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  1. Forgot one track I wanted to praise: Travelling Through a Dream. Great work here. I like this far better than any other mix I've heard of this track. Thanks.
  2. Selected track assessment: 1. Emerald Nights: Good mix. Nothing really special, but enjoyable. 2. Chemical Reaction: Good, but not my favorite of this excellent track. That title actually goes to Chemical Overdose, Musically Inspired's WIP, followed by Chemical Juice from Jivemaster. 3. Aquatic Project: Great stuff here. In a way very similar to Rayza's Sonic 1 Green Hill Euroclub Remix, I find myself unconciously dancing along with this track more or less every time I hear it. 4. House of Cards: Also great stuff. I like how everything sounds (or is) off-beat. 5. Hill Top Heaven: Disappointing, but good. This was probably my favorite track on the game, and I was hoping for something a little more fast-paced and rolickling than laid-back groove. It works, and works well, but it isn't the way I would've done it (assuming that I was able to remix anything instead of just play instruments). 6. Cavern Escape: I'm sorry for bluntness here, but I really do not like this track at all. Beatdrop's Stripmine is far more to my liking. 7. Oil Spill: Great job. I love when the drums come in around 0:30, harmonic chords that start around 3:40. Very well done. 8. Next My Generation: Easily my favorite track on the entire project. Wow. I was singing this bassline/melody in my head all day for about a week after I first heard it. 9. Robeatnik's Theme: Second favorite on the project. Love the swing on the melody and the beat. Great work. Good project overall; some tracks are disappointing, but Next My Generation, Robeatnik, Oil Spill, and Aquatic Project take up the slack in a big way.
  3. I kinda like how the bass stays the same throughout. It's interesting how the chord changes arn't there, but the melody is still in tune/harmony with whatever chord is present. It's a nice effect, I think.