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  1. This one reminded me so much of the other piano arrangement. I kept thing...man i've heard this before. But in all honesty, I don't care because they both are freakin awesome. Good stuff. Great take on timeless source material.
  2. Sorry guys, but I found this one dissapointing. I always get really excited when I see an earthbound mix, but to me this was just a trance song with some earthbound notes thrown in... Props on the techno, but as far as being earthboundy? Meh. I was actually just listening to di.fm before I popped this mix in and compared back to back. Well, I think i've already said it. This song simply strayed too far from the original. Part of the way I judge a remix is how well it brings me back to spending all weekend in front of my SNES playing that game. And while as a trance song it was good..it just didnt do the former for me at all.
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