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  1. whenever I'm feeling stressed, I throw this track on. the building ambience of the wind, flute and bells blend beautifully into the main tune, setting up everything for that sweet guitar riff. my only complaint is that it's a bit too short for my liking. oh, well, that's why they have the "repeat" button, ne?
  2. this is by far the most creative and well-done Chocobo theme remix on the site. when I first heard it, I wanted to get up and do a happy little dance. the arrangement is good and well-paced, everything is decently balanced, and I love how the main theme was kept in the MIDI-style beep form. the "wipeout" segment was icing on the cake, giving the feeling that you're getting two remixes for the price of one download. all in all, it makes me want to thank Squenix for Chocobos until the end of time. bravo, Draggor. you are most certainly teh roxxors.
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