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  1. Hi, I'm in the process of making this electro-tune, but need some suggestions feedback etc until going further. I haven't paid to much attention to production values yet, which explains no panning and wery little effectprocessing. Well, enjoy. UPDATE! It's now close to finish. I'm a little unsure about some stuff, but that's why I need YOUR opinion! Feedback please.
  2. Hi, I'm working on a new kinda minimalistic nudisco-track, soon to be finished. Need some response, suggestions etc. Any comment appreciated! /Jimmy
  3. Hey, I really appreciate your work. Enjoyable tracks. I've been considering making an album with fm-synth-stuff, but I'm not too good at making complex fm-sounds. ;\
  4. Hi people, I'm working on a new original track and need some feeback before I'm proceding further. Style is chill-out, minimalistic/Groove/synth/psy-electronica. Or something like that. I haven't paid too much attention at panning, reverb and the bigger part of the production at this point. Just focusing on vibe, sounds and harmonies. I would be happy if you leave a comment of what you think, suggestions etc. /Cyan
  5. I like how the new system automatically determines who's the winner by counting the votes and gathering the points. That's cool.
  6. And the countdown has begun...
  7. Same as in previous round I suppose. But I guess Doulifée decides about that.
  8. Yoozer: That's a nice story. My dad owns a DX7, and I'm a little bit tempted to lend it, learning how to create sounds with it. However, everyone says that it's a hell of work to learn the FM synthesis theory, and as well to use it properly. That's probably why I stick with my subtractive synths (like ms20), though I like the sound of the DX7 (and FM in general) a lot.
  9. Nice! I will throw in my vote asap. (To bad, no entry, xela?) (or should I say Alex Smith? Whatever )
  10. Nice. Entries! Keep 'em coming. 1 day left, and none so far.
  11. ... If more people could get their asses here, that is. ;o Or maybe I'm misstaken and everybody is working their eyes out to get their entries ready by friday. (I wish) But come on! Don't let the compo-thread die.
  12. Had this one on my computer for a while, and decided to finish it up this weekend - so I did. I think it turned out to be some pretty groovy lofi/electro. Any opinions? Feedback is very welcome!
  13. Woo. This will be interesting. Hope to see a good round.