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  1. Yes... he is the last one. How far are you getting? He will try to one shot knockdown you for the first 1:30 of the first round. Dodge each one and give him 2 shots to the head. ONly 2! Next he'll go into the blink and hook routine. Dodge the hook and hit him in the head some more. Its either 2 or 3 shots per punch ( i think 3). If you do this right you should be able to knock him down sometime in the 1st round. 2nd round gets a little tougher. Lets see. If he blinks both his eyes a bunch of times, prepare to block like you've never blocked before. Dont try to dodge them. He will stil
  2. A present for HERMAN9000 007-373-5963 the password for Tyson. Crazy I remember it after all these years. I guess its like the Konami (UUDDLRLRBA,Select Start) thang, the kid icarus "ICARUS FIGHTS MEDUSA ANGELS", or metroids "JUSTIN BAILEY"... you never forget.
  3. Yea... I did play it recently. Completed it about a month ago. Great game. And yes, it was pretty hard. The best bosses I've played against in maybe two gaming generations. The thing is, I went through it on NORMAL... not the infamous DANTE MUST DIE. On normal it took me a handful of tries to defeat that damn blob ( i hate that blob), actually a handfull to beat pretty much everybody. Except the griffon (1st and 3rd iterations werent too bad). I can only imagine the difficulty level at higher levels. When I saw the "Now try it on HARD" after I finished the game I laughed, and thought
  4. Well I have to say that none of the bosses these days compare to the old school NES bosses of yesteryear. Of course when I was playing games like Castlevania I was only about 6 years old, but those bosses were hard as hell. I just cant think of any boss in recent years that has put my patience and persistence to the test more than these guys. Maybe its because I'm in my twenties now and have been around the block. But anyway here they are in no particular order: Grim Reaper - Castlevania For the life of me I couldnt beat him as a kid. Came back to the game when I was in my teens and final
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