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  1. Hey, guys. Wow. All this love for such a horrible remix lol! Honestly I don't remember if I sent it into be judged by OCR. Actually, now that I think about it I don't think I ever did. I distinctly remember now that I was worried about sending it in because I knew it would never be accepted in its current state. I haven't touched the mix in years and ended up I think just posting it on VGMix 2 as a WIP. I don't have a lot of time anymore now that I'm married with two kids. I also had it on my game remix section on my website which I've since changed to just link to my VGMix profile. Perhaps I should just go back to creating my own game remix section again on my website. Chemical Overdose (while fun) is very repetitive and without much variety. Basically there's an intro and then the main theme loops 3 times with a sort of guitar solo near the end of the third loop and then a short outro and nothing more. It's painful to listen to now. I've learned much since then and hopefully someday I'll be able to fix it up, but I can't promise anything. In the past months I've been only participating in the DoD contests and nothing more. Nevertheless I'm glad this song has such a following. I also mentioned to some people who were asking that this project turned into a collaboration mega-mix with another mixer. But we've never gotten the thing off the ground yet and I don't know when it'll be finished. But Overdose may yet live in some acceptable form. We'll see... Oh, and here's the latest version for those that want it: MP3: OGG:
  2. Hah! I love Monkey Island and I love Gerudo Valley. Genius mix!
  3. Well thanks, everybody. Ièll see if I can come up with something then .
  4. Is this worth expounding on? OGG: MP3:
  5. Long time since I've stepped foot in here... Little idea I had yesterday and quickly whipped up a guitar version of the first level last night and the boss music this morning. I loved this soundtrack as a kid and it's great fun to play, too. The original (as played from the MT-32): The remix: Still lots of work to do here. Most of the instruments are still lousy soundfonts I was using for fillers and the guitars aren't even mixed incredibly yet. Still fun to listen to. I think so, anyway .