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  1. Depending on what types of music you want to make, here's a couple of options: Vanguard- the ultimate trance VST. Pretty much the only thing it's good for, though. QuadraSID- Great for C64-style chiptunes. z3ta+- A great, all-around synth. Supposedly it's mostly used for trance, but I've heard it used in many other genres. I know there's some that I've forgotten, but in FL's bundled demo synths, Sytrus is pretty good, despite using massive amounts of CPU.
  2. first off, 31 isn't that high. second, how much RAM does your computer have? If you have at least 256 RAM you should be okay.
  3. I know that song really well... do you mean the staccato square ostinato that plays throughout the song? That just sounds like a short square note being played with delay. As for my request, I've been messing around with 3xOsc for a while and I haven't come up with a good Hoover sound. Does anyone have any presets/soundfonts to make this sound?
  4. They're probably in SFArk or SFPack format. Convert it to a .sf2 file for FL to be able to read it.
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