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  1. yeah this great, I like that some of the people on this site making music don't go strictly techno I get really sick of that, and especially when they use the new software with the horrible new beats these programs have...what ever happened to the old school stuff..anyway your doing a great job making music...Hang tough
  2. Hey this is some great work I really like this kinda thing...Even though it's not Industrial...yeah that's right, I'm a musician and I'm not closed minded to this sort of thing...anyway great job hope to hear a lot more....Hang tough
  3. Yeah this has a Great sound... although this one kinda stands out as it's zero's theme...what else can I say but nice work.....Hang tough
  4. This is a great mix, don't hear many like it, It sounds like it's coming from an Industrial/Techno whiz, or it could be that you just got lucky when you mixed it, not that I'm putting down your skill, I just know how it is when mixing things, you can do something accidentally and it turns out to be a killer riff.....heh sorry to ramble.....hang tough
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