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  1. I'm a bit more borderline on this one than the other Js, and I've mulled on this one for a while now. Big sticking point is obviously the performance, which is not ideal, but also I think the mix could use some work, the stops go back to complete silence and loses any ambiance which makes it sound less natural. As Gario pointed out, this is not an easy track to perform and I can take some of that into account but I also think this could be delivered and performed in a much better way. I really think the track shines in its last minute, even though it gets really open with the timing. It's also a bit repetitive for such a short arrangement. Overall, yes I enjoyed this but I also think it needs some work. I would like to hear another take as I don't think this one is quite above the bar. NO (resubmit)
  2. It's a cool idea, but as pointed out, it's too conservative for OCR. It plays the original beat for beat down to the structure, and ending in a fadeout is not helping this feel like it's not a palette swap from the original. The adaptation sounds pretty cool ngl, but it needs more on the arrangement side to make it past the bar. NO
  3. I see the other judges have expanded on the issues with this mix so I'll keep it short: I mostly agree that the arrangement lacks interpretation. I liked the textures and the mix balance was ok. Even the fake electric guitar was Ok for me, as it was played in relatively full sections and that prevented its fakeness from getting too exposed. I think removing one of the verbatim sections and adding your own, or even replacing lead sections like 3:25 with your own solo would bring this closer to a pass. I can almost see this on the front page, give it an extra push by going beyond the adaptation. NO (resubmit)
  4. I like the textures and layering here. The main saw synth is not that great alone but when layered with the lower bass notes it sounds pretty fat. None of the sounds used are out of place to me and complement each other pretty well. The arrangement is sadly not up to the task though. It's super repetitive and barebones, and follows the original pretty closely. The structure lacks dynamism as well, the initial two minutes are pretty basic and static and only a while later we do get to hear the original melody. It just feels like this could've been shortened without losing much and also the arrangement could've been expanded way more than what we got here. NO
  5. Definitely getting some Wagner vibes here and there while listening to this. It's a solid and very original take on this song, and I think not being familiar with the context helped a ton with this aspect. On the performance side of things, everything is very well done. Contrary to the smb track, I can tell the source here, it's a bit slower and some parts are changed but it's there. I think regular listeners will have some trouble getting into this remix though. It's very slow and some sections take their sweet time to develop, and for those who aren't musicians, most of the stuff John does with the arrangement will pass unnoticed. Also even though the source is there, the adaptation will make it very hard to recognize. That doesn't have bearing on this vote though. I think this is just great and deserves to go to the front page. As for which version? I'm not sure there. The first one sounds better and easier to listen to albeit less natural, while the second one sounds a bit more crammed up, but it also sounds more genuine and "live". Either way, good stuff, but certainly a tough sell. YES
  6. I like your bass synth, and the drums are properly retrowave. I didn't like the bell-like lead too much, it had some sort of detuning that clashed against the rest of the song, while also feeling quite bland. Same goes to the slow-attack brassy lead that comes after. The mix is clean overall but also feels super empty and the vanilla leads get very exposed. It's also pretty conservative and the changes to the original melody are often clashing tonally against the chords or just outright off. The structure wasn't too interesting either and it just seemed to go along without much energy release, climax or buildup. The drum sequencing got a bit stale due to the static nature of the arrangement as well. There are ok things here such as the cleanliness of the mix but there are too many failings when it comes to execution. NO
  7. That's one swingy source. The balance on this mix is a bit off. The stereo guitars seem a bit loud in comparison to everything else when they should just be harmonic support. The drums are very hard to distinguish especially on crowded sections. The flute is also very low and even the wah-wah instrument take priority over it. The performances aren't too bad though. The arrangement is pretty repetitive. I think with a re-balancing this should make it, and that's not too hard to do. I didn't hear anything offensive in regards to the frequencies in the mix, it's pretty clean, but the mix balance of the different tracks is off. If that's fixed, it has a good chance of getting to the front page. For now though, NO (resubmit)
  8. Quick listen: Arrangement is on the conservative side but it does have some extra layers and some structural changes as well as a few original sections. I think it could've gone a just bit further on the interpretation side but this is a nitpick. I did like that it changed things up substantially with the lo-fi break and the acoustic guitar section. The production seems solid, though it sounds a bit too boomy and compressed to my ears. I think it would've been better sounding with a more relaxed mix, some more headroom and space, and some air. Overall, this sounds pretty good to me, good luck with your sub!
  9. The Workshop doesn't have a direct effect in the judging process in the sense that, we don't go look at the workshop thread and feedback for every single mix (I do it for some though). But it does serve as an indirect help in the sense that every track that doesn't meet the bar and reaches the queue adds more time and work to the panel and thus slows the queue down. When a track is approved by a workshop moderator, which again, go through the same interviews, tests etc. as judges, it has a very high chance of making it through the panel and makes evaluation quicker and easier. It also saves time and headaches for the artists, as submitting a song, waiting X months only to get it rejected is not ideal, most artists would've moved on from that track already into new things, or even evolved beyond what they showed on that track and probably wouldn't be that keen on going back to it. The workshop feedback is supposed to be more immediate to help you fix issues in a much shorter timeframe, but again, that's not always working as intended because the workshop staff can get burnout or life gets in the way and that queue gets clogged too. Anyways, it doesn't hurt to show off your track in the workshop or even join the workshop discord channel and ask for a listen there, possibly get some feedback and have a better chance at making it past the bar, especially if you're new to creating music or don't have a posted remix yet. Even though I should have a good idea of where the bar is, I always try to get a friend to listen to it and tell me if it's good enough or check for issues.
  10. Yeah the workshop is supposed to fill that role. The recruiting process for workshop mods is even the same as those for judges so they are effectively another layer. Not every artist knows or uses the workshop though, so a lot of subs don't go through that. One thing to consider is, burnout/real life happens to the guys in charge of that too so it can get clogged as well. It all boils down to: it's a hard, volunteer, pay-less and sometimes thankless job, and having a large judge panel doesn't exactly help either, only having motivated people does, but motivation is hard to mantain for years and years (I have so much respect for Larry for that). Not an easy problem to solve, if we want to mantain quality.
  11. I really liked the harp and string lines on this one, very cool. I was expecting more of Rebecca's folky/mystical style, and this one has some of that, but it is a bit different this time around and I'm glad that she's taking some slight detours to explore her style a bit further. Other than that, it's the usual very good sub from her. I also didn't think it was too close to the original... sure it repeats some of the lead melodies verbatim down the line but this doesn't feel like an upgrade or cover. YES
  12. Not sure how much her brother had a hand in this one but it indeed sounds a bit louder and less delicate, neither better or worse, just different. That aside, this is yet another good piece from Ms. Tripp. I do think this one is much closer to the original than other submissions in both feel and arrangement, and I think it could've been pushed a bit more on the interpretation side of things, but the original's style closely resembles hers so it would be harder to achieve this. Either way, I don't have that many gripes, other than the low wind instrument that serves as a backdrop to a large portion of the track, and it kinda gets in the way sometimes, and it just drones on one note for too long. But overall, solid stuff. YES
  13. NGL Jaleco games didn't have the most memorable music, but Shatterhand has some decent tunes, albeit it retained the highly repetitive nature of other soundtracks from this company. This remix starts out in that same vein, with the main hook being repeated a lot... and really, it never stops repeating. You had some good ideas to get around this: first, you switched instruments on this hook after a few measures, also made some small note changes here and there to keep things fresh. There are some interesting instruments supporting the main melody line as well, though I found the main beat a bit lacking in power and kinda forgettable. There's also a small break and near the end, a weird slowdown of the track's tempo. hmm. Another thing is that you kept this track's length very short. These are all good measures to take when remixing a short and repetitive song but I'm trying to decide if it all worked well. Despite everything the track still feels very repetitive and under-developed. I think that the 1:28 section is brilliant in that it's right where it should be to break the monotony, but sadly it's underdeveloped and just a couple measures later we get the main hook back. I think that if you extended this section even just a couple measures more, adding your own interpretation and takes on the original's progression or even a short solo of your own making, coming back to the original hook wouldn't feel so bad. I'm not sure I like the slowdown near the end, feels out of place... although if the track was developed more, and the slowed section was shortened, this ending could work. I would like to see you extend this just a little bit and giving it more of yourself instead of relying too much on the main hook which brings too much repetition with it. I think you got a great idea here just needs a bit more development. NO (please resubmit)
  14. A few issues with this one: first, the track feels extremely static, this may be due to the buildups not being handled properly or large portions of the track extending for too long without showing much development or interesting stuff to listen to (the pad/choir breakdown is a good example of this). I think this is an issue that extends throughout the rest of the mix and the duration could've been cut down significantly without losing much. This spills into the structure making the whole thing feel drawn-out. The production could use some work as well. The samples feel simplistic, although this may be on purpose, it doesn't work very well here. The main snare has tons of splash but no oomph, which makes it sound sorta silly when isolated as in the first few minutes of the track. The bassline of four octave-jumping notes tends to get in front of a lot of other elements and doesn't sound very interesting. Some elements like the bells are alright and fit the mood of the track well, but for the most part, the texture selection here is a mixed bag. 8 Minutes is a lot of time for a single track and you've got to make sure you keep the listeners' attention if you're asking for that much time, and I don't think this track manages that. Cut it down to something more manageable and make your ideas more concise. A neat, solid and to the point package will fare better than something that feels that it takes longer than it should for little return. NO