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  4. As has been the general opinion of this thread, I must say that this work is excllent because it is beautifully executed. It's really excellent to see somebody with talent for live proformances. Excellent work EgM.
  5. Chrono Trigger 'Spekkio the Brave' I'm 3/4's Scottish, so I'd be a rebel to my culture not to like this. Quite honestly, I'm a horrible rebel, so I think I'll just go along and say that this is one of the most amazing pieces of work I have ever heard. The bagpipes are especially spectacular. Now, while I do say that bagpipes are a very interesting sounding instrument, I do not suggest putting this song on the CD or MP3 Playlist that wakes you up in the morning. Being awaken by bagpipes is not the most enjoyable occasion you could ever have. I speak from experience. And back to the mix, the trumpet (edit: oops, tuba) is also amazingly well done. Keeping in mind that this was created electronically, I have to say, Spekkio did quite the job here. Fantabulous work Spekkosaurus. Don't question it, this does deserve a made up word.
  6. Lufia II 'Christmas in the Village (Silver Bells)' You can't get much more Christmasy then this. All through this song I'm just waiting for Anne Murray to start up her vocal cords. I can't say that I'm incredibly enthused about this style of music... but it is Christmas so I'll live. Another excellent piece of work for the Christmas holidays. Great work Dale North.
  7. Streets of Rage 2 'Ending Theme (Reflecting Mix)' This is something a little more soft and melodic (and boring. Sorry, after the Battletoads Mix, I need more music that gives me a rush.) What a lovely piano, and a very nice deep bass. The strings add a lot of much needed atmosphere. And I must say, despite my longing for something that gives me a rush, this is an excellent piece of work. Excellent work, Rayza.
  8. Battletoads & Double Dragon 'Enter the Toad' The drums and some other instruments sound somewhat muffled at the beginning, and I'm thinking that this was intended. Otherwise, the guitar, scratch, and synths are all amazing. djpretzel made reference to AC/DC, and I would absolutely have to agree that it it could very easily be mistaken. All I can say about the wicked tunes here is "wow." If you like electric guitars, do not hesitate to download this. Excellent work, Jivemaster.
  9. Metroid 'To Brinstar' Avien gives us a lovely little orchestration here. I especially love the continuously spooky tone at the beginning. All the instruments are incredibly realistic, crisp, and clear. The climb to a climax at the end is stunning, but the fall off is disappointingly sudden. All in all, an excellent remix, Avien, keep up the good work.
  10. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 'Influence of Koholint' Right from the beginning this mix displeased me. Although there is nothing *wrong* with it, it simply doesn't bring pleasure to my ears. The bass and drums are far to repetitive for my liking, as well as generally uninventive. The melody is, while well timed, of a very erratic style. A style which I simply can't say I like. The one thing that is in good taste with me, is the panned strings, which are unfortunately normally accompanied by the, bass and drums which are difficult to ignore. Some might like this, in fact I hope some do because regardless of what it sounds like to me, it's obvious that Ryu7x has talent. Don't let this get you down Ryu7x.
  11. Chrono Trigger 'Town Life in Piano' If there is one thing I really like, its when somebody plays a piano solo, they really know how to put a lot of feeling in it, and they know how to keep it sounding timed right. It's nothing like a 4 on the floor techno beat where the timing is always perfect, because it sounds more like the song has a natural flow to it. Also, I feel that the female human voice and the piano are probably the top two most amazing sounding instruments on the planet. Now, this piece lacks the female voice, so it has the next best thing. And when it is played as beautifully as it is here, it is truly something to admire. This is one hell of a beautiful, ear pleasing piece of work, kLuTz, don't stop now.
  12. Final Fantasy IX 'the battle of strings and a cell phone' I'm a lot more serious about music then I realized up to this point. I don't have the same appreciation for a portion of a remix being played on a cell phone as some people seem to have. It all sounds like it took some serious talent to produce something like this, but due to the overall sound quality and the fact that one of the instruments is a not so great sounding piece of electronics, I wouldn't keep something like this. So great work, zid, I can't say that you aren't pleasing a crowd, just not me. Oh, and the world doesn't revolve around me, so no worries.
  13. Chrono Trigger 'Lesser Kerubic Patchwork' I had to go back and listen to the soundtrack, specifically Schala's theme, to recognize that what Israfel has done with this piece fits very well. Obviously, Israfel's drum work is drastically different, I get the same ethnic feeling from the original song as I do from Israfel's excellent work. The reason I had to refresh my memory is because although I distinctly remembered the melody of Schala's theme, I had no recollection of the instruments used, or the drums from the original. It's interesting what we selectively remember sometimes. I must say that although the break beat drums sound "sampled," I love them. I just happen to love break beat, especially the way it was used here in Israfel's piece. Excellent music Israfel.
  14. Tomb Raider 'Adventure Is in the Air' Besides the fact that some remixers seem to be conspiring together and starting their mixes with the same ambient cave dwelling scene to mess with peoples heads... this mix is great. The atmospheric wind and wind instrument gives this piece a very breezy feeling which I find myself very attracted to. Those guitars at the climax are a well done and most welcomed addition, although late in the song. This piece seems to have a slow build up and a quick drop off after the climax. I would have liked to have seen it longer, but then I want practically every song I listen to, to be longer. While the beat is steady, the breaks that let other instruments take hold, and the excellent sound makes the drums very appealing. Love this mix, EmptyMy, great piece of work.
  15. Dark Cloud 'La Saia's Resting Place' This is a somewhat solemn little mix of a song from a surprisingly recent game. The more upbeat part of this mix reminds me of vividly Delerium, which I absolutely love. The whole mix, especially those guitars are absolutely fabulous. Excellent work, Dev.
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