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  1. hi shaggy. I was putting together a Doepfer DIY synth: In the video I'm using an Arduino Due to create control voltages from a keybed I removed from a broken oxygen8. I'm trying to create a panel/enclosure for it using laser-cut acryllic but I haven't had time to work on it. Also I have the Ray Wilson book you mentioned, I put together some of the simpler circuits e.g. the pulse-wave oscillator made from a Schmitt trigger. Again, when I have more time I'll try some of the more interesting circuits. Not analogue, but currently awaiting delivery of an FPGA starter board for me to play with. I was thinking of designing an 8-bit style sound chip for it and well, writing some chiptunes for it? We'll see. cheers.
  2. Vocal hate? A victim is me! Kidding of course, I don't mind in the slightest. In fact I would be happy to provide you guys with an instrumental mix of this, however after 10 years, and I can hardly believe it's been that long, the project files have no doubt collected a prohibitive amount of cobweb; I wouldn't have the hours necessary to sort it out and bounce anything. Thanks for the kind words, though. cheers.
  3. I fully support this initiative. edit: hey first post in 6+ months, yeaaa
  4. Mind your temper, Paralax. Don't get yourself exiled from this community too. tschüß.
  5. Older Xing-based mp3 encoders (e.g. blade) produced a compromised high-end which was distinguishably annoying. Perhaps your older mp3s were from one of these encoders. Or maybe they just have very low bit-rate and you're hearing ordinary artifacts. Unfortunately either situation it can't be helped.
  6. I'm going to try but I can't even think about what to do until August. So it will likely be a last-minute deal. cheers.
  7. To each his reach and if I don't cop it ain't mine to have. But I'll be reachin' for you, MVC cheers.
  8. Don't forget there's a smashing music video for this remix made by JH Sounds: cheers.
  9. Alright Mr. Pleonastically Prodigious Circles, I think your intentions are good and feel you are sincere. I respect that. Even if we don't agree, I enjoy your conversation. Thank you for your input.

  10. Yes, I thought I made it clear I was referring to the ordering. I see the updated album art, all is well now.
  11. No one said it was terrible. No one made a big deal about it. I wish you better literacy in the future.
  12. Either the album art or the filenames are wrong -- because they don't match.
  13. Hmm, the filenames are wrong in the one I downloaded (AAC version). Track #5 for me is 'Heat Death' which you also like so no consolation there, but worth mentioning. cheers.
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