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  • '''Liontamer: One of the bigger events of yours in the ReMixing community was the 8-minute teaser track "McV's 200 point exactly what path my work will take me in the industry, one of my current personal goals is to work on small, game-related audio/visual projects on a
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  • judges panel] - do you miss it? What do you think of the current panel? Are there things you learned and would do differently if you did it ...ed presence from me. Not so much lately, though, because I think that the current panel does an exceptional job, especially considering the amount of materia
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  • Video Games Live]'' was launched, and before most of the current American-composed VGM albums were released. Up until then, it seemed that e ...y getting to sit and go into depth about such topics with my colleagues at events such as MAGFest is a truly enriching experience. When I first met [http://o
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