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  1. Oh man... I was hoping for such great things... But I was utterly disappointed... I really like the original song, and this remix lets me down. It sounds kinda like he took the midi, erased some of it, and added in a cheezy house beat behind it. My rating? Original Song (The Man With a Machine Gun; Laguna's Battle Theme from FFVIII): 9/10 Remix (Man With Another Trance Machine): 1.75/10
  2. Out of all the remixes on this site, This is one of my utmost favorites... My opinion on the new one? I like the older one better. You compared the song to a string machine, and the newer one doesnt make me think of it nearly as much as the first one did. and by the way... it does sound like a string machine... or an embroidery machine... either one...