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  1. i bought norton ghost and used it to wipe my c:\ and it is now functional again my computer can only be killed with the ancient bone saber of zumakallis
  2. i found a tool in norton that is currently erasing my entire C:\ it's slow as hell but as far as last-ditch efforts go i have high hopes
  3. does syl still post on these forums help me syl help
  4. I'm certain that the keys aren't sticking because the comp is a tablet PC, so it has a little onscreen keyboard that lights up when a key is pressed, and I've already checked both alt keys; I don't have a spare keyboard, but I'll try bringing my comp in to work tomorrow and plug in my work keyboard. The only thing that makes me skeptical is that for instance, when I load Firefox, it starts trying to "save target as" the links for my extensions, such as my weather extension or my gmail extension-- which I don't think would normally happen if I were just holding down ALT. I think that the compu
  5. Synopsis: My computer interprets every action as ALT+[action]. I need this to stop. Story: A few days ago windows corrupted a file on a bad restart. I don't know which file it was, but it says it was lost. Ever since then, windows interprets every action as though I were holding down the ALT key. This includes keystrokes and mouseclicks, but also includes autonomous actions such as loading flash files in my browser or clicking links. In order to solve the problem, I want to reformat my hard drive, so I have the reboot CD in the drive (luckily I had previously set BIOS to boot from CD), b
  6. Welcome to the forums, but I think you might prefer not to be associated with Virt if you're gonna hang out around here; he and OCR have an interesting history, to say the least. The quick synopsis is that he was once an integral part of OCR, until he and DJP had a falling out, and Virt started his own remix site as competition for OCR. As usual, beware of unmod, blah blah blah, enjoy.
  7. Hey all. Just got a forum account, but I have been lurking here for like 2 1/2 years now so I don't feel that new. Anyway, I love the music on this site and look forward to contributing when possible
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