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OverClocked ReMix is hosted by ZTNET on the Debian Linux operating system, under the Apache webserver (with Squid proxy), utilizing the MySQL database for the vast majority of all non-binary content. The code for OCR is written in PHP and SQL, using the Sablotron extension to convert MySQL data to XML and then XHTML using XSLT.

Several open source applications are used to add functionality to OCR, including:

OCR utilizes the ID3v2 specification for storage of extensive metadata within each ReMix. Helium is used for tagging and ID3v2-based MP3 file management.

OCR is developed using the following tools:

All site design, programming, and database schema layout was performed by David Lloyd (djpretzel), with some assistance from Brian (ZTNET) on PHP/SQL questions and Benedikt Terhechte (Zeratul) on database design.

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