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Dirty Split Theme - Matthew Brown

Hello everybody,
since I'm new to Fruity Loops, I decided to post the current status of my remix here to learn from your advice. I have started remixing the title theme from the freeware adventure 'Dirty Split' as a chiptune. Currently, everything you hear are basic sounds from 3xOsc.
The only streamable version of the original I could find is over here, just select Track 1.

Here is a list of things I have to do but I may need your help with:
  • Figuring out how to do a tremolo.
  • Making the arrangement less repetitive and longer.
  • Replacing the solo from the original with something more chiptuneish. That's why there's a lot of nothingness after 50sec.
  • Finding out what the organ actually plays.
  • Using something cooler than 3xOsc, and also adding better percussion.
  • Learning how to master.
  • Other things I didn't think of when posting this.
I am not aiming to make an OC Remix, I just want to improve my skills.

Here is the first WIP version:

Now going to bed, looking forward to your comments!

Edit: According to tindeck, three people have downloaded this already. ˇ__˛ In case 'DL' actually means 'downloads' and not 'people who streamed this'.
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On tindeck, "DL" really means people who have clicked the link, so it's misleading. :P Anyways, I use FL, so I could help on the techniques you asked for.

- A tremolo can be done with the piano roll manually. That's the easiest way. Right click to the left of the velocity half of the piano roll and click Channel Volume. Hold Alt and drag your mouse and you can make smooth curves to edit the pattern volume.

Another way could be to automate the volume of the channel. Right click on the volume knob next to the channel (knob on the right) and click Create Automation Clip. Look on the timeline for the pattern clip. Right click to add new points, and right click on the new points to choose the type of curve you want between points. If you want tremolo, you should use "Wave" because you can left-click on the open circle in the middle of every two points to change the period of that curve. If you right click the open circle, it resets to how it was. Explore with that, because automation opens you up for really cool stuff.

- If you want a long, non-repetitive arrangement, try planning it out first. Listen to the source and think about how you want to arrange it before you try it, or try it at the same time with only the melody. If it's too hard to think of what to do at that point, try a different source until you are ready to come back to the other one. If you already have a song and you want to figure out a better arrangement, try clicking on the timeline, pressing Alt+T, and making tabs to organize your song to how it currently is. That way you have a picture of what it really looks like in terms of organization so far.

- Well, a lot of stuff is cooler than 3xOsc. Try out Sytrus or Harmless and teach yourself how to use them. I like Sytrus's 3o3 arps and Harmless' basses when routed to an ampsim I have.

- Zircon made a mastering tutorial in the Tutorials section. Try checking that out!
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