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  1. I registered for the sole reason of reviewing this ReMix. I found the ReMix on the OCReMix main site under the Kong in Concert section. I was generally impressed with all the ReMixes until "Beneath the Surface" came on, and I was completely blown away. "Beneath the Surface" is probably my favourite ReMix todate. Not only that, but it's reached my top three favorite songs of all time. That's including all music I listen to (and I listen to a lot of music, so that's saying something). It's jazzy, it's calm and it's just frigging beautiful. It's one of those songs you can put on loop and listen to without ever getting bored. There are so many underlying melodies and themes and sounds, you catch something new every time you listen; riffs from other songs, underlying sound effects, whispery vocals. "Beneath the Surface" has such depth and a encompasing atmosphere that it's almost impossible not to like it. You can't help but be swept away by the music and be brought into serenity for six minutes and twenty seconds. A song that can do that is simply amazing, and "Beneath the Surface" does it for the full 6:20. Just wanted to mention, as a sax player myself, that your sax playing is incredible. It has that sweeping jazzy feel to it, a beautiful tone (which is perfectly suited for the song) and fits the song perfectly. Also, the piano (I'm not sure if it's synth or not) is a beautiful touch, and again, it has this whole sweeping feel to it, like waves, it just flows over you, cascading up and down. Amazing. In the end, I'll just say that this is probably my favourite ReMix to date. It's fantastic, overwhelming and breath-taking. - afterglow
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