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Found 24 results

  1. I'm new at this, if this is a success, i will continue it. I would love for someone to tell me how i can add this to ThaSauce! So i can have flexibility in 2 platforms! Spin The Wheel - A great way to flex out your remix skills and showcase your love and appreciation for Video Game Soundtracks! What is Spin The Wheel? Spin The Wheel is hosted every 3 weeks and consists of selecting VGM music to remix! The way it works is really simple. We have a choice of 6 consoles. NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PS1, Arcade and PC. All these games are put into a tombola, and then a console is selected a random, by the process of spinning the wheel. I utilise an appropriate system, that works, so don't think I am deliberately selecting a game. Once a game system is selected, we then approach Ten Games of that system, which are then also put into the tombola and chosen at random. In the end we will have a working game from a working console. Once that is done, you pick a track from the game, and get remixing! This process takes up to 2 weeks, the time spent working on your mix. After the 2 weeks are up, we then use all the entries we have, and begin voting. Voting takes a week, and works in the format of First, Second and Third. Once you have voted, you cannot vote again. The winner with the most votes, wins the competition and can select 6 games, one for each console. 6 games already in the tombola, will be replaced with the chosen games. For a full extensive manual to how this is run, look below! The first official game will be display here! The rules are at the bottom. Current games in the wheel are in this document. It will change as we progress in each competition: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xxoGX4bS2_q_URpN35K8b9oGn1zogHiRxLarik38IZU/edit?usp=sharing Lets SPIN THE WHEEL! It landed on SEGA GENESIS! The random game that was chosen is....... X-Men 2! Information about the Game and Soundtrack: X-Men 2 was a game developed by Headgames Inc and at the time was fairly successful. It involves the X-Men trying to stop a virus out-break. The game was met with somewhat decent reviews, but wasn't considered a fantastic game. The music was scored by Kurt Harland who was an active member and founder of the electro band, Information Society. The music follows in the vain of Electro, with some techno elements, ambient influences and industrial textures. Some contributions from Mark Miller, (The infamous GEMS creator) are also present in the score, who also helped convert the music to the system. What's interesting to note is how it used a mailbox system. You essentially had a different character, and for each character a different melody would play, but of course still keeping the harmony. So it was different music, almost everytime. Compo starts Today at 8th December 2018! and finishes at 22nd December 2018! Voting begins on the 22nd December 2018 and finishes on the 29th December 2018. I will inform you who has won on the thread! Please submit a valid mp3 file, in decent quality that is less than 20mb. It must be easy to access and download. I recommend using SoundCloud as a choice of service! Add a link here on this thread, if you can. You have 2 weeks to mix! Let's see what you have come up with! Selecting the Source The 6 video game systems are as follows: NES SNES Sega Genesis PS1 Arcade PC I can only use these 6 video systems, otherwise the process becomes complicated. It's much easier dealing with 6 consoles, than 10 or 20. All you need to do, is to sit back and relax while the tombola selects the system and the game. This process is completely random, even I don't know what it will pick. Don't judge the system, I worked hard to make sure it's fair. Each system I've picked combines popular systems from the 80's, 90's. and 2000's onwards. I didn't focus much on the modern systems because the classic systems deserve the love, often going ignored in some areas. Picking the Game When we begin with the first round, there is already 10 games in each console. After a person has won, they can replace 1 game from each console with their own, (6 in total). This allows for completely new games, that could either be classics, or more obscure ones. I do recommend you go for the more obscure ones, I don't want a ton of say...Final Fantasy or Mario taking up most of the system, they already have a huge quantity or remixes. The game will also be picked at random, and could be anything, get your hopes up, it might even be one you like. Selecting the Track When the game is picked (One out of Ten in total) you then must select a track from the game. This track must be longer than 30 seconds (At least), and must not be any form of Jingle, or short theme. I recommend selecting the stage themes and the boss themes, as they tend to go for longer than 1 minute. Once the track has been selected, you may begin remixing. When submitting state which track you have picked clearly. If it's Sonic for example. Put it as Green Hill Zone, or in the case of Sonic 3, put it as Marble Garden Act 1 or Act 2, depending on your choice. Anything additional you want to add, just type below. Make sure the track you select is different than the other entries. It's not that you can't remix it, it's just I don't want 10 entries of the same source, because then it might as well be a PRC competition. However though, if there are only 8 tracks in the soundtrack of the video game, but 10 of you, then I can make an exception to have multiple choices, yet again, that doesn't mean I should expect 10 of the same source. I'm ok with 2 people doing Green Hill, 2 people doing Scrap Brain and the rest is various, I’m not that strict, but like I said I don't want 10 people doing Green Hill and the rest of the soundtrack to be ignored. Use this to try remixing sources that often don't get remixed! Uploading your Track The track you submit must come from a reliable source, easy to access and less than 20mb, in a MP3 format. Make sure it's in good quality, so the judging process is easier. If you are having problems submitting, then message me the file. An easy streaming service, like SoundCloud is ideal. Once you have submitted, message me with the link to access it. Only one submission per person please, give everyone a chance. Once submitted you simply wait until the remixing stage is over. Voting When the uploading stage is done, we move onto voting. The voting is a simple process, just simply decide who should win, who should get 2nd place and who should get 3rd. When writing down your votes, be sure to organise it by name. It doesn't matter how you vote, but do give a clear indication to who wins, and who is runner up etc. We want it to be clearly identified. Be sure to be honest with your votes, don't think that they will turn on you for your honest opinion, but saying that, do try and not be a d**k. This is a competition, so we aren't trying to produce something from a high-end studio. Just picking tracks we think are the best. When Voting Follow These Guidelines: Make sure you vote for the person you think is the best. Do not vote for your friends, because they are your friends. Please be fair with your choosing. Be nice. Actually give legit reasons to why they should win, and definitely watch your language. This isn't the kind of place for bullying or swearing. Do not vote for yourself. It's not fair for you to forge the results so you can always gain a win. How sad would that be huh? Make sure you pick a first, second place and a third-place winner, having it in the order of the winner then the rest. You can comment on all tracks, of course. If there is a tie for the winner, then you will both submit 6 games from each system, making sure it's all different games that aren't already in the system, we haven't used before, and don't conflict with any other choices a person will probably have. Try and have fun. Just because you didn't win doesn't mean you should be upset. Remember it's just a fun way to showcase your music. The Winner! Winners are determined by the most number of votes. If there is a tie see Bullet Point Number 5 in the above title. Once a winner has been announced, they then must decide 6 games from the list of systems above. It must be 1 game for each system, not 6 games for one system. Each game must contain a minimum of 5+ tracks, excluding very short themes. Majority of the tracks must be over 30 seconds long, so they can be remixed easily. The list of video game consoles is above. When you have decided on 6 games for each system, we will replace a current game on the list with yours. It's ideal you go for games that don't have a lot of remixes. Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger will probably be loaded with mixes, and as such I recommend you go for something with a little less. The choice of game is really up to you, but I will check to see if it's eligible. When I have reviewed your games, and they are accepted I will start the tombola again and pick a game. Now this is randomly generated so the chances are of getting your game won't be high, but it is very likely your game is selected, so don't think there's a problem, because I can assure there shouldn't be one. If there is a problem, drop me a message and I can try to resolve things. After the sources have been selected and the next game is chosen for the round. Simply repeat the process. When you have won the round, and the next round is currently in play, you can only submit a bonus mix. So, you can still remix, but you can't vote for the bonus mix. The winner of whatever round was last on, gets a vote that counts twice in the next round. We aim for this to be a fun a fair way to remix video game music! If there is problem with anything, drop me a message or reply to this thread. To Simplify: 1. We have 6 game systems. NES, SNES Sega Genesis, PS1, Arcade and PC 2. A system is chosen at random through our tombola. The same process is repeated for the games, in the list. There are 10 games, per system. 3. Once the game is selected, choose your track. Must be longer than 30 seconds and must be from the game. Try and be different, don’t go for the same track as everyone else. Nice to have 10 different tracks, than 10, that are all the same. Please state the choice of track in the description when you upload. 4. After you have selected the track, begin remixing. This takes 2 weeks. 5. Once remixing has been done, it’s voting time. Only one vote per person, don’t vote for yourself, and make sure you give honest answers. No voting because he/she is your friend. Label it as first and second and third, but you can comment on all tracks. 6. When voting is over, a winner is announced. Winners get to input 6 games, one for each system into the tombola. 6 games that already exist will be replaced. If there is a tie, both of you will put in 6 games, be sure we haven’t covered these games before, they don’t have as much remixes, and they don’t conflict with and of the other people who have submitted. Also make sure that the games have more than 5 tracks at least over 30 seconds each. 7. When that’s done, the next compo will start! Do Note: This is a 3-week process. 2 weeks to remix, 1 week to vote. I cannot extend deadlines, unless we aren't getting any participants. This is only in the extreme places. I only pick the game, through a random process. Don't think I’m fixing the results. Participate as a fun way to remix. Please don't take this seriously. Try and follow the rules, it will make this so much easier. Be respectful of other people, but that's really a standard. Have fun. It looks daunting, but if you submit the right way, we can get along just fine.
  2. Dwelling of Duels and Original Sound Version present.... An open competition for any video game related and inspired bands to test their skills against one another in a battle royal to be crowned THE BEST AROUND! (nothin's gonna ever keep you down!) Join in the battle and pit your band's prowess against other VGM bands! Pick your song from any game, have fun and ROCK ON! For full competition details, visit.... Opposing Bloodlines: Battle of the VGM Bands Submissions due SEPTEMBER 5th. Listening Party & voting during MAGFEST LABORATORIES!
  3. The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 (rRPC 2016) is a ReMix competition in which participants assume the roles of heroes and villains from role-playing games such as Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger, and use those characters’ themes in a series of rounds. Participants will be divided into two brackets, one for hero characters and another for villains. The Hero Bracket will represent the quest of an RPG hero as the participants arrange their character themes with sources associated with events such as visiting a town or exploring a dungeon. The Villain Bracket, however, will directly pit its participants against one another as they combine their own theme choices with their opponent’s. In the end, only one hero and one villain will remain to determine the fate of the land. News: The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 has concluded. Congratulations to our winner, Ghetto Lee Lewis, and to our runner-up, Ronald Poe! I created a spreadsheet that contains YouTube links to all the sources that have been revealed so far. It can be viewed here. Previous rounds: Hero Round One Villain Round One Hero Round Two Villain Round Two Hero Round Three Villain Round Three Final Round Rules: - Participants may select one character theme that they will use for the duration of the competition. If your character has multiple themes associated with them, you must choose only one. - Collaborating with others regardless of whether they are participating or not will not be allowed unless otherwise noted. - After clearing Round One, the Party System will be unlocked, which provides participants with an additional character theme that may be used in place of the theme you signed up with. Participants may not use the party members of their current opponents in their mixes unless otherwise noted. - The Party System is not available during the first round. It will also not be available during the finals. - Voting will be open to everyone and will last one week per round. - There are no restrictions regarding musical styles or genres. However, if you submit a mix with lyrics, please include the lyrics in your submission PM so they can be included with the music for that round. - Be sure to follow the Competitions Code of Conduct, as well as the guidelines for OCR submissions. - Have fun making awesome music! Set-up: - Everyone’s starting positions will be determined randomly before the beginning of the first round of their respective brackets. - Each match-up in the Hero Bracket will be given a randomly determined source track associated with the theme of the round (i.e. town themes, dungeon themes, etc.). Each hero must make an arrangement combining their character’s theme with the provided round theme. Heroes do not use their opponent’s character theme. - In the Villain Bracket, each participant must make an arrangement combining their character’s theme with the theme of their opponent’s character. - Mixes will be due one week after the start of each round. The Party System: The characters selected by the participants are not the only heroes and villains that will appear in the rRPC 2016. After the first round has been cleared, the heroes and villains will cross paths with other characters that will join them on their quests. These character themes will be distributed randomly in the appropriate brackets and may be used in place of the participant’s character theme. Party members will not be allowed in the final round between the Hero and Villain Brackets. Sign-up: - Sign-ups for the rRPC 2016 will last for two weeks beginning on Monday, May 2nd and will end at midnight EST on Sunday, May 15th. - You may sign up by PMing me (FenixDown) a list of 3 characters related to the bracket you wish to enter in (Hero or Villain). Character themes should be listed in order of preference with your first choice at the top of your list. - If you are undecided at the time of signing up or have no preference which bracket you are entered in, please provide a list for each bracket. Anyone who does not make a clear choice by the time sign-ups close will be sorted randomly between the brackets assuming both brackets have available openings. - I would also like the lists to be posted publicly in the thread to give other participants an idea of what character themes are being considered to help reduce any possible conflicts. - Submissions should be typed as [“Game Title” - “Character’s Name” and “Theme Name” - “Hero or Villain”]. - Only RPG characters will be accepted. If you have any questions regarding a character’s eligibility, ask me. - Based on the first rRPC’s turnout, I am aiming to have 16 participants (8 heroes and 8 villains). Voting: Voting will take place in the Public Voting forum. For each round, a thread will be created with a poll for each match-up. Voting will last for one week unless otherwise noted. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to vote regardless of whether you are a participant or not. When voting, the most important thing to consider about each mix is how well it incorporates and arranges the sources used. Production quality and your personal enjoyment of the mixes should also be considered before placing your vote. Participants are free to vote for themselves in their own match-ups. Please do not post your reviews in the voting threads, instead include them in a single post per round in the main compo thread. Music Submission: Please send all entries to me (FenixDown) via PM on the forums with a link to a trustworthy hosting client (like Dropbox or Soundcloud) and I will download your mixes from there. I will only accept submissions sent in WAV format. Please do not send MP3s, I will encode the MP3s myself. All file names must be in the following formats: For Heroes: ReMixer - Mix Title (ReMixer’s Character Name & Round Source Name).wav Example: FenixDown - Tonedeaf Terra (Terra & Tone of the Town).wav For Villains: ReMixer - Mix Title (ReMixer’s Character Name & Opponent’s Character Name).wav Example: DarkeSword - Kefka Beckons (Kefka & Lavos).wav When using a party member, replace your character’s name with the name of the party member. Any mixes that use provided source themes should use the Hero Bracket’s format while any mixes that use two character themes should use the Villain Bracket’s format. You are free to capitalize your name and mix title however you like, but please properly capitalize the character names and source theme titles. I will not accept files that are not named properly, repeat offenders may be disqualified if it becomes a problem. FAQ: What is the schedule for the rRPC 2016? How will the rounds be divided? The first Hero round will begin on Monday, May 23 at 12PM EST and will last for a week. Then on Monday, May 30, the first Villain round will begin and the previous round’s voting will also begin. The two brackets will alternate weeks for mixing (Hero: June/6, June/20; Villain: June/13, June/27) until only one hero and one villain remain. The final round will begin on July 11. The schedule may be subject to change depending on circumstances. I will try to be as flexible and accommodating to people’s needs as I can, so long as it remains fair to the other participants. What games can I select my character theme from? You may select your character theme from any RPG. They can be Japanese RPGs, Western RPGs, Tactical RPGs, Action RPGs; if it’s an RPG and it has music, it should be fine. What is the criteria for what characters I may use? You are free to pick any character you want, as long as they: 1) are a playable hero or a villain from an RPG, and 2) have a theme that is recognizably their own whether in name like Terra's Theme from Final Fantasy VI, or in association like The Red Wings for Cecil from Final Fantasy IV. What if my character changes sides in their game’s story? Which bracket should I submit them in? You should consider how often the character in question is working alongside the heroes of the game opposed to how often they act as an enemy. Characters like that could technically fit in either bracket. Magus from Chrono Trigger would be a good example. Does my villain have to be the final boss of his/her game? While the final boss is usually the main villain of their game, you are not required to pick them if there are other villains available. For example, Sephiroth is the main villain from Final Fantasy VII, but you (or someone else) could just as easily pick Rufus Shinra or Jenova. You could even choose to run as a minor villain like Don Corneo, as long as they have their own theme. How are you going to choose the round source themes for the Hero Bracket? What about party members for the Party System? I will be using a randomizer to decide which match-ups of the Hero Bracket will receive each source track out of a diverse list I have compiled. The same applies to the Party System, I have a fairly large and diverse list of possible characters for each bracket that I will pick party members from at random. What if the character I want to run is a spoiler for his/her game? If simply running a character as a hero or villain is enough to spoil the game they are from, you should consider a different character. I am not a ReMixer but would like to contribute. What can I do to help out? I will definitely be in need of artistic people who can design the brackets and signature images for the participants. We did not have signature images for the first rRPC so that would be nice to have this time. Knowing how to use Photoshop would be a big help. If you are interested, get in touch with me or post in the thread. Getting the word out and bringing in people who might be interested would also be a great way to help.
  4. This poll is for determining the winner of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016. On the Hero side, we have Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana), and on the Villain side, we have Ronald Poe (Xehanort). Both finalists must combine their theme with Master Porky's Theme from Mother 3 with the option of including their opponent's theme as well. You may download the Final Round mixes here. Please refrain from posting in this thread. If you want to post a review of the tracks for the round, please do so in a single post in the main thread for the rRPC 2016. You may vote for yourself in your own match ups. Please consider the quality of the arrangements when casting your votes, along with production value and your personal enjoyment of each mix. Voting will be open until midnight EDT on Monday, August 8th.
  5. Hey all, Just a friendly heads up to the community about a local radio station's remix competition. Short and sweet. If you win you'll get airplay. Should be a fun one if you have a few days to hash something up. It's not an OCR comp, so I didn't post in that forum. Feel free to re-post. Deets: http://wfae.org/post/charlotte-talks-theme-covers-and-remixes-submission-form Cheers, Kyle
  6. until
    The Finals of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 have begun! Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana) and Ronald Poe (Xehanort) are not only pitted against each other, but also the character who won the first rRPC: Porky! Both finalists must combine their character theme with Master Porky's Theme from Mother 3, while also having the option to include each other's character theme as well. Who will defeat Porky and become the new reigning champion of the rRPC? The finals end at noon EDT on Monday, August 1st. For more details, follow the link to the compo thread.
  7. until
    The Bonus Round of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition is open. Compo participants may take their character and/or party member theme and mix that with any of the sources that have come up during the compo (excluding the finalists' and Porky's Theme). There are no restrictions and collaborations are allowed as well. For those who did not sign up for the rRPC 2016, you are still allowed to participate in the bonus round. All you need to do is pick out a hero or villain theme that isn't already claimed by the participants, and combine that with any of the sources used during the compo. For more information, follow the link to the post in the compo thread.
  8. This thread is for voting on the entries of the rRPC 2016 Hero Round Three. The match ups to vote on are: Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana) vs Touchstone (Ib) - Infiltrating Enemy Territory from Bravely Default Xenonetix (Terra) vs Garpocalypse (Ramza) - The Shield of Gargania from Gungnir and Blue Radiance from Radiant Historia You may download the music here: Hero Round Three Please refrain from posting in this thread. If you want to post a review of the tracks for the round, please do so in a single post in the main thread for the rRPC 2016. You may vote for yourself in your own match ups. Please consider the quality of the arrangements when casting your votes, along with production value and your personal enjoyment of each mix. Voting will be open until 9 am EDT on Monday, July 18.
  9. until
    Voting for the rRPC 2016 Hero Round Three is open. The match ups to vote on are: Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana) vs Touchstone (Ib) - Infiltrating Enemy Territory from Bravely Default Xenonetix (Terra) vs Garpocalypse (Ramza) - The Shield of Gargania from Gungnir and Blue Radiance from Radiant Historia You may download the music here: Hero Round Three Click here to access the polls.
  10. until
    Round Three of the Villain side has begun! During this round, our semifinalists are going to go head to head. The remaining villains are going to have their hands full fighting with the heroes at the castle gate. The match ups and sources for this round are: Yami (Dark Gaia and Princess Shroob) vs Ronald Poe (Xehanort and Neclord) Supercoolmike (Mithos and Miror B.), Timothy William (Sephiroth and Leblanc), and HoboKa (Lloyd and Dark Falz) may either pick one of their opponents’ character themes that they signed up with, or one of the heroes at the front gate (Ramza, Terra, Isaac, or Ayla). The round ends Monday night at midnight on July 11th EDT. For more information, visit the compo thread.
  11. until
    The third round of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition has begun. The semifinalists will be using a theme associated with sneaking into enemy territory while the remaining participants will be using battle themes. The match ups and sources for round three are: Touchstone (Ib and Flonne) and Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana and Meena and Maya) - Infiltrating Enemy Territory from Bravely Default Garpocalyse (Ramza and Alec), Xenonetix (Terra and Dekar), alfredofreak (Ayla and Vyse), and Chernabogue (Isaac and Aigis) may choose any one of these battle themes: The Shield of Gargania (Gungnir), Blue Radiance (Radiant Historia), or Battle 2 (Arc the Lad). For more information, check out the compo thread.
  12. This thread is for voting on the entries of the rRPC 2016 Villain Round Two. The match up for Round Two is: Yami (Dark Gaia) vs Supercoolmike (Mithos) You may download the music here. Please refrain from posting in this thread. If you want to post a review of the tracks for the round, please do so in a single post in the main thread for the rRPC 2016. You may vote for yourself in your own match ups. Please consider the quality of the arrangements when casting your votes, along with production value and your personal enjoyment of each mix. Voting will be open until 6 am EDT on Monday, July 4th.
  13. until
    Voting for the ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 Villain Round Two is now open. The match up for the round is: Yami (Dark Gaia) vs Supercoolmike (Mithos) You may download the music here. You may vote on your favorite track here. Voting will remain open until 6 AM EDT on Monday, July 4.
  14. This thread is for voting on the entries for the rRPC 2016 Hero Round Two. Only one three-way match up is available to vote on: alfredofreak (Ayla) and Xenonetix (Terra) and Ghetto Lee Lewis (Meena and Maya) : Dying Village - Breath of Fire The tracks for the round can be downloaded here: Hero Round Two Please refrain from posting in this thread. If you want to post a review of the tracks for the round, please do so in a single post in the main thread for the rRPC 2016. You may vote for yourself in your own match ups. Please consider the quality of the arrangements when casting your votes, along with production value and your personal enjoyment of each mix. Voting will be open until 9 am EDT on Monday, 27.
  15. until
    Villain Round Two of the rRPC 2016 has begun. The match ups are: Yami (Dark Gaia) vs Supercoolmike (Mithos) Ronald Poe (Xehanort) vs Timothy William (Sephiroth) vs HoboKa (Lloyd) For more details, check out the compo thread.
  16. until
    The second round of the Hero Bracket has begun. This week’s sources are based on towns and castles that have been taken over or wiped out by enemies. The match ups and sources for round two are: Garpocalypse (Ramza) and Touchstone (Ib) and Chernabogue (Isaac) : These Feelings ~ Cursed Trodain Theme - Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King alfredofreak (Ayla) and Xenonetix (Terra) and Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana) : Dying Village - Breath of Fire For more information, check out the compo thread.
  17. This thread is for voting on the entries of the rRPC 2016 Villain Bracket Round One . The match ups to vote on are: Yami (Dark Gaia) vs Ronald Poe (Xehanort) Supercoolmike (Mithos) vs Timothy William (Sephiroth) You may download the music here. Please refrain from posting in this thread. If you want to post a review of the tracks for the round, please do so in a single post in the main thread for the rRPC 2016. You may vote for yourself in your own match ups. Please consider the quality of the arrangements when casting your votes, along with production value and your personal enjoyment of each mix. Voting will be open until 9 am EDT on Monday, June 13.
  18. until
    Voting for the rRPC 2016 Villain Round One is open from June 6 until 9 AM EDT on Monday, June 13. The match ups are: Yami (Dark Gaia) vs Ronald Poe (Xehanort) Supercoolmike (Mithos) vs Timothy William (Sephiroth) You may access the voting thread and the link to download the round's mixes here.
  19. Hallo! I just finished putting together an amateur composing competition website, and I'd be super flattered if you guys came and checked it out. Music Battle It's open to everyone, so feel free to vote, or even enter a contest if you want. Thanks for reading, I guess that's enough plugging for now :3
  20. until
    Voting for the Hero Round One of the rRPC. The match ups are: Garpocalypse (Ramza) and alfredofreak (Ayla) : Wings of Hope - Tales of the Abyss Chernabogue (Isaac) and Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana) : Raging Sea - Crystalis You may download the music here.
  21. until
    Round One of the Villain side of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016. The match ups of the round are: Yami (Dark Gaia) vs Ronald Poe (Xehanort) Supercoolmike (Mithos) vs Timothy William (Sephiroth) vs HoboKa (Lloyd) For more details, visit the rRPC 2016 thread.
  22. until
    The first round of the Hero side of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition. The general theme of the round is traveling themes, specifically music associated with riding mounts, sailing in a ship, or flying in an airship. The match-ups are: Garpocalypse (Ramza) and alfredofreak (Ayla) using Wings of Hope from Tales of the Abyss Touchstone (Ib) and Xenonetix (Terra) using Lightning Blade in the Blue Sky from Wild Arms 3 Chernabogue (Isaac) and Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana) using Raging Sea from Crystalis Follow the link for more details about the rRPC 2016.
  23. Hi Guys! Check out my new video, I'm entering a competition hosted by Rob Chapman. Please leave your comments, Thank you! Cheers!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vLd1pDbgPs
  24. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation (CCoI) A Remix Competition Presented by the OverClocked ReMix Forums Introduction The Cult of Dracula strikes again! With their arcane power, they've reached backwards and forwards through time, even into alternate realities, to piece the Castle of Chaos and its surroundings back together, and with it, their fallen master. But the castle has come back jumbled together! Lakes float above towers, forests grow deep underground, and libraries burn perpetually in caverns of fire. Of course, with the pieces of the castle have come the heroes of ages! These heroes must fight through the Transylvanian chaos, sending each area in turn back to the abyss, until only one remains, trapping Dracula's essence and allowing him to be defeated once more. Download Current News Voting for the Final Battle has concluded! While Simon Belmont, represented by OA, has succeeded in his quest, Dracula, represented by Jorito, has had the last laugh. He'll return soon, more powerful than ever! Congratulations to both Jorito and OA! Brackets Alucard Bracket Concluded! Soma Bracket Concluded! Simon Bracket OA: Entrance, 1797 Dracula Bracket Jorito: Crumbling Tower, 1691 The Fallen PlanarianHugger: Plant Castle, 1591 Yami: Underground Caverns, 1797 theshaggyfreak: Munitions Factory, 1917 Esperado: Forbidden Area, 2035 Chernabogue: Underground Caverns, 1691 Chalis: Dance Hall, 2035 Trism: Wilderness, 1698 YoshiBlade: Castle Center, 1852 HoboKa: Burning Town, 1792 Supercoolmike: Inner Halls, 1476 Sir_NutS: Entrance, 1691 Aleix Ramon: Master's Keep, 1944 Magnetic Ether: Inner Quarters, 2035 War Machine: Dungeon, 1691 Gario: Warakiya Village, 1476 wildfire: Abandoned Castle, 1479 Format Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation (CCoI) is mostly a traditional elimination tournament. Each participant will choose the music from one location, stage, or area from any Castlevania game. They will then be paired off against each other, with the winner continuing to the next round. Remixers will have two weeks to write a "vs. remix;" that is to say, a remix featuring the themes of their own area and their opponent's area, and there will be a one-week voting period following each round. Two elements make this compo different from traditional brackets. First, instead of requiring a specific number of participants, any number will be accepted. One or more special rounds will be added to even out the number of participants. These special rounds will require remixes to use both their stage music and a special theme for the round. There also may be three main brackets instead of the usual two if that makes things work out more evenly. Second, there will be an optional loser's bracket. This will be point-based, and based on the number of participants who opt in for each round: the more entries, the more points will be up for grabs in each round. Those who lose in the main bracket will enter the loser's bracket slightly above the median score of all existing participants, to put them on even footing (with a reward for lasting longer in the main bracket). The winner of the loser's bracket will compete with the winner of the winner's bracket at the end: The winner of the winner's bracket can claim ultimate victory whether they win or lose, but they need to share that victory with the winner of the loser's bracket if they lose to them. All participating competitors and voters will adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct. So do I just pick a theme? Is it first-come-first-served? I'll be doing a draft for source selection. If you're planning on participating, please post a list of at least three sources you're interested in claiming, in your order of preference. If you're choosing themes you expect to be popular, you should post 4 or 5 choices so you have backup. Since Castlevania doesn't always use consistent names for locations, and the names of the themes themselves aren't always easy to find, please include a YouTube link to each source. Also, if you have any schedule restrictions (planned vacations, exams, etc), please mention them in your signup post. I'll do my best to accommodate. Eligible sources are those which are the music for a stage, area, or location from any game with "Castlevania" in the title. Boss music, character themes, etc. are not eligible. If a source is used for two or three locations in the same game, that's fine, just specify one. If it's used in different games, try to list the game it originally came from (e.g. Castlevania for Vampire Killer). Different participants will not be allowed to choose different versions of the same melody. Castlevania II: Simon's Quest is a special case: Silence of Daylight, Bloody Tears, Monster Dance, Dwelling of Doom, and Within These Castle Walls are the eligible sources. Once everyone posts their lists, I'll assign choices based on a weighted point system designed to give the highest possible choices to the greatest number of people. (Some mathematical oddities in the sequential conflict resolution system actually make lower-ranked choices more likely in some cases, so I won't be using that.) Submissions All entries must be sent to me (MindWanderer) via PM on the forums. Please include the name of your bracket and the round number in the subject line of your PM. Please send me your submissions in MP3 format. I'll trust the submitters' ears to choose the best encodings for their music. Please do not use MediaFire, RapidShare, or any other ad-ridden public sharing site as a host for your entry. Tindeck is also bad because it changes your filenames. There are many better options you can and should be using to host your music. I recommend Dropbox or SoundCloud. Make sure your files are downloadable. File names must be in the following format: 1-on-1 round: Remixer - Title (Remixer's Stage and Opponent's Stage).mp3 3-way round: Remixer - Title (Remixer's Stage; First Opponent's Stage; and Second Opponent's Stage).mp3 Dracula Bracket round: Remixer - Title (Remixer's Stage and Round Theme).mp3 Examples: DarkeSword - Blood in the Water (Sunken City of Poltergeists, 1476 and Wilderness, 1698).mp3 MindWanderer - Wallachia Just Keeps On Burning (Warakiya Village, 1476; Burning Town, 1792; and Master's Keep, 1944).mp3 djpretzel - Praying for Time (Clock Tower, 1691 and Prayer, 1476).mp3 Please pay attention to the spaces and punctuation. Your artist name and mix title can be whatever capitalization you want but the stage names must be full and capitalized properly (as listed in the brackets). Properly formatted file names make it much easier for me to tag everything properly, which ensures good, consistent metadata on all the files that will be distributed to voters. You must adhere to this file name standard. If you don't, I will seriously consider disqualifying you, and I don't think anyone wants to be disqualified just because they couldn't name their file properly. Voting Rules and Guidelines Voting is conducted publicly in the Public Voting forum. Every week, a thread will be created for the most recently completed round of remixing. Specific rules will vary from round to round, so be sure to check the main post of each thread for instructions. Things to keep in mind when voting: The most important thing to consider when voting is how well the remix incorporates and arranges both themes. Production and enjoyability should also be considered, but this is primarily an arrangement competition. If you can't hear both themes in the remix, don't vote for it. Everyone is allowed (and encouraged) to vote, including both competitors and non-competitors. Due to the forum's poll mechanic, you are required to choose a remix to vote for in each pairing in the main brackets. If you participated in the round, feel free to vote for yourself. In the Dracula bracket, you will need to choose a first, second, and third-place choice. Do not vote for yourself. Voters will earn points equal to a first-place vote just for voting. Do not post reviews in the voting thread. Compile your reviews for each round into a single post in this thread. Post only once in each voting thread. Everyone must adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct. Violations may result in your votes or entries being disqualified. Schedule Signups close: January 7 Remixing begins: Alucard Bracket Round 1: January 13 Soma Bracket Round 1: January 20 Simon Bracket Round 1: January 27 Alucard Bracket Round 2: February 3 Soma Bracket Round 2: February 10 Simon Bracket Round 3: February 17 Dracula (losers') Bracket Round 1: February 17 Hero Finals: March 9 Dracula Bracket Round 2: March 9 Final Battle: March 30 (3-week mixing period) Epilogue: March 30 (3-week mixing period) Conclusion Castlevania was originally released on September 26, 1986, making this coming year its 30th anniversary. I'd like to release a compliation OCR-I on that date if at all possible. So if you make something you like, or that you could like with some extra time to polish it, hang onto it, and I'll ask for submissions following the end of the compo. Art Art supplied by Chernabogue! Get your signature banners here. Aren't you stealing DarkeSword's format just so we can make more Castlevania music for you to listen to? Yep, pretty much.
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