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  1. Hi, I'm in the process of making this electro-tune, but need some suggestions feedback etc until going further. I haven't paid to much attention to production values yet, which explains no panning and wery little effectprocessing. Well, enjoy. UPDATE! It's now close to finish. I'm a little unsure about some stuff, but that's why I need YOUR opinion! Feedback please. http://jimmyem.googlepages.com/Cyan_-_The_Jinxed_Jigsaw.mp3
  2. Hi, I'm working on a new kinda minimalistic nudisco-track, soon to be finished. Need some response, suggestions etc. Any comment appreciated! http://jimmyem.googlepages.com/Jimmy_Disco_3.mp3 /Jimmy
  3. Hey, I really appreciate your work. Enjoyable tracks. I've been considering making an album with fm-synth-stuff, but I'm not too good at making complex fm-sounds. ;\
  4. Hi people, I'm working on a new original track and need some feeback before I'm proceding further. Style is chill-out, minimalistic/Groove/synth/psy-electronica. Or something like that. I haven't paid too much attention at panning, reverb and the bigger part of the production at this point. Just focusing on vibe, sounds and harmonies. I would be happy if you leave a comment of what you think, suggestions etc. http://jimmyem.googlepages.com/Cyan_-_Triangel_Light.mp3 /Cyan
  5. I like how the new system automatically determines who's the winner by counting the votes and gathering the points. That's cool.
  6. Same as in previous round I suppose. But I guess Doulifée decides about that.
  7. Yoozer: That's a nice story. My dad owns a DX7, and I'm a little bit tempted to lend it, learning how to create sounds with it. However, everyone says that it's a hell of work to learn the FM synthesis theory, and as well to use it properly. That's probably why I stick with my subtractive synths (like ms20), though I like the sound of the DX7 (and FM in general) a lot.
  8. Nice! I will throw in my vote asap. (To bad, no entry, xela?) (or should I say Alex Smith? Whatever )
  9. Nice. Entries! Keep 'em coming. 1 day left, and none so far.
  10. ... If more people could get their asses here, that is. ;o Or maybe I'm misstaken and everybody is working their eyes out to get their entries ready by friday. (I wish) But come on! Don't let the compo-thread die.
  11. Had this one on my computer for a while, and decided to finish it up this weekend - so I did. I think it turned out to be some pretty groovy lofi/electro. http://studioforum.idg.se/data/portfolio_user/95/03/07/4158121/Cyan_-_Square_Caves.mp3 Any opinions? Feedback is very welcome!
  12. Woo. This will be interesting. Hope to see a good round.
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