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  1. I've been waiting for this album for quite some time and I'm glad to see it finally released. Nice combination of updated versions of previously released mixes and some tracks new to Sophomore Year. I've wanted to be able to listen to Eye of the Trigger on my own time ever since the first time I saw OCU perform live. I was disappointed when the Super Mario Galaxy track was cut from the Spring Break DJ Set album, so that's another track on this album I was especially pleased to listen to. I actually had my one-and-a-half year old nephew dancing to it just this morning. This was a fun album to listen to and I hope to hear more from OCU again soon. Definitely check this album out.
  2. I'm a small-time Let's Player though I haven't released anything new in a couple months or so. So far I've mostly done classic RPGs like the SNES Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger, though I've also done the early Zeldas and some 2D platformers. I take a walkthrough approach to the RPGs, explaining the mechanics of the system and any battle strategies I know of for specific situations, etc. I also usually read dialogue and give the characters voices, admittedly to varying degrees of success, though I have gotten positive comments for it from time to time. I have some playlists linked in my signature but if anyone's interested in checking out my channel, the link is right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Ek_bkrHSNhwS96nTVlX5Q
  3. Team Knight - Shovel Power (Shovel Knight vs. Tinker Knight).mp3 Team Knight - Ghost in the Machine (Specter Knight vs. Tinker Knight).mp3 Team Robot - Lonely Cosmic Workshop - (Saturn vs. Tinker Knight).mp3
  4. Persona 5 is the big one for me. Also cautiously optimistic for Yooka-Laylee and Sonic Mania. And I definitely want to get Breath of the Wild when that comes out.
  5. Epilogue: Dawn of a New Day And thus, the ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 has come to an end. Congratulations to our winner, Ghetto Lee Lewis, and to our runner-up, Ronald Poe! It has been quite a journey and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I want to take some time to thank everyone who made this compo possible. I want to thank Darkesword for the feedback he gave me for this compo. Also thank you to DragonAvenger and OA for offering various suggestions and just listening to me go on and on about the compo long before it was even ready to launch. I want to give a special thank you to Odai for making all of the signature images for the compo, they certainly exceeded my expectations. And of course, I want to thank everyone who signed up and took part in the rRPC 2016. I know it didn’t go exactly as I had originally planned, but I hope it was still an enjoyable event for you all. Much like the first rRPC, this was a learning experience for me. In future compos, I will be sure to put greater thought into back up formats in the event of lower turnout. I’ll also try to dial back the complexity in some regards. If there are other things about the compo you think I could have done better, feel free to share your thoughts here or via PM if you prefer to keep it private. I appreciate any feedback I receive, whatever it takes to make the next compo I host better than it would be otherwise. It will probably be a while before I run another rRPC. I’m considering something new for my next compo. Something a bit simpler and more accessible to a larger number of ReMixers. That’s still on the drawing board and isn’t happening any time soon. That said, thanks again to everyone who took part in this compo in any way, whether you entered, voted, or just followed along. Thank you!
  6. Just a friendly reminder to check out and vote on our final mixes of the compo. I'm going to be out of town for the bulk of the day on Monday which is why I have the voting deadline so late. I'll be posting the epilogue and final results first thing in the morning on Tuesday.
  7. until
    Voting for the final round of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 has begun. The finalists, Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana) and Ronald Poe (Xehanort) combined their sources with Master Porky's Theme from Mother 3 and now it is time for the people to determine which of them will defeat Porky and become the new champion of the rRPC. You may find a link to the mixes and cast your vote here. Thank you to everyone who took time to follow this compo.
  8. This poll is for determining the winner of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016. On the Hero side, we have Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana), and on the Villain side, we have Ronald Poe (Xehanort). Both finalists must combine their theme with Master Porky's Theme from Mother 3 with the option of including their opponent's theme as well. You may download the Final Round mixes here. Please refrain from posting in this thread. If you want to post a review of the tracks for the round, please do so in a single post in the main thread for the rRPC 2016. You may vote for yourself in your own match ups. Please consider the quality of the arrangements when casting your votes, along with production value and your personal enjoyment of each mix. Voting will be open until midnight EDT on Monday, August 8th.
  9. The time has finally arrived. The Final Round is ready for download. Which of our finalists will be the one to take the title away from Porky? Vote on the winner here.
  10. Both finalists have sent in their entries. However, I am presently unable to download one of them. I have sent a message addressing that already and once that has been resolved, I will prepare the poll for the final round of the rRPC 2016.
  11. We're closing in on the final days. How are things faring with your mixes, Finalists?
  12. You should post that in the workshop forums and get some feedback from the mods there. I'd love to see this track posted as an official OCR mixpost someday.
  13. until
    The Bonus Round of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition is open. Compo participants may take their character and/or party member theme and mix that with any of the sources that have come up during the compo (excluding the finalists' and Porky's Theme). There are no restrictions and collaborations are allowed as well. For those who did not sign up for the rRPC 2016, you are still allowed to participate in the bonus round. All you need to do is pick out a hero or villain theme that isn't already claimed by the participants, and combine that with any of the sources used during the compo. For more information, follow the link to the post in the compo thread.
  14. until
    The Finals of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 have begun! Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana) and Ronald Poe (Xehanort) are not only pitted against each other, but also the character who won the first rRPC: Porky! Both finalists must combine their character theme with Master Porky's Theme from Mother 3, while also having the option to include each other's character theme as well. Who will defeat Porky and become the new reigning champion of the rRPC? The finals end at noon EDT on Monday, August 1st. For more details, follow the link to the compo thread.
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