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  1. Very beautiful, warm synth work here. The dnb beat is really cool, tho I wished it evolved a bit more throughout the track. I don't really have any gripes with the production that would hold it back from posting, but the issue here is arrangement, which is really too close to the original. I don't think there were any substantial additions or transformations to be found here, so what I would like to hear is this beautiful and mesmerizing production used in an arrangement that has more of your own ideas into it. As it stands this is too close to a cover for posting. NO
  2. Your ReMixer name: Synesthesics Your real name: Sandro Kreher Your userid: 33651 Name of game(s) arranged Donkey Kong Country Name of arrangement Underwater Level Name of individual song(s) arranged Aquatic Ambiance If posted, this will need a new name.
  3. ❤❤❤❤ This is a very long track, but I can keep things short since the issues I have are pretty straightforward. First is the vanilla samples and its usage. Stuff like strings, brasses and other instruments seem to be lacking articulation to say the least, and they come out as extremely artificial. Second, the mix sounds like it has a ton of highs, a lot of lows but not much when it comes to mid content. Things like brasses have a very sharp edge, which is something that can happen naturally in a performance, but it seems like every stab here is articulated to be as sharp as possible. Many other instruments have a piercing quality to them (i.e. the final synth is resonating so hard I had to just take my headphones off). Also, even tho there are lows, almost everything on that range sounds pretty muffled. I'm not huge on this arrangement either, as it seems too disconnected and I don't feel it's conveying much even though it has a very long runtime, but this is mostly subjective and not my main reason for rejection. Overall, too many issues in plain sight here for me to let this through. NO
  4. wow, I know this song by heart but I couldn't recognize it at all in your mix at first. After I checked what the source was, it's pretty clear the source is there in the first half. It's transformed but it's very clearly the original melody there so no source usage issues for me. The performance here is pretty lovely, and I have no issues with the production, so this is a short vote from me but I highly recommend this one if anyone wants to hear a very different adaptation of this theme, it will catch you off-guard at first but believe me, it's very clever in how it uses the theme. A lot of interesting movement here with the melodies too. Overall, pretty clever piece. YES
  5. Hey, I think I've heard this OST before. I think you have some very neat ideas here with the transformations, structure changes and adaptation. 0:40 and 3:10 are interesting ways in which you transformed the original melodies, as an example. I think you're good on the arrangement front here, but you also need to cut down on repetition. More on that later. There are a few aspects holding back this one for me: the mix balance can be off at times, when you have an instrument panned to one side but nothing on the other side, it makes things feel lopsided. There's also the original melody used maybe one too many times. I would shorten this track to around 3 minutes to make it short and sweet and cut down on needless repetition. The mix can get very crowded and over compressed in sections like 1:47 and 3:10. Relax your master compression and let me mix breathe, it will be for the better. I would love to hear a refined version of this one, so hit us up again. NO (Resubmit)
  6. ReMixer name: FallenDreamer Real name: Jérôme Duford Userid: 35736 Link to the WAV file - Arrangement Name: Dream with me, will you? Games and Songs: The Legend of Zelda Title The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past Hyrule Castle The Legend of Zelda : Link's Awakening Ballad of the Windfish The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Song of Time Song of Storms Gerudo Valley Zelda Lullaby The Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask Deku Nut's Palace Clock Town - Day 1 The Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker Dragon Roost Island Title Comments: I woke up one morning playing piano, and decided that instead of working on original compositions, I should try to make a remix to see how it goes, as I've never done it before. So I arranged a medley with a few of my favorite songs in the Zelda series.
  7. Hey, thanks for the invite, but I don't think I can get into another project at the moment. I do think the idea for a JSR album is solid though, lots of fans and the music is already great. Good luck!.
  8. This is not bad, but it has some pretty evident issues, mainly in the mix and performances. The production feels pretty lopsided here, some sections feel like they lead is getting buried and nothing is taking precedence, except for the drums which are very upfront. There is some very heavy and obvious ducking on the guitar parts and the mix as a whole around 1:32, and in the second guitar section the balance seems off regarding the lead guitar vs everything else. The mix feels very bottom-mid heavy, which causes the rhythm guitars to get lost most of the time. Due to the subdued mix the climaxes don't hit very hard and fizzle out. Regarding the performances, it doesn't feel like there's a lot of detailing done in the sequencing of the orchestral instruments, they feel pretty robotic overall. That's not necessarily a dealbreaker in an arrangement where the orchestral elements are used as a backdrop for the guitars and the rock arrangement, but in this one they're pretty upfront and exposed a lot of the time due to the inadequate mix, and as such the failings are made evident. I feel like if this was mixed well I could consider giving the instrumentation a pass, but I think some work in that front would be appreciated either way. NO (resubmit)
  9. For some reason, I keep coming to this track, listening, and then something comes up where I can't finish my vote. So let's get this done now. Bluelighter has shown us he has a particular, distinctive arrangement style that is a bit quirky, whimsical, and also compelling. This one is less on the whimsical side than usual but still boast an interesting arrangement that's not your usual epic orchestral arrangement. This has some extra flavor of having strong egyptian tones, as well as a bit of a celtic touch thrown in for good measure. Some interesting arrangement choices with the time signature changes that work out very well and kept me interested all the way. The production is ok, though I found some busy sections were a bit too wet for my taste. Solid stuff. YES
  10. This arrangement feels kinda messy. Like the structure doesn't get the listener anywhere, it just feels too consistent throughout. The drums are just kinda there doing their thing and don't communicate well with the rest of the parts. Some sections feel like too much is going on and that the instruments are just doing their own thing (~1:20). Not sure about the accordion cutting out so suddenly at 1:35. I think this needs some changes arrangement-wise, to bring everything together cohesively, it doesn't sound literally random but it does lack direction. The production also could use a second pass to separate everything better frequency-wise. The performances were alright, it just needs more refinement. NO (resubmit)
  11. The arrangement is good enough but the mix is not. Feels very pedestrian in its execution, some tracks sound dry, and even though the song is very loud, the soundscape ends up feeling very thin and lacking warmth. It feels very raw for some reason. Also a lot of of ducking due to compression, noticeably in the synth solo. The drums have too much presence IMO. I think this needs a second production pass, relaxing the mastering and bringing some warmth to it while bringing the different instruments/tracks together cohesively. NO (resubmit)
  12. Wow, what a fresh take on this classic tune. Never thought I'd hear it performed and transformed this way, so you're already getting tons of points for originality here. The performances are great, albeit a bit loose at some spots, like when the guitar is contrasted against the banjo, it can seem a bit out of time. I like the inclusion of the electric guitar for the small flourishes. Some sections in this feel pretty intimate, such as the solo/expansion around 3:20. Overall excellent arrangement and quality performances. The production seems clean and without glaring issues. It feels like it has a lot of open space which fits the mood. The vocal chorus sections are probably my biggest issue with the production as they seem a bit too exposed for my taste and some sections (i.e. starting at 3:20) drag their usage for too long and feel too static. I don't think this drags the piece down too much though. The added sfx work well with this piece as well, together with the ambient pads. I really enjoyed this. Super original and with a great delivery, one of Reuben's best for sure in all aspects. YES
  13. I didn't listen to the old version, but this sounds good to me. Production is fairly clean if a bit muddy at places. 1:45 for example, the guitar lead get obscured by the background and all the other elements, and in general I think the low-mids could be cleaner and have more separation but overall, pretty good. The arrangement is solid and the performances are some of the best I've heard from Ryan so far. Lots of energy and it didn't get bored at any point, with well-placed breaks. Minor issue I would've liked changed is that the song starts way too soon after the Capcom logo jingle, kinda messes up what I think the idea for the intro was, that this song is what plays as an intro to the actual game. Anyways, minor complain there. Solid stuff. YES
  14. I have to disagree with some of the production critiques here. The soundscape is thin but that's absolutely fine for Trap. Some Trap tracks are very minimal, and not having layered synths and a big soundscape that fills the entire frequency spectrum is absolutely fine for the genre. I do think the synths instruments lack punch, which is an entirely different thing. You can make a trap track with just your 808 drums, a sine bass and a lead, but everything needs to be punchy to have some impact, and I think the synths here are too weak to carry the arrangement. Also, the "hey" samples were kinda out of place in this arrangement, I would try something else. I also think the arrangement is fine, sufficiently interpretative and the adaptation is interesting. But I don't think it's ready for the front page without working more on the mix to make your synths stand out, as they're kinda weak and vanilla sounding. The amount of instruments and synth lines used is fine, just make them richer and punchier. NO
  15. Simple but beautiful. The original is well represented here and expanded properly. While the original song had an adventurous vibe to it, this remix is more on the exotic/sublime side due to the instruments and adaptation. I think it's very impressive that you managed to pull this off with a minimal set of instruments yet everything sounds pretty well detailed and humanized. The main melody is repeated quite a bit, but most of the work of the interpretation is carried by the harmonies, background elements and structure. My only complain is that, again, this song has a ton of unused headroom and I had to turn my volume up. It's less noticeable in this song because there's a reduced dynamic range compared to other remixes from Rebecca but it's still an issue. Nothing like a dealbreaker tho, just something I'd like to see addressed in the future. YES