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  1. Very catchy and bubbly. It does sound a lot like the original with better instruments (as was stated). I can see a group of kids running around a playground as this song starts. It's like something right out of Kids Incorporated or The Mickey Mouse Club from the late 80's. My only complaint? It should be longer. Around 2:30 or so. I would love to get an extended version of this.
  2. I've been a regular of OCRemix for a few years now, but only recently did I decide to register for the forums. In doing so, I felt it fitting that my first post be my thoughts on quite possibly my favorite song ever remixed here. The first song by Spekkosaurus I downloaded was "Sound Stone in C Major" which I found on Morpheus. The song in turn led me here, as it had the web address with the song. Since then, I've been picking up my favorite game songs remixed as well as some new songs that I've never heard of but decided to try. A bit skeptical when the song appeared on the main page, I was almost certain I wouldn't like this version as I think bagpipes are dreadful. Still, "Delightful Spekkio" is my favorite song from Chrono Trigger, and thus, I had to download the remix. Wearing headphones, I turned the volume to a reasonable setting and started to play the song. Not 30 seconds in, I had tears in my eyes. A great deal of emotion came from this song. An jovial tune turned into an epic, with so much strength and power. I will say, this is not for everyone. And it certainly will not affect many in the way it has me. But I know that had I not have taken that chance to download something that didn't seem too appealing to me, I never would have heard this song and I never would have experienced the greatness of Spekkosaurus. I just want to say thank you, Spekkosaurus. This truly is one of the best pieces I have ever heard from here.
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