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Lines in the Sand Solo recreation

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Hey guys, here's a recreation of the solo from "Lines in the Sand" by Dream Theater, using Shreddage 2X.

Here's the original for comparison:

Not too bad I think. I think the main thing I could improve is the guitar tone.

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Pretty cool and realistic articulations for the electric guitar. ))

Don't know if it's the sampled guitar, the tone or the hall that sounds a bit tinny (like a can-like preset - got one of those can presets in some of my VSTIs, too).
It's also possible to make the guitar less thin (more powerful) without taking away the wide echoing room effects - just reduce the reverb a bit and use a stronger ping pong delay effect instead until you have a thick, strong and also wide, reverberating, room-filling guitar sound.

I'd also leave out some of the overlappings of the guitar notes that sound a bit out of shape - like those ones at 1:32 (sometimes it's more than enough if just the overlapping hall/delay of the consecutive notes makes the tonal interference instead of whole overlapping notes - depending on which notes are overlapping).

Besides these few things it's a really nice reinterpretation of the track.

From where do you have got these nice ride/cymbal sounds you can hear pretty well in the beginning of the track?
Are these samples from Shreddage Drums?

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