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  1. I posted on Uematsu-san's Facebook page as soon as I saw this was up, but I've been exceptionally slow trying to get back on these boards. Honestly, I don't care if I win, just so long as Uematsu-san knows we're here and appreciate all that he has accomplished for videogame music! Although I certainly wouldn't mind winning...
  2. Hey Rozovian, Thanks for your comments! I'm going to try out the things you've mentioned above. Especially the reverb; I felt everything was a bit dry as well, but I didn't want to overuse the effect. So, what would make it awesometastic? Does it need better flow in a certain section, a new melody, something more fleshed out? Again, thank you for your comments!
  3. Hey all, I've been working on this "actual" remix for quite some time, and I need a bit of help. The song is posted here: You don't need to sign up for anything to listen to the song (or you shouldn't, at least), just go listen, come back here and give critiques. Please note that I'm working almost entirely within the confines of Abelton Live (as far as strings/brass goes), so instrumentation may sound limited. I want to make this a submission to the OCR site (hopefully, that's obvious), however, I do NOT want to bother the judges with something that won't be acceptable immediately, and so I ask for your help. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to reading your responses.
  4. I submitted a mix, only to realize about 5 hours later (and while I was helping a friend unpack then repack his crap into storage) that it was the wrong mix of the song...had not been EQ'd. Where can I resubmit the track to replace the one already submitted without the old one having to be judged, subsequently KO'd because it sounds crappy, and told to resubmit (possibly)? Thanks!