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  1. Hello...

    I don't suppose there is _any chance at all_ that an mp3 still exists somewhere for the following?


  2. Please come back to OCremix with a GOLBEZ remix!!! You're an awesome remixer and one of my favorite artists so please come back, preferrably with a remix of Golbez's theme or Rosa's theme. :D

  3. I wish orkybash would make a triumphant return... I loved his music.

  4. Oh hey one of those guys who disappears for no reason.

  5. Solo piano using just a soundfont, hmm? Sorry, but this doesn't work for me. I like where you're going with the arrangement, but when you synthesize a piano you lose the expression that a real player gives it, and in solo piano music that expression is much more important than it is in other types. Play with the velocity controller some (which you have at points, it could just use a little more work), especially in the beginning (I would suggest taking the intro a little slower than the rest of the song, too). Also, I noticed some clipping at points. It's not as bad as I've heard in other songs, but if you do nothing else to this before you re-submit, re-record it with slightly lower levels. NO, but it's almost there!
  6. Not too bad. It gets a little muddy around the middle and the drums sound a little thin sometimes, but for the most part it sounded good, held my interest, and was long enough to get it's point across without getting tiresome or ending befre it should have. I think it's good enough to go up! YES
  7. This mix sounds awesome, but as others have noted, it's too quite. You can change the volume of a file with any sound editor out there, including windows sound recorder. Please do so. NO, though I would very highly encourage a resubmit!
  8. Piano part is nothing special... sounds nice, but it doesn't go anywhere. Until... holy god, is that violin out of tune!!!!! *cringes* And yeah, the ending bugged me. A lot. This explains what's wrong with the piece. You can't seriously hope to finish a good piece of music in an entire evening. Save it (assuming your program can, and if it can't, go out and buy the commercial version of whatever you use!!!) Let it sit for a couple hours at least, preferably a couple of days. Come back to it with fresh ears, and you'll probably get some ideas that you can add to it, not to mention pick up on things that you could improve. Now that that's brought up, I honestly wonder how many people really do try to finish their music in one evening.... NO
  9. Well, I haven't heard it in context, so this sounds all good to me! Coulda gone with a little more bass, but I like the way this is put together overall so I'll forgive that. YES
  10. Kinda slow moving for my tastes, but that comes down to artistic choice, as it's excecuted very well for what it is. Methinks it's good enough to get over the bar. YES
  11. Copy and paste, my young padawan! Sounds pretty good. I'd suggest something a little more varried, and possibly stronger, in terms of the drum loop. But I think this shows enough quality to pass. YES
  12. Well, nice drum work, I suppose... and nice processing on the synths.... too bad the arrangement needs a lot of work. Playing the same melody over and over using different instruments is not variation, or at least not enough. Especially not when, for the majority of the song, that melody is ALL there is besides the drums. I'd love to hear this with some bass, and some synth backing, cause right now the melody line is really really lonely! Or it feels intimidated by the drums and needs support, however you want to think of it. But, enough of the bad analogies. Time to get down to business and vote NO.
  13. Sample quality's a little low, but this arrangement really shines through the sample problems. I would also suggest a deeper reverb to draw the elements together. Just something to keep in mind for next time, though, cause I think the arrangement alone here definitely deserve a YES.
  14. Sounds really good to my ears. The one thing I would suggest is to give the drums more of a presence in the mix, and maybe do some EQ work to crank up the bass a little. But, I can tell you were going for a more lighthearted trance feeling, and maybe that would get too far away from that. But I digress... overall, I enjoyed this enough to give it a YES.
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