but the biggest failing here is that there was little regard for harmonization. There's a lot of clashing of all the parts and it sounds very dissonant. Parts like 0:57, sounds like all the parts are playing without a care of what the others are doing. You need to bring the bass, pads and arpeggios to complement each other, to harmonize. Also in this section, the right-panned cymbals are sequenced too fast together where they just end p sounding almost like noise. There's a lot of work to do here, but don't get discouraged, listen to music critically and find how the different parts work together to form a unified whole, a chord, a harmony. Find how this differs from your own and try to bring it closer to that, reading up/watching videos on music theory basics/harmonization also helps a ton. For now though, we can't pass this. NO
  2. Sir_NutS

    OCR03704 - *YES* Lunar Pool "Looser Tool"

    I really loved the filtered layers overlapping the real instruments, and the addition of chiptune effects throughout the song to set up the mood. There's a lot of modulation throughout the song that keeps a collection of short sources like the ones here very interesting, but also there's the absolutely gorgeous arrangement below all the filtered goodies that's just amazing to listen to. The different expressions used for the bass are awesome, as well as the guitar which goes from clean to filtered to downright weird. The jazzy undertones mixed with the electronica elements work amazingly well here, with the tempo changes, and complete mood swings that, were not handled with the care they were handled here would've made the track sound aimless, but thankfully, that was not the case and instead we get a plethora of ideas that flow very well from one to the next. This is one of my favorite remixes I've evaluated this year. There's just so much to discover in this remix that's going to take me too long to describe here so just have my YES
  3. The production here is very atmospheric and subtle. There are strings and pads making the rounds in the background but there's a bit more detailing than that if one listens closely, some atmospheric drones and textures complement the mood and set up the stage for the super minimalistic arrangement. I gotta say, by the 4 minute mark the constant piano hook was really starting to distract me from the enjoyment of the string melodies and textures. Thankfully it goes into a breakdown shortly after, with a slightly different voicing that leads to the ending. This is not for everyone, it's repetitive and minimal but it does not lack complexity. It's a good addition to our repertoire of ambient/moody remixes. YES
  4. What Gario & Deia said. Humanization needs work, but also, the frequency balance of the mix feels off to me, a lot of mid-high content, some of it bordering on piercing. The arrangement would work with better production for sure. The mix also gets super busy around 1:20 and on. Loved that ending though. Clean and balance things up, and this could work, but right now I feel this needs another pass. NO
  5. Oh hell yeah we need more Dracula X remixes. Drums are bouncy and so are the synths. I don't like the bass much though, it seems a bit dull and hollow, though it has a strong attack that helps it drive the song. The arrangement is solid, it doesn't deviate much from the original but the embellishments and added harmonies make it feel new. I think there could've been less repetition overall, but this is pretty good. Just noticed this is Gario after I was done listening, which surprised me a bit because what I've heard from gario is usually way more transformative. Not that this track needs more of that, just a different approach that also works. YES
  6. Yeah... the ending isn't a super improvement, but it is an improvement. The vocals are a bit too dry now, but my main beef was with the ending. This feels less like a WIP now, but to be honest I would've preferred just a longer fadeout instead of just a cymbal crash (Can't believe I'm saying I'd prefer a fadeout). I think I can let it pass like this, I still think the arrangement is awesome and just needed tweaking in the ending and vocals, which we got, just not to the degree I would've preferred. YES
  7. The mix feels super busy right off the start. Not the cleanest production here, but it doesn't completely break down. Loved the arrangement and those short time signature change breaks. Also any vocoding is a plus for me. I think this song could've used a break somewhere, it's too busy ALL the time, and it gets very tiresome towards the end. Even a 15 second section where things calmed down would've improved the listening experience tremendously. I need to mull over this, as I'm borderline right now. I'll finish my vote later.
  8. Hey Argle, it's been another minute since you submitted anything. Get to it. I'm not too familiar with the DK64 ost, since it's not a game I liked much back in the days. I see the original song here tried to be a mix of orchestral and tribal elements, but you decided to go full blown orchestra with it, and you did a great job as well. This sounds like one of those Super Smash Bros remixed tracks. Percussion is energetic and well sequenced, performances are believable enough, and although it's not an overly complex arrangement it does set itself apart from the original enough. The mix is clean and balanced. I don't have many complains with this one other than it kinda lost energy and became less interesting towards the end. Other than that, Solid stuff. YES
  9. This is a good method that works for me a lot of times. In fact I think most of my most transformative mixes come from "shower humming".
  10. FUN. Loved the speed pick up in the last half. The piano was totally awesome every time it was on. HUAH! HAH! YES
  11. Beautiful. The soloing is sweet and attention to detail is top notch. The structure is kinda broken up by the pauses, but they add a really nice touch to the arrangement. The harmonies are woven in really well to complement the melodies. This was super enjoyable, and fans of songs with jazzy sensibilities will enjoy this greatly. YES
  12. I've listened to this a few times now and I can see where some judges are coming from. The atmospheric parts of this song are sometimes burying the leads, and in some cases, the leads and harmonies are competing pretty hard for space. I do think that not all of the mixing here is bad though, the drums are coming pretty clearly, and things are fairly separated in the stereo field. I believe this song could be better with another pass on the mix side, but I also believe that what we got is good enough, and enjoyable. This remix takes the original atmospheric tone and expands upon it by adding more interpretation that feels a bit jazzy at times, and I was pleasantly surprised by the directions the artist took with some of the variations. It takes its time to develop ideas but doesn't drag on. This was a very pleasant listen and I think the mixing issues didn't take away much of that enjoyment. It's arrangement/tone/ambience vs some mixing issues for me, and I think the former tips the scales in its favor. YES
  13. I'm all up for this, it's dirty, it's intimate, and feels personal. I think it could've gone farther when it comes to the manipulation of the lead melodies, and it feels a bit on autopilot at times, but I liked this and everything seems good enough to beat the bar. Didn't feel the ending was a problem. I love scratchy EPs and this song has it front and center and delivers. YES
  14. Sir_NutS

    *NO* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Wood Requiem'

    I am very familiar with this song, as is probably 90% of people who play videogames, and I am having a hard time connecting all of this to the original as well. Surprising how small changes make a huge difference. However, I don't actually think that's a bad thing, in fact, I quite liked it!. However for an OCRemix this feels a bit too disconnected. Also I think other judges have gone over the panning issue near the intro, which I didn't think sounds very good or fits the arrangement much. It's not easy to transform a jingle into a full-blown track like this, and I think you did a good job on that front. My big issue is with the VERY distracting panning and the crowded section around 1:17, in which the production gets a bit too dirty in my opinion. If you clean the mix up in the busy sections and bring the overly distracting panning down, I can give this one the thumbs up. For now though: NO (resubmit)
  15. I've been wanting to do a trancey/electronica remix of this song for years, if only to compete with blind's classic "Industrial Fear". This remix didn't blow me away, but it is solid, and enjoyable, and mostly fault-free. It does enough to distinguish itself from the original for me, and overall, is a fun, albeit vanilla experience. These drums tho, they sound a lot like Fruity Loop's default library, which in context here sound fine. Maybe they aren't exactly that, but they did bring me back to that classic, mid 2000's OCR sound. Nothing wrong with that, as a lot of my favorite mixes come from that era. A lot of people enjoy conservative mixes rather than others that bring the originals in wildly different directions so I think a lot of people will also enjoy this too. Off to the front page with you! YES