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Got your own website to worry about? The resources below are for webmasters interested in linking to OCR, using our RSS feeds, or with other questions about OverClocked ReMix as it pertains to other sites.

Linking to Us

Firstly, you don't need to ask our permission to link to us (or, for that matter, almost anything on the Internet) - please go right ahead! If you're looking for some guidance on what the link should look like, we prefer that the link URL be and that the link text include "OverClocked ReMix". If there's a description of the link, we suggest that it explain that this is website that hosts unofficial game music arrangements. But again, this is all your call. We do ask that you not link directly to anything other than web pages, and that you do not frame the site in any way.

If you're looking for an icon to use for linking to us, here are some to choose from:

ocr4_logo_link01.jpg ocr4_logo_link02.gif

RSS and JavaScript News Feeds

You can add the latest ReMixes posted on OverClocked ReMix to your website, or use an RSS client to get notifications on your desktop, using our RSS feeds. Though less flexible, there's also a JavaScript feed that doesn't require any special coding and can be placed on any HTML page.



RSS Clients/Resources


To use the JavaScript, just copy and paste the following code for each feed into the area of your web page where you want the links to show up!

<script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Here's an example of the current output: <script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"></script> [djp can fix]


Latest Albums

Latest ReMixes