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  1. Great, now I'll NEVER stop listening to this song. Ever. I already loved the save music, and now you've gone and made it even cooler. I'm a little hesitant to download the 9 min version, I'm afraid it'll BLOW MY MIND! All stupidity aside, this remix is awesome. It's got a great flow, it starts out mellow, then starts to build, and by the time the melody comes in, I'm ready to get up and start dancing. Also, it really reminds me of the game, and anything that reminds me of Ico is good. Great job, I hope to see some more stuff from you soon.
  2. I registered just so I could comment on this song. This is amazing. I've had it on repeat on Winamp for almost an hour now. I especially enjoy the vocal bit at the beginning and the piano about halfway through. I really love seeing Beyond Good and Evil getting recognition, seeing as it's my favorite game of all time. I hope to see more remixes of it.
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