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Who are they and what do they do?

A list of the current judges panel can be found as one of the groups on our forums - essentially, they are responsible for evaluating those mixes that are neither instantly approved or instantly rejected by djpretzel, which makes up a majority of all submissions. They were initially chosen or "invited" by djpretzel, but since that time have added or removed members based on votes within the group. Many of them are ReMixers on the site, though this is not a requirement and there are and have been "listener-only" judges.

How can I kill them?

The judges panel is made up entirely of immortals whose only weaknesses are cryptonite and cash money. In all seriousness, because their evaluations are subjective and can sometimes offend people (though they should always be constructive and not personal in their criticism), the judges panel is sometimes villified or disrespected by certain people. This is bound to happen from time to time with any panel of judges. Please keep in mind that they are dedicating their time to helping the site and should not have hidden personal agendas that cloud their views when it comes to evaluating ReMix submissions fairly.

How can I join them?

We do get questions like "how can I become a judge?" often, usually from newcomers. Realistically, there aren't usually vacancies, and when one does occur due to a judge leaving the panel, there's usually already a consensus amongst the group as to who would make the best replacement candidates - someone who already dedicates a lot of time to the community, has proven to be equitable and musically knowledgeable, and who has good communication skills and the ability to express constructive criticism with clarity. Even if you believe you meet all the criteria, again the reality is that vacancies are rare. The next best thing to joining the judges panel is helping them out - you can do this as a ReMixer by only submitting your best work and making sure your email submissions are complete and the links work, and as both a ReMixer and a listener by realizing that they too are human and by not being overly critical or having unrealistic expectations.


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