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  1. More revenue streams = good. The more support/stability for OCR, the better.
  2. Alrighty! I'll split this into a couple sections: first, video production tips! Audio quality is super important. Video quality is important too, of course: high resolution and framerate while recording will go a long way, as will nice-looking visual elements like overlays and end slates. But audio can make or break your LP channel. If your voice is hard to hear or your mic makes you unpleasant to listen to, a lot of people won't stick around. LPers kinda have to be low-level audiophiles. If you look at the most famous LPers out there, a lot of them have some impressive recording spaces f
  3. Are there any specific pointers you're looking for? I can't offer much help with Vegas or After Effects use (and YouTube is an unpredictable platform in the best of times), but I've been doing the YouTube thing for a while.
  4. Thanks for the front page treatment, djp! It's been too long since I had something on the OCR home page.
  5. Haha either way, you and WillRock are already on my looooong ass list of names.
  6. Brandon how the hell am I going to fit your four thousand remixes into one show?
  7. Our first episode is up! Hope you guys enjoy.
  8. Hey! Hey you! Happy birthday! Thanks for your work on Extra Credits. It's one of the highlights of my week.

  9. Wait, so are we next up, or are there a couple more projects waiting in line ahead of us still?
  10. Why did you guys ever allow me near this site again after a submission like this, holy hell.
  11. FFXII is still one of my favorite FF games. I hope they give XII the HD treatment once FFX HD is out the door.
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