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rRPC 2016 - The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 Villain Round Three



Round Three of the Villain side has begun! During this round, our semifinalists are going to go head to head. The remaining villains are going to have their hands full fighting with the heroes at the castle gate. The match ups and sources for this round are:

Yami (Dark Gaia and Princess Shroob) vs Ronald Poe (Xehanort and Neclord)

Supercoolmike (Mithos and Miror B.), Timothy William (Sephiroth and Leblanc), and HoboKa (Lloyd and Dark Falz) may either pick one of their opponents’ character themes that they signed up with, or one of the heroes at the front gate (Ramza, Terra, Isaac, or Ayla).

The round ends Monday night at midnight on July 11th EDT.

For more information, visit the compo thread.


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