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  1. CD survived the trip to Aus with nary a scratch! Cheers dude.
  2. I really dig Lo-fi Attitude, but have been finding it tricky knowing where to start with regard to mixing it...more so than the others. I suppose I'll keep plodding away and come up with something when the time comes.
  3. Hey NeoS, Nice "jumping" tune, perhaps a bit too slow. I cranked up the tempo + pitch a couple steps in winamp and it was rocking...sounded much better. I think I prefer your happy hardcore, but this a good start.
  4. Hey, Well, it's been a couple years since I was last here. I've finished up a first draft of a new song of mine (my first in a while now that my computer soundcard works again). Darius - God's Children <3:00> 128kbps Is there anyone from Sector 4/4 still around here?
  5. Ello all, I've made a brief introduction of myself in the WIP forum, but I'll just say another quick hello here. Been surfing here for a couple of years now, and am muchly impressed with some of the music here. In fact some of my influences come from OCR artists. Hopefully my music'll be able to improve with help and feedback from fellow artists.
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