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  1. So Mordi is on OC Remix now, nice! I love your Resolution mix, while we're at it.
  2. Do you know that feeling when there are thousands of songs in your head but you just don't have any way to make them real? They're killing me right now.
  3. That's because that playlist is a piece of crap. Here's the official Minecraft OST, containing all background songs and some extras: http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-alpha And here's a playlist with all new records that you can listen to ingame but aren't on any official release: Stefan Wolff, also kown as germanseabass, arranged the tracks Living Mice, Moog City, Wet Hands and Sweden for piano. http://sebastianwolff.info/music/projects/minecraft/ If you prefer Subwoofer Lullaby, here's Brent Kennedy's piano arrangement. http://www.brentkennedymusic.com/sheet-music.html
  4. Hello everybody, since I'm new to Fruity Loops, I decided to post the current status of my remix here to learn from your advice. I have started remixing the title theme from the freeware adventure 'Dirty Split' as a chiptune. Currently, everything you hear are basic sounds from 3xOsc. The only streamable version of the original I could find is over here, just select Track 1. Here is a list of things I have to do but I may need your help with: Figuring out how to do a tremolo. Making the arrangement less repetitive and longer. Replacing the solo from the original with something more chiptuneish. That's why there's a lot of nothingness after 50sec. Finding out what the organ actually plays. Using something cooler than 3xOsc, and also adding better percussion. Learning how to master. Other things I didn't think of when posting this. I am not aiming to make an OC Remix, I just want to improve my skills. Here is the first WIP version: Now going to bed, looking forward to your comments! Edit: According to tindeck, three people have downloaded this already. ó__ò In case 'DL' actually means 'downloads' and not 'people who streamed this'.
  5. I like it, but can't we please add a new rule? "No more Aquatic Ambience please"? I'd like to see other games now.
  6. I was thinking the same about OCR, so count me in! I probably won't finish it, and it won't be accepted either (3xOsc mix only atm), but let me claim Dirty Split Theme by Matthew Brown. Yeah, I know, freeware games ... but I like it.
  7. Ah, thanks. And to make myself feel more happy, here's the original website this comes from: http://plus4world.powweb.com/software/Tom_Thumb
  8. Hi there, I'm looking for the name of the song you hear in this video: Around 13:00, if that second thing doesn't work. I'm pretty sure that it's an OC Remix, but the question this, who made it and what is it called?
  9. Damn, this sampled marimba hurts in my ears somehow. Probably because I'm playing it myself.
  10. +1 for you, that's exactly what I think. Your opinion, however, will be deleted pretty soon, like mine.
  11. What is your opinion on field recorders? Especially this one, the Zoom H4 (random find in a cupboard) Is the audio OK? Do I need extra microphones? Because I don't have the money, tbqh ...
  12. A piano arrangement might work. Think of the first riff as your left hand, and the melody at 0:22 is your right hand.
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